Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Professional Hairdresser Live - Manchester

A couple of weekends back, I attended Professional Hairdresser Live. I love heading to events like this as it is a really good way of staying one step ahead of the beauty trends, check out new products coming our way and stock up on professional quality tools at trade prices!

The show was full to the brim of great hair.. alongside all the hair care and tool brands you would expect to see. It would appear that I am in good company with my ombre locks as it really seemed like that that trend is here to stay!

I stayed strong and didn't go wild on the purchases front, the only thing that came home with me was a tangle teezer style brush with a handle so that I can brush my hair a bit easier when it's wet.

I was drooling over the Beauty Works hair pieces as usual and very much enjoyed wandering around and taking it all in! The competitions and masterclasses looked amazing and I am really pleased I had time to pop down.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Beauty FX Wilmslow

Monday nights normally consist of me retreating back to my flat all tired but pleased that first day of the week is over... last night however, I headed out to Beauty FX in Wilmslow for their re-launch following a makeover on the salon.

Treated to snacks, sweeties from Truly Scrumptious and the vocal talents of Izzy Naylor, guests were shown round the salon and given the opportunity to watch and try some treatments!

I had previously heard of the salon as one of the top places in South Manchester to go for nails, lashes and other treatments (Coleen is regularly papped waltzing in and out to get her pampering done) so when the invite popped into my inbox I was really keen to go and take a look for myself.

The salon is, in my eyes, the perfect combination of relaxing, fun, comfortable and definitely not clinical. I sometimes find salons can be quite intimidating but Beauty FX couldn't be further from that. The rooms are all spatious and inviting, and the pedicure room is a sight to behold!

Each of the therapists hosted their own demo room, showcasing their specialism. I watched Charlotte give Chelsea a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and I can confirm her skin was soft as a peach upon completion of the treatment! Crystals are gently blown over the surface of the skin and then vacuumed back taking any dead skin cells with it. It was good to see how the treatment works as it's one of those things I have heard about but always avoided as it sounded like it would be an uncomfortable experience!

I ventured into Lynne's room where she was showing their lash extensions. I had a few applied to the outer corners of my lashes and I am super impressed with them!

We also saw Aimee doing HD brows and gel nails being applied by the bucket load. Everyone was really happy with their treatments and it was genuinely a really lovely event to attend.

I always enjoy bumping into my pals, so it was nice to see Janine from Artiste Creative Makeup, Anna from It's a Blogger's World and Lily Kitten!

If you want to get pampered then I would strongly recommend Beauty FX as a really fantastic salon.

To find out more visit their website, Twitter or Facebook! For appointments, call 01625 549 551.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Laundry Boutique
For those of you who have not yet sampled the absolute delight of popping into a Laundry Boutique store or shopping with them online, please alert your banking provider in advance of any purchases this post will encourage you to make.

I have been shopping at Laundry for a while now as it was recommended to me by a friend who knew one of the lovely ladies who owned the shop. There is a branch in Altrincham which is the store I used to go to, but with them cropping up all over now, it is obvious that I am not alone in my enjoyment of their offerings. Taking on stores in Manchester, Chester, London, amongst other prime locations, Laundry Boutique bring together a variety of brands under one roof.

What struck me the most about Laundry is that whoever does the buying has an extremely good eye for stylish pieces that are a very reasonable price! I have alot of their stock in my wardrobe and I almost always get people asking me where I have got it from.

Laundry Boutique will be showcasing their faves on Sunday 20th April at Manchester Fashion Week and I for one am super excited to see their show.

Those of you who can't wait until then, head on over to their website and for a cheeky 10% discount, please enter the code sweetiesal10 at the checkout! It is valid for 6 months and is available to UK friends only :)

Also a tip is to follow their pages on Facebook as they regularly post pictures of the new stock so you can be primed and ready to pounce if you see something you like!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dermalogica Facials at Selfridges

Last week I had the pleasure of sampling an amazing facial by the lovely Mari at Dermalogica in Selfridges Trafford Centre.

It was literally a god send after a fairly stressful week, after having a car accident AND flat hunting, so I was really looking forward to trying Dermalogica for the first time.

I sat with Mari and we ran through the consultation card and discussed my skin woes.. which were dryness to the cheeks and forehead but then blemishes around the jawline. My skin has been a bug bear of mine throughout the duration of my twenties with it taking on no particular type, I especially dislike gritty face scrubs so when Mari explained that Dermalogica specialise in grain free exfoliators, I was intrigued to give it all a go!

I was whisked over to a little haven of a treatment room that was housed behind the fragrance section of the Beauty Hall. Quiet, private and comfortable, I settled on the treatment bed and Mari set to work applying the lotions and potions to my face. The treatment lasts for one hour and quite honestly was bliss. My face felt baby soft afterwards and the day after I was shocked at how bright and calmed my skin was.

Mari gave me some samples to take away with me and I have been giving them a whirl at home!

The facial costs £60 but the cost is redeemable against products, so if you are a current Dermalogica product user then you could stock up on your faves and get the facial for free!

The dates available to book in for a facial are as follows;

25-29 April
5-14 June
27-1 July/August
8-11 September
23-26 November

Dermalogica's contact number is 0161 748 0080.


Improving Your Home

Transform your dilapidated home 

Is your home looking tired and run down? Whether you’ve just invested in a dilapidated property, or whether you simply haven’t updated the home in a while; there are various things you can do to bring it back to life. 

No matter what your budget, you’ll be able to carry out at least one job to transform the look of the property.

Starting with the structure

There’s no denying that repairing the structure of the home is often the most expensive task. If the property is really falling apart, you’ll need to spend a good amount of money on repairing it. 

However, some homes may only need a few structural repairs. Check for any cracks in the wall. If they are tiny you can likely get away with filling them in yourself, but if the cracks are quite large, make sure you get a professional in to take a look as they could make the building structurally unsafe. 

Repairing the windows is another small job you might want to focus on. Older homes tend to have draughty windows. Not only does this increase the amount of noise you hear from outside, but it also makes the home colder. Investing in sash window repair will help to make the home feel much warmer and cosier. 

The roof is also something you need to check over. Older buildings often suffer with a leaky roof. If moisture is getting into the home, all of your indoor renovations could become ruined pretty quickly. So it’s important to focus on the structural repairs before you move onto indoor renovation.

Renovating without breaking the bank

There are so many ways to save money on the renovation of your home. Replacing cabinet doors or simply giving them a fresh lick of paint with a new door handle will help. 

You can also update the worktops. Marble and granite worktops tend to be popular these days and they are also really easy to clean. Glass splashbacks can help to add character, as well as a modern ambience to the kitchen.

Creating your own soft furnishings will also help to give life to a run-down home. Opt for bright, cosy colours. Add sofa throws, cushion covers and light fabric curtains. You can also replace the flooring as this will make a huge difference to the look of the home.

It can be difficult knowing where to start. Work out your budget before you decide what needs doing. It’s important to start on the structural repairs before you work on the cosmetics.
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