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Marks and Spencer Manchester Front of Store Photo
Marks and Spencer Glasses Display
Marks and Spencer Glasses Display
Marks and Spencer Glasses Display Designer Frames
Marks and Spencer Glasses Display
Marks and Spencer Glasses Display
Pre Eye Testing Machinery Eye Health
Modelling a Few of the Frame Options

Glasses Wearer? I love Marks and Spencer for great quality food, clothes and shoes so when I discovered they have an opticians and lots of options for prescription glasses I was thrilled!

I had had my old pair for a couple of years so was definitely ready for a new set and to check out how my prescription was doing for me.

I recently popped to M&S in Manchester for a test and to pick out some new frames. I always find the process so interesting and I have to say it was great to be tested by people who took the time to explain what they were doing and why.

I have also ALWAYS wondered how they even begin to deduce what your prescription is if you are at a new opticians from where you have been previously! Now I know!

There's a machine for that... kind of blows my mind in all honesty! It shows you a picture and reads what your eyes are doing in terms of how hard they are trying to focus and from that they can get a starting point for your prescription. After doing all the health checks, I went into my appointment with the optician Michelle and set about tightening up my prescription. There was not a lot of change really in terms of my eyes worsening which is great. She explained some of the checks she was doing and when she was checking the back of my eyes told me that I should be able to see the capillary network by the way they refract the light through your eyes. It was really very interesting!

I have astigmatism which is where the shape of my eye is not standard - in basic terms, my eyeballs are rugby ball shaped and usual would be football shape. My actual prescription of being long/short sighted is not that bad, my prescription is predominantly to address the astigmatism which is pretty extreme! i.e. they don't even make a daily contact lense in the strength I need for one of my eyes... Good thing I really don't mind wearing glasses!

We got my prescription sorted and then I set about selecting the frames - I was like a kid in a candy shop...! Their own brand frames are gorgeous and very reasonably priced!

I'll post a pic of my new glasses over on my Instagram - I really like them and was really happy with my experience with M&S Opticians.

If you want to book in then they are currently offering free eye tests for SweetieSal readers, just use this link to book your appointment at a location convenient to you and show them this post. I can highly recommend it!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


#ITSAWONDERFULLINE Project by Virgin TrainsBlack and White Photo - Manchester Piccadilly Train Station
Manchester Piccadilly Departures Board

You may have seen about this on my Instagram but this is such a great concept that I also wanted to talk a little more on here where I have slightly more room to go into detail!

#ITSAWONDERFULLINE is a project by Virgin Trains where they have painted the script of 'It's a Wonderful Life' onto the platforms of 14 train stations across the UK to show how powerful simple acts of kindness can be at this time of year, when there are people who will not be feeling so festive, and also provide information on simple ways to intervene when someone is struggling with poor mental health.

Christmas and the New Year can be particularly difficult when the focus is on being 'merry' especially when you don't feel that way. It can make you feel worse, alienated and lonely and I think the collaboration between Virgin Trains and their Charity Partner, Rethink Mental Illness is really powerful.

For those of you who haven't seen 'It's a Wonderful Life', it is a film about one man’s struggle with a life that hasn’t gone to plan.

Rethink Mental Illness has worked with Virgin Trains since May 2017, training its people in how to deal with mental health issues that they might experience during their working day and in their personal life. This includes encouraging colleagues to talk about mental health, providing best advice on where to seek help and better equipping them to identify and support other people, such as passengers, who might be struggling.

If you or anyone you know is looking for Mental Health advice or support then you can contact Rethink or The Samaritans.

Rethink Mental Illness runs an advice and information service for people who are affected by mental illness. Lines are open 9:30am-4pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) and the number is 0300 5000 927 (calls are charged at local rates) or you can email

Anyone can contact Samaritans for free any time from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit, and the number won’t show up on your phone bill. Or email or go to to find details of your nearest branch where you can talk to one of their trained volunteers face to face.

Sunday, 9 December 2018


So many people I know have lip fillers and they look amazing... I have always been tempted but been worried about the pain and ending up with a trout pout. Here are some FAQs incase, like me, you have also been considering them!


What are lip fillers and are they worth it?

The perfect pout has been modeled by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and in more recent years, Kylie Jenner. Sometimes, an artsy lipstick that is supposed to create the illusion of plump, fuller lips just doesn’t quite do the trick. With the quest for the perfect set of plumped-up lips on the rise, lip fillers have become an increasingly popular way of achieving this beauty standard.

Below, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding lip fillers:


What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are an injection of hyaluroic acid (HA), a chemical that the human body naturally produces. However, when injected, hyaluroic acid works to volumize the soft tissue in our skin, plumping up the skin and smoothing out wrinkles.

Lip fillers are far from a permanent solution to our thin lip problems, however. The hyaluroic acid, which is injected slowly, breaks down over a period of months in the skin, meaning that lip fillers need to be topped up every few months. However, this all depends upon how quickly your body individually breaks down the product injected. Lip Fillers London suggests that lip fillers take approximately 0-24 hours for your lip fillers to take full effect depending on how you react to it.


Are there any health risks with lip fillers?

As with any procedure, there is always a small percentage that something could go wrong with the treatment. However, lip fillers have a relatively low percentage of going wrong as a result of the easy fixing process. If something does go wrong during the procedure – for example, the filler being injected into the wrong area – another injection can be inserted below the skin, which acts as a dissolver of lip fillers. This means that any mistakes made during, or even after, the procedure can be easily reversed with the help of a qualified professional.


Do lip filler injections hurt?

As with any procedure, there can be a little pain involved. However, lip fillers are almost always accompanied by numbing cream, which completely numbs the areas in which the needles will be inserted. Some people will experience a certain amount of pain after the injections occur – as a result of the swelling – however, the procedure is supposed to be relatively painless.

The only feeling during the procedure is the actual product moving underneath the skin of your lips- this is considered an odd sensation more so than a painful one.


Will I see the results of my lip fillers right away?

As a result of their quick application, the results of lip fillers can be seen straight away. However, as it is an invasive procedure, lip fillers can result in swelling for 24 to almost 48 hours later, and even up to 3 days later in some cases. During this period, an ice pack should be administered in order to reduce the swelling in the area and to produce the best results from your lip fillers.

There is always more information available regarding lip fillers if you need more reassurance, as they have become such a popular beauty choice recently.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Beautifully Wrapped Gift, Festive Scene

Everyone loves to hear their own name and there's something super luxe about having things with your name on.. (except uniform) so here's my round up of personalised gifts ready for Christmas (and beyond!)

Scent Addict Perfume Subscription

Not personalised with your name as such... but a great way to try out new perfumes. I wrote about the perfume subscription service here and here over the summer!

Aspinal of London

I absolutely love Aspinal of London as a brand - they have a wide variety of personalisable items on offer for men and women and as of 5th December there is also 20% off!

Lover of Luxe

An Instagram find, Lover of Luxe do handbags and leather goods which can be personalised with your initials. They have some lovely leather goods available including this GORGEOUS Leopard Bag!


Johnstons of Elgin via Selfridges have some gorgeous Cashmere Scarves which can be personalised with initials. You can also have a variety of Burberry Gifts Monogrammed too.

Personalised Power Bank

MyPersonalisedCase do what they say on the tin; Personalised Phone Cases and Power Banks. I have one of their power banks and it came out so nice with my two photos printed on it - it's also great at charging on the go!

Obviously many places offer personalisation now, but these are just some of my faves I have come across! HAPPY SHOPPING ❤

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