The Trafford Centre and Key 103 Christmas Light Switch On!

Last night I was very kindly invited to the Christmas Lights Switch on at The Trafford Centre in conjunction with Key 103 which had performances from McFly, Tyler James, Stooshe, and appearances from our Olympic Heros; Jade Jones, Sarah and Barney Storey.

Looking dapper guys!
I was able to catch up with some of the performers back stage and have a chat about Christmas and what they will be getting up to!

Firstly I met with Danny and Harry from McFly who were getting ready for their performance and awaiting the arrrival of Tom and Dougie who were stuck in traffic.. must have been the hoards of girls who were trying to get to the Trafford Centre to meet them!

Danny was unfortunately suffering with a severe bout of the deadliest illness known to mankind.. MAN FLU. But like a real trooper he battled on through and both Harry and Danny talked through how they were looking forward to time off at Christmas, seeing family and friends they didn't get to see as often as they would like throughout the year and having Christmas Dinner! Oh and meeting Harry's nephew for the first time.. all together now.. AWW!

I also asked them what they would be asking Santa for this year, Harry fancies a suit bag as he was jealous of a 'lovely leather' one Danny had.. Danny revealed that he did have a rather nice Marks and Sparks suit carrier, so M&S if you are reading.. make a McFly Christmas and get one over to him!

Danny however was slightly more demanding and asked for a rather expensive car.. seeing as I am RUBBISH with cars I cannot remember what one as it seemed to have a lot of letters and a number and I just get the impression it is wishful thinking...

Excited much?! :o)
Tyler James and Me!
Next I got to meet the WONDERFUL Tyler James. I absolutely loved him on The Voice and those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I recently bought his album and really love it.

Tyler was quite nervous ahead of his performance but made time to answer a few questions. He had never been to the Trafford Centre and was fairly overwhelmed by it's size and the fact that there were 7000 people ready and waiting to hear him! Way to make a nervous guy feel better eh?! Whoopsie!

I asked Tyler what he was asking santa for and he said as he has gotten older he asked for more boring things such as aftershave.. and then he said he would love a number 1 album so get buying people.. let's make this guy's dreams come true!

Finally I asked Tyler what celebrity he would most like to meet under the mistletoe and he said Cheryl Cole!

But only if she was single, as he respected she was in a relationship and wouldn't want to tread on any toes!

BLESS HIM! I have to say he is such a gentleman and lovely guy.. and I'll be honest, phwoar. He is very handsome! Haha.. ok I will calm down now!

I also got to talk to Jade Jones who was one of our Olympic Champions! She is such a lovely lady and was really excited to take part in the big switch on. I made the mistake of making her nervous by throwing the how does it feel that 7000 people are here question in! Again.. whoopsie! She explained how it was all a bit surreal but that she was excited!

So that was it really in terms of chatting to the artists and guests, I hung around back stage for a while and was able to soak it all in! I wasn't able to spend any time with Stooshe as they were on stage first so I sadly didn't get a chance to ask them all about what they would recommend for us ladies in the run up to Christmas Party season, but nevermind!

I have to say though that it really put things into perspective in terms of how much organisation goes into these events and there are some unsung heroes that run around backstage and make things happen so I would really like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Key 103 for making me feel so very welcome and also Trafford Centre for putting on a fab event.

I had a great time as I am sure the other 6999 visitors did too!

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  1. Great review Sally! Thanks for coming, and really good to hear you had a fab time! Justin @ The Trafford Centre


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