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Holland and Barrett
As you guys may have read here, I embarked on a healthy eating programme in collaboration with Holland and Barrett before I went on holiday!

The aim of the diet wasn't so much to lose weight but to add in and substitute more healthy alternatives to my diet with an aim of feeling more energised and ingesting important vitamins and minerals.

There were a few things on the meal plan that I really enjoyed and will certainly be continuing to eat, others not as much.

Overnight oats were a pleasant find, as were the healthy blueberry muffins. Weirdly, I really wasn't overly keen on the very distinct flavour of manuka honey, it's not horrible by any means but just didn't float my boat! All in all I have to say it has definitely given me a renewed interest in eating more natural foods and being more adventurous with my baking!

Big thumbs up from me!

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