#MyFirstBikini... I DID IT!

So, last week saw 7 of us head to Marbs for a Hen Party - basically what I have been working up to on my #myfirstbikini challenge!

You will probably be thinking that I had gone a bit quiet on that front, and to explain, I took the decision that whilst things were ticking over, no one enjoys reading about the same old story over and over so I thought I would just give you the headlines, rather than the- hi everyone, today I ate.. blah blah blah.

We've all been there, we have all battled the JUST HAND ME A BISCUIT AND NO ONE GETS HURT moments and I felt that at times it can be a little patronising to read about someone smugly reaching for the berries instead of the chocolate! Also, I am by no means perfect or where I want to be yet, fitness-wise so I figured I would save you the boring stuff and tell you the more exciting stuff, which brings me nicely on to.. the bikini.

If you have been following this story you will remember that I started personal training in mid March with Chris with an aim to wear my first ever bikini... bearing in mind I was someone who hated exercise I feel like I have come a pretty long way to going to bootcamps and getting in that bikini for the first time.

Some of you might think, so what? And yes you are right in some respects it's not a huge deal but it's something I wanted to do and if you have never worn a bikini before it requires quite alot more confidence than you would think - basically cavorting round near on naked when you aren't happy with the skin, lumps and bumps on show is actually a very intimidating thing!

But, I grew a pair and thought I would just give it a try - I waited til it was just me and my sister left and I braved the bikini. No one ran away screaming and in all honesty no one gave me a second look so I am thinking the end result wasn't too horrific!

It is 100% about getting the right fit of bikini though as I don't think I would have been so up for it, if it wasn't for the beaut bikini that Freya donated to the challenge! If there is one thing you take away from this - make sure you buy a bikini that fits you well, the confidence will come and if everything is where it should be then that is half the battle!

If you live in the Manchester area and fancy dipping your toe into the world of personal training then definitely get in touch with Chris, he can help you achieve your fitness goals and have a laugh along the way!

Also if you are wondering why there are no pictures of me in the bikini - I'm not quite ready to broadcast photos just yet. Maybe that's the next milestone?

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