Friday, 22 March 2019


Love Manchester Light Sign TK Maxx
San Carlo Gran Cafe Selfridges Manchester
San Carlo Gran Cafe Chicken and Pancetta Salad
I Heart Manchester Poster
Piccadilly Gardens Manchester
Welcome to Primark Manchester
Welcome to Manchester

I genuinely LOVE Manchester.. so much so that I have never left or lived anywhere else! True story - I actually once jumped in on a conversation between parents and son on a train when I was visiting Essex who was saying he was contemplating applying to Uni of Manchester and basically sung it's praises and helped them plan how to get there and back easily.. and persuaded the son that he definitely should apply to attend Uni here! 😂

I could talk all day and all night about what a fabulous City it is and this post is dedicated to telling you all my absolute favourite things to do and places to visit. There are loads of hotels in Manchester so get yourself booked in and experience everything this amazing city has to offer.

I thought it would be easier to try and capture all these by genre or reason of visit, so here goes!


Manchester is getting some AMAZING restaurants and it's great to see that some London favourites are making their way up North! We now have our very own Dishoom and The Ivy alongside some quirky establishments such as Almost Famous and Home Sweet Home where the food is so wrong yet so very very right! There's a fair few San Carlo Restaurants too serving lovely Italian food, a personal fave is the Gran Cafe in Selfridges Beauty Hall for a chilled all day breakfast or sweet treat!


Cameras at the ready! Gorgeous cocktails at the very pretty Sunset Manchester, a snap infront of *those* angel wings at Dirty Martini and getting dolled up for a night at Menagerie I can guarantee a girlie weekend in Manchester with the besties will be SO much fun!

Blow dries at Kara's Blow Dry Bar and you can even get your makeup done by an MUA who ACTUALLY worked on the most recent Victoria's Secret Show, the amazing Grace Sloan at Charlotte Tilbury in Selfridges Manchester!


Manchester has a fantastic offering of spas and salons to enjoy where you can get glam or ease those aches and pains. The Spa at the Midland, a scientific facial at Skin Health Spa, Traditional Chinese Medicine with Guru Fa at Flint and Flint in Harvey Nichols or all things Nails at Nailista Manchester, there's a choice for everyone!


I mean. You can't really mention Manchester without being asked if you are a blue or a red but there's so much more than football! Fancy Axe Throwing or Junkyard Golf? Indoor Skiing, sledding or snowboarding? Indoor Skydiving? Manchester has many fun things to do if shopping isn't your bag...

Coming up in May 2019 we have the Manchester Half Marathon and 10K so you could see the sights whilst achieving a fitness goal!


Manchester shopping is getting better and better. With the City Centre and Trafford Centre not far from oneanother, come rain or shine you can hit the shops and grab yourself some must haves whether it be designer darling or Primarni chic. We have 2 Selfridges, a Harvey Nichols and rather excitingly a Uniqlo coming soon, I apologise in advance to your bank balance... :)


Manchester has a really interesting history and there are loads of museums and galleries for those who want to do something to enrich the mind. From the Manchester Museum, to MOSI and the Imperial War Museum, to Manchester Art Gallery, the National Football Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery. I am mentally making a list now of places to go as it's been years since I have visited most of these attractions and really want to get an updated look!


There's no denying Manchester has an amazing music scene and no matter what gets your toes tapping you will find a venue to cater for it! Personal faves are Alberts Schloss for live music, casual vibes and general debauchery and a hop, skip and a jump down the road is Revolucion de Cuba which will make you feel like the dancing lady emoji IRL. 

One thing is for sure.. us Mancs are super friendly and if you come for a visit, you will definitely be shown a good time!



Monday, 18 March 2019


Woman Sleeping in BedPillows on a Bed Image

Since buying my own place and living alone, I’ve been able to ensure my bedroom is the comfortable, relaxing place it should be. Rather than housing the vast majority of my worldly possessions, a TV (so I could watch what I wanted) and sometimes even being a dining room, my room now is my oasis of calm.


I have a gorgeous bed that is a statement piece in itself and I adore it. It was the first piece of furniture I bought myself when I was buying my place and I was like oh hell yes I am buying a king size so I can starfish all the time! The ultimate gift to myself.. :-)


I love how I can make what is quite a plain room look completely different by what bed linen I pick. I personally tend to go for single solid colours with a small amount of detail to keep things simple and fresh. There are so many options available! You can get kingsize quilt covers at discounted prices from the Yorkshire linen website.
I have a few sets on rotation, I’d definitely like to introduce more texture as I think it can make your bed look super luxurious and let’s face it, very inviting! I have a pink, white, grey and gold theme in my room so I’ll definitely broaden my linen collection to mix and match and keep changing up the look of my room.


I sometimes find it really hard to switch off at night, so having a super comfortable bed is really important. I have lots of lotions, potions, scents and candles to use aromatherapy as another way of destressing and chilling out. Not forgetting my beloved linen fresh Zoflora that I use when I do my laundry. Nothing makes me happier than lovely clean smelling fresh bedlinen day!

