Hi everyone..

So hands up who is a naughty blogger who has gone MIA and not blogged in almost a month?! *Raises hand*

I am genuinely sorry about this. I have worked really hard to get people like you (yes you!) over here to read about my thoughts and then I go and leave you out in the cold. There isn't really any excuse but in terms of what I have been up to, I have had to put blogging on the back seat as I have recently started my new job.

The hours are different, it's a different pace and I absolutely LOVE it. Those of you who might keep up with me over on Twitter will know that I have been a busy bee getting to grips with my new place of work, I have been collecting blog content and working out in the gym but I have just not made time for my blog whilst all this has been going on and I have been getting used to my new routine.

It stops now though. I still love blogging and everything that goes with it, so my nose is truly back to the grindstone and I will get lots of posts out for you guys soon.

Thanks for sticking by me!!!! :)

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