Thursday, 12 February 2015


Freya Lingerie
As V-Day approaches, coupled up gals are no doubt making plans to have a special day/evening with their loved one, whereas us singletons are probably thinking of all the places we need to avoid, which of the supermarkets are doing the best meal deal we can have and how we can have a nice evening... alone. :)

I think one of the nicest ways you can spoil yourself or be spoiled is with some lovely lingerie. My absolute favourite lingerie brand is Freya. Catering for a wide variety of sizes, Freya is high quality and keeps the girls up where they need to be! I have shouted my love for Freya from the rooftops previously but I just had to take the opportunity again having seen some of their gorgeous new collections!

If you do one thing this week, go and get properly measured and either drop hints to the boyf or treat yo'self to some new undies, you will not regret it!!


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Memory Huddle

Memory Huddle
I love taking snaps and creating memories and it would appear I am not alone! Memory Huddle is an online hub where you can store your photos in a secure place and when they conducted some research in to what possessions people would save in a fire, and photos came out on top!

So many of our 'things' are replaceable yet pictures capture moments in time, I love looking through my photos and I have to agree with the people surveyed!

Insurance can cover pretty much everything, but you can't rebuy things that have sentimental value. Memory Huddle can help you store all your images digitally, create timelines and keep your special memories out of harms way.

The things I would save in a fire would be my pictures and my Nan's jewellery. As I said, everything else can be replaced!

What would you guys save?
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