Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ooh La La: Elomi Lingerie

Today's post is a tribute to my brand new undies from Elomi!

Elomi is part of the Wacoal Europe group who calls brands such as Freya, Huit and Fantasie part of the fam! They specialise in making lingerie for all shapes and sizes and high quality to match! Now you will all know of my love for Freya as I have long sung my praises from the treetops, but I hadn't previously looked at Elomi.

As my cup size is probably what you would call on the larger size of the boobie scale I am used to other bras looking like comedy scaffolding rather than pretty and delicate (whilst providing some serious support) like Freya and Elomi. Having tried this on, it is such a lovely bra and instead of feeling like I have these ginormous norks, I feel supported and that I have a nice shape.

I can't tell you enough how important getting measured properly is and how you will not believe what a difference it makes under your clothes having the right sized underwear on. I to this day remember my first proper bra measuring at John Lewis where I went down 2 back sizes and up 3 cup sizes and looked a damn sight thinner!

Elomi have been shortlisted in the British Plus Sized Awards, fingers crossed they win!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Professional Beauty with Nouveau Beauty Group

September is the month of beauty for me as Professional Beauty's Northern Conference and Exhibition comes to town! Each year I register and excitedly await my trip to beauty mecca and this year was just as ace as the years before!

This year I was contacted by Nouveau to get booked in for a few of their popular treatments including an 'A-Lift' Facial and LVL lashes.

I had been feeling a bit under the weather so a little perk me up was very much needed :)

The facial was divine. I do like facials but sometimes I don't see how smearing about 10 different creams on your face can possibly do that much. A Lift is so simple yet so relaxing, it uses electrical currents to promote and stimulate plumper skin, along with lymphatic draining. Using two probes, I was treated to 30 mins of bliss where my face felt massaged and relaxed.

I look so much more chirpy and fresh faced in the days after and have really felt the benefits of it!

LVL is hands down my favourite lash treatment. I adore the look of extensions and whilst I would call myself semi high maintenance, the truth is that I just can't keep up with the maintenance and I like to really get all my eye makeup off before bed. That said, if I was having lash extensions which I would for really special occasions I would 100% get nouveau lashes over any other individual lash brands as they are outstanding.

So, extension rant over, LVL is a treatment that works with what mother nature gave you and is a semi permanent lash lift and tint. The process lifts the lashes from the root giving you the look of more dramatic lashes with nothing being added. The effects wear off naturally over time as you go through the normal eyelash shedding cycle. The tint really is so you don't need to wear mascara! In the picture I have uploaded above I have no mascara on whatsoever. My lashes look nicely curled and awake and I am always super happy with the treatment.

As always the exhibition side of Professional Beauty brings your favourite beauty brands at trade prices and also demonstrations of any new products. I genuinely always really enjoy going and am so grateful to Nouveau for my lovely Sunday pamper session!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

An Evening with MUA Derbyshire

Last Friday I headed to an evening with Camille otherwise known as MUA Derbyshire to be pampered and made over.

I am usually so mard when it comes to having a dark eye but because I know and trust Cam I let her run wild on my face and I was super pleased with the results! I have popped a couple of pics up of the night, apologies for the fuzzy bottom pic of my eyes but I just wanted to show how beaut my smokey emerald eye was!

I have also popped on a lovely pic of me and Izzie my gorgeous cousin just because I love it :)

If you want to book Camille then you can do so via Facebook or email! She is fab and covers the Derbyshire and Cheshire areas so get yourselves booked in for a glamover!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Winter Wardrobe Wishing

Simply Be // ASOS
The weather absolutely sucks today so I thought I would bring you my fave winter wardrobe looks that I am seeing pop up on my fave sites!

Over on Simply Be we have this cute swing dress that I would wear just as pictured, over the knee boots and a nice snuggly coat. You may have seen the coord on my instagram and twitter as I NEED this bad boy in my wardrobe! Paired with a black shirt you could totally wear this for work and I just love the colours and general vibe.

