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Fenty Beauty Glow and Contour SticksMakeover - Variety of Fenty Beauty Makeup and Brushes
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Powders
Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb Powders
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundations
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundations
Fenty Beauty Makeup and Diamond Bomb Powder
Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette
Fenty Beauty Makeup - Gifted
Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - Fenty Glow and Fu$$y
SweetieSal Wearing Fenty Beauty
SweetieSal Wears Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna
Another post in the Spotlight series!

I had tried a couple of products from Fenty Beauty and thought they were amazing so wanted to try more. A couple of weeks back I was invited into Harvey Nichols in Manchester to enjoy a Fenty Beauty Makeover and OH. EM. GEE. I am completed hooked on the products and wanted to tell you all about them!

A Real Life Instagram Filter

Starting with the base, the Pro Filt'r products are really something special. Olivia, Fenty Beauty's MUA on counter in Manchester, started off by prepping my skin with the primer, then added foundation and concealer before setting the face with the Pro Filt'r Powder. I don't think I have ever had such a combination where each product is perfection!

The foundation is quite possibly my favourite ever! You might recall that when it was launched it was celebrated due to the very wide shade range. I have found the colour I have been matched to be absolutely spot on and it has quickly become my go to foundation!

All about the Glow

Another area that Fenty Beauty excels in is Highlighters. Whatever your preference in terms of cream, pressed or loose powder, there is a product for you!

My particular favourites are the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in 'Girl Next Door / Phreak Chic' and the new Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil in 'How Many Carats'. They are so very versatile and I tend to use one or the other (or both) pretty much every day. At the moment, I love using the duo highlighter to highlight with the paler colour (girl next door) and use Phreak Chic as an eye shadow for an easy day look. I also love to use my Diamond Bomb in the inner corners of my eyes for a little sparkle.

Eye Spy

Olivia used the Moroccan Spice Palette on me during my makeover and it contributed very well to my overall look - the shades are very useable with the vast majority being nudes and browns which are great transition shades paired with my 'highlighter as eyeshadow' look and then a lil something extra for an evening smokey look with the inclusion of the grey, taupe and turquoise shades. 

If an eyeliner flick is your look of choice then definitely try out the Flyliner Long Wear Liquid Eyeliner, it is super fine nibbed and made easy work of getting the perfect application.

Lip Service

When a product claims to suit all skin tones then I am all ears as it means I don't have to think about it... the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow really does suit all though and is a lovely gloss with a subtle nude shimmer. It's a lovely product to buy as a gift as it is easy to wear and one you know will be suitable for anyone. The glosses smell amazing and are really moisturising to the lips. The newest shades of Fu$$y and Diamond Milk also look amazing - let's face it, I am basically like a magpie and like anything that shines!

Overall, I am super impressed with what I have tried and I will definitely be adding more items to my collection. The price points and quality of the products are in sync and I can tell that a lot of the things I have tried are already in holy grail territory!

Thursday, 7 February 2019


Bedroom, Comfy Bed, Inviting
Fox Curled Up Sleeping

There’s a proven link between lack of sleep and negative emotion, but is catching 40 winks whilst at work a proven solution?

Research via the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggests that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on emotion. Could naps of 20-30 minutes make for a more productive workforce, and have a positive impact on mood, concentration and attention? I would WHOLEHEARTEDLY support this! I am a massive fan of a cheeky nap so the thought of being able to go and get my head down rather than relying on coffee to try and perk myself up would be amazing!

Following the findings that loss of sleep could be costing the UK £40bn a year, is it time to make a change to our sleeping habits? To find out, Brother investigated eight sleeping customs from around the world, and explored how they could have a positive impact on business. For transparency, this post is not sponsored, I just found the information really interesting.

China - Bring Your Bedroom to Work

In factories and offices across China, the lines between bedroom and workspace are becoming increasingly blurred. Due to longer working hours, many employers now advocate a short nap after lunchtime to increase concentration. Certain offices have even installed temporary or permanent sleeping and washing facilities in their office spaces to encourage employees to stay round the clock.

Japan - Inemuri

Taking a nap at work could well be perceived as a sign of laziness or a poor attitude, but not in Japan. The hectic lifestyle of Japan’s city dwellers has led to the wide-scale uptake of “inemuri”, or “sleeping whilst present”. Thanks to inemuri, Japanese workers can nap on public transport, at their desk or even during meetings – and it’s commonly seen as a sign of hard work.

Spain - Siesta

Originating in Spain and parts of Latin America, the siesta is perhaps one of the most well-known daytime snoozing traditions across the globe. This practice might be under threat, however, with business laws introduced in 2016 limiting how late employees can work, and effectively reducing the time they have to squeeze in an afternoon nap.

Italy - Riposo

Where the Spanish have a siesta, the Italians have “riposo”. Commonly taking place after lunch, riposo can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Frustratingly for tourists, this means that many attractions are closed throughout the day. Unfortunately, the non-stop pace of modern industry means that fewer and fewer office workers are able to benefit from a midday snooze.

Norway - Napping Outside

Take a stroll through Oslo, Helsinki or another Nordic town, and you might well see some infants taking a nap in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry – they haven’t been abandoned; sleeping outdoors in the daytime is actually believed to be very good for their health. Could local office workers take some inspiration to increase their productivity?

