Smooth for Summer!

Ladies and gents, the sun is out and it's the time of year when you can bare a little skin.. as you may have read, I have been kindly invited to sample the treatments available at The Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester.

Approximately 6 weeks after my first bikini wax, I headed back for another grooming session and I will be honest I was still quite nervous even though I knew what to expect.

I was greeted by Martina in reception and shown through to the private waxing pod and asked to strip down on my lower half and cover up with the towel. All usual and standard waxing practice! I am probably biased now as I have never experienced any sort of waxing treatment elsewhere but I can genuinely say I see no reason why I would ever go any where else!

One of the main selling points for me is how fun(!) and friendly the salon is, which I think is incredibly important when you are essentially getting everything out for a complete stranger. I am sure you are thinking how on earth can a wax be fun and I don't mean the actual wax but the experience is a combination of gritted teeth and laughing and it makes something that could be quite awkward into a quite funny twenty minutes.

My first laugh was when I admitted to Martina that I was a bit nervous and she calmed me right down by telling me she had probably seen thirty vaginas that day! I won't go into the gory details but we had a nice chat, and yet again I was treated professionally, quickly and almost painlessly. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt at all but it's not an unbearable pain as it's all so quick.

I think the Brazilian Waxing Company have got their offering spot on, and both times I have visited I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience. They are absolute experts in the art of waxing but there is also the fun factor in that it's relaxed and you can have a good chat with your therapist!

Huge thumbs up from me and seriously lads and ladies, get yourselves booked in! You will not regret it!!!

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