#Marbs2012 Mel's Hens!

Me and Mel (The Bride), Toy Boy Alex - the 'Erotic Waiter', Nikki Beach Posing, More Nikki Beach, Our Villa - Casa Feliz, Lots of Drinkies at News Cafe, Linekers Puerto Banus, Alex's Business Card, Butler in the Buff, Bridal Vajazzle, Me and Sara, My Customised Beach Bag creation for the Bride, Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk, Strawberry Daiquiri, Marbella Beach, Well Jel!
So last weekend saw 14 of us head to Marbella for my pal's Hen Do. We head off early on Thursday morning from Manchester Airport where the dress code was 'jet set chic'. Think I failed miserably.. But the 4am wake up call was just too traumatic to think about putting on anything other than an outfit as close to the comfort levels of PJs!

We nearly missed our flight as we had a cheeky glass of Champers at Epernay and then had to literally run to the gate.. whoopsie!

Our first night was a meal in the villa served by the lovely 'Toy Boy Alex' and then we headed off out to Linekers Bar in Puerto Banus which was brilliant! On Friday we went to Buddha Beach Bar for a pool party and then out to News Cafe in the evening.. then on Saturday it was lunch at Nikki Beach then dinner at Belvedere and Cocktails at Seven! Sunday was generally hard work as we were all a tad hungover and had an hour transfer back to Malaga on the 'Chunder Wagon' and then an afternoon flight back to Manchester.

We had such a fab time, it was the first hen do I have ever been on and I loved it! The Bride is having one in Chester this weekend for the people who couldn't join us in Marbella.. I can't wait!

I keep getting tagged in photos on Facebook however.. and I am quite sure there will be a few terrible snaps of me! :o)

What are everyone's Bank Holiday plans? 

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