Indonesia - Fear Sleep

Stresses of work getting you down? The ominously named ‘fear sleep’ might be the solution. Locally referred to as “todoet poeles” – the practice of fear sleep enables people to nod off instantly to avoid feelings of excessive anxiety and stress. Nodding off when your boss walks in might not be the best solution, but regular naps could well help avoid work-related worry.

Botswana - Sleeping on your Own Schedule

You should sleep when it’s dark, correct? Not quite. At least, not in Botswana. The country’s native Kung hunter-gatherer tribe are well known for sleeping only when tired, regardless of the time of day. With an increased uptake of flexi-time, rise in self-chosen hours and growth of contract-based work, could businesses be embracing the way of the Kung sooner than we think?

USA - Silicon Valley Sleepers

Though it’s not a national custom just yet, sleeping on the job is widely being embraced by some of the USA’s biggest employers. Technology and software companies are leading the napping revolution, with firms like Google going so far as to have purpose-built sleeping pods installed in their offices to help employees rest and refresh.

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Friday, 1 February 2019


Image of the Winter Retreat Book by Build a Life You.LoveSweetieSal's Winter Detox RecommendationsSwatches of Bobbi Brown Extra Lip TintsBobbi Brown Extra Lip Tints in Bare Popsicle, Bare Raspberry and Bare Blackberry

January and February are often quieter months as your bank balance recovers from the expense of Christmas and festive frolics.. you drag yourself to use the gym and set about achieving your New Year's resolutions.

This really doesn't have to be a bad thing or too depressing if you own it!

I actually quite like January and February to try and encourage new habits and routines for the year.

Be Kind. Take Time For Yourself.

You might remember that one of my 2019 Resolutions (post here) was to be more kind to myself. I've started working with Bodhi Aesthetics who are helping me with my diet and setting me workout plans. I've been cooking more, eating well, training three times a week and I genuinely feel great for it.

Save Your Skin.

I'm trying to save my skin from the winter weather, cold outside and central heating make my skin rather unhappy so I've been reaching for products that exfoliate gently and push the moisture back in such as Pixi Glow Tonic, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and the Neutrogena mini face masks which are BRILLIANT! I am also loving the Rodial Lip Masks as my lips tend to get sometimes painfully dry and chapped in this weather. Sad Face.

Boost Your Body.

If I am pampering my face then my hair, hands and feet also need some love too. I turn to my holy grail items for this - Philip Kingsley Elasticiser, Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Hand Cream and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Express Hydrating Spray. I have also purchased the 'Monthly New Feet' foot mask from the amazing Selfridges Beauty Hall at Trafford Centre - very much looking forward to trying this!

Going back to the Neutrogena Moisturiser - this is not sponsored nor was it gifted. Just an insanely great product that I was very much influenced by Amelia Liana to purchase! It is SO GOOD. I usually hate moisturising and feeling cold and tacky and then as though I have a load of moisturiser all over the inside of what ever I am wearing but this is SO light that it hydrates without feeling heavy and sinks in super fast. I don't know about you but I have no time for hanging out in next to nothing whilst something sinks in!

Mindful Makeup.

I try to wear less makeup during January/February and find myself reaching for products that look good and do good. Tinted moisturisers and lip balms are my saviour! I am so enjoying the new Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tints - they give you a lil somethin' by way of colour and interest but are super moisturising and a pleasure to wear.

Rimmel's new WonderLuxe Mascara contains 4 nourishing oils which keep your lashes smooth and conditioned. If you need to take the moisturising a step further than this then I can highly recommend Revitalash. It is a real game changer in terms of improving the volume and length of your lashes. Now. I know it's expensive but wow does this stuff work! If you overdid the semi permanent or strip lashes over Christmas and are looking a little bald then this will really sort you out. You can buy Revitalash in Harvey Nichols. My lashes have never looked better than they have at the moment since using this product.

What About Wellbeing?

I was very kindly gifted a copy of 'The Winter Retreat' and I really love the concept.It focuses on several areas of self care - from mental wellbeing, your finances to home environment and it can be completed over a weekend or an activity every night for 9 days.

I have loved the activities and they have contributed very positively to my detoxing and being kind to myself efforts! I chose to concentrate on a task per night for 9 days as a way of unwinding after work and gym and generally feeling like I have burned the candle at both ends a bit. I've lit a candle and immersed myself in the activities which have been thought provoking, relaxing and appeal to my being organised side all at once!

It would make a lovely gift for someone, especially those who you would love to send on a spa weekend but that perhaps the funds won't allow it!

So there you have my round up of tips, tricks and products that I am using and loving this New Year. What are your current faves?

NB. This post contains affiliate links, gifted and purchased items. I was under no obligation to post about these items and my reviews and product/link placement are because I genuinely enjoyed using the products.

Pixi Glow Tonic - Purchased
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - Gifted
Neurogena Face Mask  - Purchased
Rodial Lip Mask - Won in a Competition
Philip Kingsley Elasticiser - Gifted
Laura Mercier Advanced Night Repair - Purchased
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Express Hydrating Spray - Purchased
Monthly New Feet - Purchased
Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint - Gifted
Rimmel Wonderluxe Mascara - Purchased
Revitalash - Gifted
The Winter Retreat - Gifted
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