The BEST Sports Bra EVER...

Pretty big statement from Freya Lingerie about their new sports bra..

Bikini season is coming up and if you are currently trying to get in shape for the summer then keep on reading!

I have been trying Freya's new sports bra at the gym and as I prepare for my upcoming Manchester 10K attempt.. *hyperventilates*  I have been super impressed with the bra, as let's face it girls, there is nothing more annoying or distracting than fearing for a Janet J style wardrobe malfunction whilst throwing yourself round a gym.

I do a circuit class at my gym and sometimes I have to jump around.. not only does it make it harder to do the activity when you don't strap them down, but it's really not good for you or the various others who have to witness the jiggling..

So don't just take my word for it.. here are all the technical attributes of this wonder product from Freya!

The incredible new Freya Active sports bra has undergone rigorous testing at Portsmouth University and the results are amazing! The Freya Active project is world leading and is the very first to study the 3 aspects - movement, strain and pain at multiple locations of the breast (applying up to 19 markers on the breast) testing across 7 different bra sizes from cup sizes 32FF to 36E.

Each of the different aspects has been researched in depth with the following results;

The new Freya Active sports bra reduces strain to just 3% in the inner region of the breast, compared to 28% in an everyday bra.

The new Freya Active sports bra reduces strain at the nipple to 1%, reducing potentially damaging levels of strain at the centre of the breast.

The new Freya Active sports bra reduces pain by 97%, while an everyday bra reduces pain by only 58%.

Testing found the new Freya Active sports bra reduces independent breast movement. 92% of participants in testing felt no independent breast movement wearing the bra.

It was more effective at reducing forwards and backwards movement in the upper section of the breast than other sports bra styles in the study.

Strain of the skin and the breast tissues occurs during movement due to the deformable properties of the breast tissue itself. Strain of these tissues may lead to stretching and tension of the skin which may cause pain, damage and breast sag.  Other breast problems we experience during exercise can also be a barrier to participating in sport, reducing confidence and changing our breathing and upper muscle activity.

The study tested against 7 other sports bra styles currently available on the market and identified that most breast strain occurred at the centre nipple line and mid-section of the breast. Interestingly, the brand new Freya Active sports bra topped other styles at providing reductions in strain around the centre, base as well as upper pole areas of the breast. The sports bra reduced breast strain in the inner region of the breast to 3%, compared to 28% strain reported in an everyday bra. It also almost eliminated strain at the nipple, reducing strain to just 1%, compared to when wearing no bra, reducing the risk of damage to this area.  

Dr. Joanna Scurr, specialist in breast health from the University of Portsmouth who conducted the research said: “Breast strain may occur during exercise when the breast is not supported correctly and there is tension on the ligaments and skin of the breast.  Over time this may lead to a stretching of the breasts natural support, which could lead to permanent breast damage.  This important research helps us to identify products that are effective at protecting the breasts.  Reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.”

The new Freya Active Bra is available at multiple retailers online and on the high street for £40 RRP.

MASSIVE thumbs up from me!

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