Christmas Countdown... new WEIGHTLOSS Goal!

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This post was both amazingly fun to write and slightly daunting as it is all about setting a brand new weightloss goal for me to work towards in the run up to Christmas!

As you may remember, earlier this year I commenced a fitness overhaul with the help of my personal trainer Chris at Elite Performance Fitness. Chris has helped me completely change my diet and lose 2-3 dress sizes since March and I want to lose another 2 dress sizes before Christmas. Yikes.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to focus on and this is the one that appeals to me the most as I could have just said 'lose 2 dress sizes' but I wanted there to be a treat to work towards!

Every girl likes getting glammed up at Christmas and this year I am making it my mission to up the ante and get into a Celebrity Style Designer Dress in December!

Wish Want Wear are helping me achieve this dream of mine by lending me a designer dress and I need your help to select the top three to have in the running before making my final choice in December!

I have picked out an initial 10 (pictured above) and I am having some trouble whittling it down to my favourite three as they are all so beautiful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or by sending me a tweet!

If we say that across the top is 1-5 and the bottom row is 6-10 then let me know what dresses you think should feature in my top 3!

Wish Want Wear is the dress destination where you can rent a designer dress for a fraction of their retail price.
I know this is going to be quite a project to make happen, but I am up for the challenge! Nothing is more motivating than having something to work towards and I am really excited by the prospect of shimmying into one of the above dresses this Christmas.

I will be tweeting about my progress using the hashtag #adresstoimpress and also blogging to give you an insight as to how I will be going about getting into my dream dress!

So who is with me? :o)

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