Who doesn't love sequins? Having seen this gold number in the flesh I think it would be ace for a casual night out teamed with leggings and either boots or even the sandals I have popped on there!

In this rain I can't imagine anything worse than getting my tootsies wet but I do lovet these with the gold block heel! Both the top and the shoes are also from Simply Be.

Moving on to ASOS, I love these oxblood cord leggings, I think they will slip right into my wardrobe and become a staple almost immediately! Also will brighten up my usual palette of black and grey...

This playsuit is the playsuit of dreams. Flattering shape, glittery and just beaut, I want this for the upcoming festive season! Hellooooo Christmas Party!!!!

The black bodycon dress I'd buy a couple of sizes too big so it wasn't skin tight and reveal ALL my lady lumps but I like the simplicity of this and I can imagine it would be one of those versatile pieces you can just throw on!

What are you wishing for this winter??

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Welcome to Manchester

And so freshers week begins.

12 years ago (MY GOD) I packed up my room and headed the short distance from South Manchester to Owens Park Halls of Residence at the Uni of Manchester in Fallowfield.

I am in quite a unique situation as I have actually been to two out of three Manchester Universities.. I did my undergrad degree at Uni of Manchester and my post grad diploma at MMU. So really what I am trying to tell you is that I know my sh!t... haha!

I was absolutely terrified about moving away from home even despite the very short commute back to my parents house. Being let loose in the big wide world seemed incredibly daunting and I will be honest I was slightly apprehensive, even after a couple of weeks living in halls!

I look back now though and I am so fond of my time at uni, I think you feel such a pressure to feel settled and I really wouldn't worry how long that takes for you to feel that way.. just throw yourself into things and you will be reet.

My first worry was such a #middleclassproblem and sounds so much worse than it actually is. I was baffled by the thought of getting on the bus. I didn't know what you ask for and it made me feel all kinds of useless. To explain, I am not averse to using public transport and had regularly got the train but from where I lived with my parents there just wasn't any buses that I could get on? So just incase any of you are in the same position as me, there are really on a few things to know - if you live in Fallowfield then really there are SO many buses you can jump on to get yourself into town. It's a £1 standard fare so none of this.. umm I am not really sure where I am going malarkey! Wilmslow Road - Rusholme - Oxford Road is supposedly the busiest bus route in Europe so you shouldn't be hanging around for too long.

Next up is some helpful tips and hints;
  • Go to the freshers fair - I got loads of random freebies that seemed really weird and out of place but trust me the free can of beans and washing up liquid came in handy!
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS keep and emergency loo roll in your room. Yes you will all merrily agree to take it in turns to purchase but there will be times when annoyingly the person whose turn it is forgets and it ain't gonna wipe itself. Also, even in halls, some of the more immature boys will no doubt come along and wreak havoc with the toilet roll. It just happens.
  • You are very lucky if you don't have at least one 9am lecture the day after a popular night out or club night. My tip for this is to think ahead, have a pizza upon your return and have some emergency snacks ready for when you tackle the trip into uni. Tracksuits are your friend.
  • Everyone resents spending the student loan on seriously mundane household supplies. There are two huge pound shops in Manchester City Centre and a Quality Save - buy that boring stuff there so you don't have to waste your dollar on none fun stuff!
  • Yes Rusholme curry houses are open until the early hours and yes I have been for a curry at 2am before. 
  • Make use of all the student lock in and discount nights - normally you will get extra discount on top of the normal student discount so it's worth it!
  • Pasta and pesto is a food group.
  • You will most likely end up with a photo key ring in your bag after a night out.
  • Be prepared to get dressed up. In any costume and most likely on a week night. Strength in numbers is the key. Being a lone french maid or pirate is not the one.
  • Try and eat some fruit and vegetables at least once a day.
  • You will become intolerant to at least one form of alcohol from overuse.
I could go on but you will have to learn some lessons on your own :)

Enjoy every minute, the next few years will fly by and you will love Manchester, we welcome newbies with open arms!
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