A Staple Purchase: Converse Trainers

Converse All Stars £55* John Lewis
Converse are one of those staple purchases that you can convince yourself you can live without, until you get a pair and find yourself wearing them all the time!

I'm not normally a trainers girl (except at the gym) so when I was asked to 'style up my Converse' I wasn't entirely sure how I would do it... however once I tried them with a variety of outfits I realised exactly how versatile they are!

From dresses to leather leggings or shorts and tights, there's not been a lot of outfits that haven't been complimented by my Converse!

Without a resident photographer pal I struggled to get good photos of me but I thought I would just pick out my favourite kind of looks instead!

How do you style up your Converse?

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