STOP Kony 2012

Apologies for jumping on the bandwagon.. but last night I watched the Stop Kony 2012 video and it's not often that I am genuinely moved by something but I was in tears fairly early on during the 30 minute video.

This man - Joseph Kony (who is based in Africa) is SICK. It is an absolute disgrace that this animal has been left to create such devastation and commit the crimes against children for over 20 years. He recruits Children into his 'Army' by snatching them in the night and if they fight he kills them or tortures them.. not by his own hands but by making the other children do it.  

He forces them, the child soldiers, to mutilate faces, shoot people, kill THEIR OWN PARENTS and Joseph snatches little girls as sex slaves and is a monster that needs to be stopped. 

It is estimated in his 20 year crusade he has captured as many as 30,000 children.

I urge you to watch the video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What we need to do is MAKE KONY FAMOUS. If he is famous, he will no longer be able to hide behind the anonymity that he currently enjoys. People don't know what he is doing, I didn't know and had a very rude awakening to it when I watched the video. We need to come together and publicise the plight of these children and work together to help make a difference.

I bet you are thinking well how can we possibly do anything to change anything and I will be honest in normal circumstances I am guilty of having the same thoughts.. sometimes a problem can seem so enormous that I think to myself what can I do? I am only me and I'm not in the media and I'm not in the public eye, how can I do anything? And the answer is actually, yes we can. Once you watch the video you will understand more about how we can help. But basically by keeping the Stop Kony Campaign active and talked about then people won't be able to forget and the people in power will be pressured into DOING SOMETHING because that is what the people want.

We can make a difference. On the night of April 20th each City across the world is being set the challenge to plaster the posters and spread the word so that if by some reason people have not heard about Kony by that point, they will wake up go about their business and have the name Joseph Kony right slap bang in front of their faces. 

I am really pleased that Manchester and Cheshire appears to be sitting up and taking notice, I have read this article from Mancunian Matters this morning and I am encouraged that there are definitely others who want to get on board. So what are you waiting for, I can bet that most of you have facebook, post the video, on twitter? Post the video! Talk to your friends, get involved and HELP MAKE KONY FAMOUS!!!!


  1. I saw this video last night and i agree it's such a disgrace that he's still walking around after all this time. STOP KONY.

  2. Oh it totally is.. and the more I hear about it the stronger I feel about it. I also hate all these conspiracy theories about the Charity behind it.. at the end of the day regardless of what the charity does, I didn't feel like they were canvassing for money AT ALL in the video.

    It is completely more about the message than the people delivering the message. I 100% would not have known about Kony if I hadn't watched the video. And I think people who are just criticizing them should take a long hard look at themselves as what exactly are they doing to help? Yes all I have done so far is tell as many people as I can about it but at least I am doing something positive, not sat like a coward behind a computer screen completely missing the point of the messages.

    Sorry rant over!! :o) Thanks for commenting ant-ler :o)


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