What colour scheme do you have in your bedroom?

This post is sponsored by Yorkshire Bedlinen, but not endorsed by them. Any opinions or views expressed are personal to the author.

Friday, 8 March 2019


Swimsuit and Kaftan from
Swimsuit and Kaftan from
Swimsuit and Kaftan from

The sunshine we enjoyed a couple of weeks back has made me so desperate to book a holiday! I got my summer fragrance out, had a pedicure and was dreaming of salt spray beachy hair and bronzey makeup looks.

Slim and Swim

One of the perks of embarking on a new fitness regime, which I talked about as a part of my new year's resolutions in this post here, is that rather than feeling a sense of dread about summer holidays, donning swimwear and showing off alot more skin than usual, is that I am not stressing about it. By the time I have to slip into swimwear I am sure I will be feeling awesome.

One thing I will say is you absolutely get what you pay for with swimwear. When you have a larger bust or bits that you would rather smooth out or conceal, I have often found that cheaper brands scrimp on the fabrics and linings they choose which leave me disappointed that they look great in terms of design but the reality is that they just don't provide the support that I am looking for.

When I was recently contacted by UKSwimwear to tell me more about their Company and brands they offer, along with the offer to try a couple of pieces myself, I honestly wasn't expecting to see such an array of amazing swim and beach wear in the range of sizes they stock.

For full transparency, I was gifted these gorgeous items, but was under no obligation to talk about the brand and my opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Essentials for Holidays and Spa Weekends!

I selected the Dolores Cortes Haiti Kaftan and the Seaspray Azurite Navy Classic Draped Swimsuit.

I don't think I have ever had the pleasure of wearing such gorgeous beach wear to be honest! The swimsuit is so nice and flattering, the wrap style means it cinches you in and looks really stylish. I personally prefer to wear darker colours pretty much all the time and I love the navy blue shade as it's so versatile when pairing with my slightly brighter accessories!

The Kaftan is stunning. I love to wear turquoise in the summer as it pops so nicely against a tan and beautifully against this tomato orange red shade. It is lovely and light and I am SO excited to get this out when I hopefully get away!

UKSwimwear has some really unique pieces on site that you will bring out year on year and they won't be what you will see on just about everyone. No one likes to get into 'who wore it best' in swimwear... 😂 if you have a holiday or spa break booked then I would highly recommend you take a look on site!

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


SweetieSal - What's on my bedside table?
Bedside Table Beauty Products

Anyone else guilty of their bedside table becoming a bit of a dumping ground for lots of odds and ends..?

I definitely am.

Having *some* useful things close to your bed means that you can embed routines when heading off to sleep... however I think mine is probably past that point.

The issue is that my current bedside table was an emergency purchase, not fit for purpose as it was a quick buy when I moved into my flat. It was an Amazon cheap number that I sadly made an error with during it's construction and the drawer doesn't actually close. Whoops.

I am on the hunt for a new one once my room is fully decorated and have spied a few beautiful bedsides from Furniture Village.

You will see from my photos that beauty products seem to be in abundance on my bedside table and this is because I don't currently have a dressing table so everything is housed next to my bed!

If I had the correct setup.. this is what items I would ensure are at my fingertips...


I do like to apply a variety of lotions and potions before bed, my moisturiser, hand cream, cuticle oil, Revitalash and lip balm. It's a good way of ensuring I remember to do it!

The makeup brushes, tweezers and nail files could all be housed elsewhere as they are unnecessary clutter - the same goes for the various nail polishes!


You will probably be questioning the Christmas Dog decoration.. but it bears an uncanny resemblance to a rather special fluffy friend you will also see pictured who sadly went to sleep last year. It probably looks like a bit of a shrine but I don't care!

I do think some sentimental items around your relaxation space are key. They can remind you of your loved ones or special memories!


I keep some scented oils in my bedside table for when I really need to hit the serious stuff to unwind. My favourites are from This Works or Aromatherapy Associates. A nice candle can also be super relaxing and dimmed lighting!

I also have a couple of books to hand to try and avoid being on my phone all the time.. sometimes it works, sometimes the call of pinterest is just too loud to ignore... 😄


I am a list writer so need to get things down when I remember them or think about them, so for me, having a pad and paper means I can get anything down I need to when I am mulling things over. I find it helps me feel like I have done something with it and can get back to sleep better!

I am also trying to more consistently practice the 'attitude of gratitude' so I keep my gratitude journal by my bed. I haven't nailed doing it every day but I do think out of sight out of mind so I try and keep it in sight!


I drink loads of water and try to avoid that horrible mouth like a desert at ALL COSTS. I always keep a bottle of water by my bed and have become quite the sparkling water connoisseur!

Given how much I deem to be essential, I will definitely need to look at a bedside table that has a number of drawers so the surface can be kept as free as possible. I'd love to have more space to display things that make me feel good such as flowers or a plant but at the moment it is just not possible! 

This post is sponsored by Furniture Village, but not endorsed by them. Any opinions or views expressed are personal to the author.

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