Tools of the Trade

An artist can't create a masterpiece without the necessary tools. And that is something I have learned over my MANY years of applying makeup, watching my fave MUAs and admiring makeup looks in magazines.

I think brushes have come a long way, specifically in the last 18 months or so. With the tutorial generation just a click away on YouTube, the general public want pro-products and tools to enable them to apply makeup the way the MUAs do!

Years ago, you had to pay some serious money for good quality makeup brushes whereas nowadays you can get some really high quality brushes without the price tag. I have pictured my faves above but I also use Real Techniques brushes along with some very old and well loved brushes from Pout which used to be the cutest little makeup brand on Carnaby Street and in Harvey Nichols in Manchester!

I got the Rose Gold Zoeva set for Christmas and I love them. They do what I need them to do and I am really impressed with them. My Kit Co was a new introduction for me at the Makeup Masterclass I recently attended and I got one of their contour brushes which is SO GOOD.

I am also a really big fan of the Lottie London Brushes sold in Superdrug Stores - their most recent set is the tools on tour pictured above and they are so cute! Also a really good inexpensive purchase for a teens first foray in to the world of brushes :)

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