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Monday nights normally consist of me retreating back to my flat all tired but pleased that first day of the week is over... last night however, I headed out to Beauty FX in Wilmslow for their re-launch following a makeover on the salon.

Treated to snacks, sweeties from Truly Scrumptious and the vocal talents of Izzy Naylor, guests were shown round the salon and given the opportunity to watch and try some treatments!

I had previously heard of the salon as one of the top places in South Manchester to go for nails, lashes and other treatments (Coleen is regularly papped waltzing in and out to get her pampering done) so when the invite popped into my inbox I was really keen to go and take a look for myself.

The salon is, in my eyes, the perfect combination of relaxing, fun, comfortable and definitely not clinical. I sometimes find salons can be quite intimidating but Beauty FX couldn't be further from that. The rooms are all spatious and inviting, and the pedicure room is a sight to behold!

Each of the therapists hosted their own demo room, showcasing their specialism. I watched Charlotte give Chelsea a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and I can confirm her skin was soft as a peach upon completion of the treatment! Crystals are gently blown over the surface of the skin and then vacuumed back taking any dead skin cells with it. It was good to see how the treatment works as it's one of those things I have heard about but always avoided as it sounded like it would be an uncomfortable experience!

I ventured into Lynne's room where she was showing their lash extensions. I had a few applied to the outer corners of my lashes and I am super impressed with them!

We also saw Aimee doing HD brows and gel nails being applied by the bucket load. Everyone was really happy with their treatments and it was genuinely a really lovely event to attend.

I always enjoy bumping into my pals, so it was nice to see Janine from Artiste Creative Makeup, Anna from It's a Blogger's World and Lily Kitten!

If you want to get pampered then I would strongly recommend Beauty FX as a really fantastic salon.

To find out more visit their website, Twitter or Facebook! For appointments, call 01625 549 551.

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