Sunday, 28 October 2018


This week has been super fun on the Blogging front with some fabulous events in Manchester! Last Tuesday saw Selfridges present their press preview of all the gorgeous Christmas gifts and treats available as #SELFRIDGESROCKSCHRISTMAS ❤❤❤

I am like Mrs Christmas so this event was right up my street, I mean, have you ever seen someone look quite so excited to have a photo with the big man himself?!


Food, Glorious Food! I always think that you can't really go wrong with foodie gifts, especially if you don't really know what to buy for someone then a well thought treat to eat (or drink!) can be a winner.

The narcissist in me loves to see my name emblazoned across items and Selfridges can make that happen on a number of gifts! From personalised Reese's Spread to Veuve Cliquot, your very own Lindt Teddy to some more festive fizz from Moet & Chandon there are plenty of options across all budgets.

Tis' the season to indulge... amiright?!


I made a beeline for the fashion and accessories display as  *THAT* gorgeous emerald Stella McCartney Bag was calling my name...

I think it goes without saying that Selfridges has some incredible pieces that most would LOVE to receive as a gift, at a variety of price points. Personal faves include; Astrid & Miyu Jewellery, Kate Spade Stationery and White Company Cashmere Socks.


2018 seems to be the year of the advent calendar! I have never known of so many brands doing them. I love all the Christmas gift sets available as they tend to be good value for money and an opportunity to try products you might not have done before.

Some of Selfridges offerings this year are MEGA, I'm talking about you Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Collection Box Set, which priced at £600+ is definitely a big treat! There are some gorgeous gifts available and I have my eyes on this IT Cosmetics Brush Set which is DREAMY.


With my nephew now on the scene and another hot on his heels, Christmas is going to get a whole new lease of life... nothing is more magical to me than the build up to Christmas, a plate for Santa on Christmas Eve and all the festive excitement in December.

Selfridges has some AMAZING gifts available, I actually want this Hogwarts Express Lego Set for myself...! I am also informed that Smiggle is a big hit with the kids so when I saw that they are doing an advent calendar I made a mental note to tell all the parents I knew about it! I thought it was reasonably priced too at £25.


Sometimes it's nice to buy something luxe for your family and friends that they wouldn't buy for themselves... I'm thinking gorgeous candles, pyjamas, card holders, socks, scarves - budget can be stocking filler size or more! My fave candle has to be The White Company Winter scent - I start burning these when the weather turns (like today) and love the scent so much, it is like an annual ritual!

I am loving these Amber Champagne Glasses and given my love for sparkling water it would probably make sense to start making my own with this SODASTREAM!

Obviously Christmas isn't all about the gifts, more spending time with your loved ones...however I absolutely love making everyone smile with a thoughtful present or two!

Best start making those lists for Santa guys and gals!

Thank you to Selfridges and Carousel PR for a wonderful evening.

Sunday, 21 October 2018


Drawn Image of Children Holding Hands Standing on Planet Earth

I often get sent information, most of which never reaches you as it's either not fitting with my Blog theme or not the most exciting of research to share.. however; this article about how the same brands take on many different personas around the world I thought was really interesting!

Popular brands you might not recognise around the world

Looking into the labels we typically see and love on a day to day basis, an online label company has researched brands that go by different names around the world and explained some of the reasoning behind these differences.

It might be trickier to get hold of your favourite cereal than you think around the world: Coco Pops by any other name might taste as sweet, but you’ll need to search for Cocoa Krispies on the supermarket shelves in the US, Choco Krispis in South America, and Choco Krispies across Europe.

If you wanted a Burger King while visiting Australia, or fancied a KFC in Canada, good luck! You’d struggle to find and get directions to them when they’re known as Hungry Jack’s and PFK respectively.

Online label company,, has researched a variety of popular brands around the world, finding out which of our favourites use different names and even logos in other countries. They have designed an infographic highlighting the most common names for brands known by different names in various locations.

Wall’s Ice Cream is perhaps the biggest culprit for the largest number of different brands names around the world. However, their logo is generally recognisable everywhere with its swirling heart design, in a bold red and white colour scheme.

The reasoning behind brands having different names and logos in different countries is usually due to one of the following reasons:


Kentucky Fried Chicken is known by PFK in Canada’s French-speaking Quebec region due to local laws dictating that the restaurant takes the initials of the French name, Poulet Frit Kentucky.

Existing Brands and Trademarks

When Burger King expanded into Australia, it quickly became apparent that their iconic name was already being used. As a result, Hungry Jack’s was named after the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin – a name they already held trademarks for.

Translation Issues


The Chevrolet Nova might have sounded like a good idea in English, but to those who understood Spanish, the translation of “no va” as “doesn’t go” isn’t the best option for a new car.

Previous Connotations


Across Europe, Diet Coke, is known as Coca-Cola Light as the word “light” is associated more with lower-calorie items than “diet” is in these areas.

Speaking of the research, Philip Carlyn, Managing Director at Data Label, said:
“It’s interesting to see just how many brands go by different names around the world – what we’ve outlined in this infographic is just a snippet of the many examples we’ve looked into. The reasoning behind these differences also highlights the need for proper research into branding before launching a new company to avoid any potential trademark or translation issues, particularly if you’re looking to expand in future.”

If you click on the below infographics they will expand so you can see the content better!

Infographic on Walls Ice Cream and The Alternative Brand Names Across the World
Infographic on Brand Names and The Alternatives Across the World
 Infographic on Kellogg's Coco Pops and The Alternatives Across the World
 Infographic on Lays / Walkers Crisps and The Alternatives Across the World


Saturday, 6 October 2018


Mrs Hinch Zoflora Cleaning Products Hinch Hauls
Photo Credits: @heidiaimeex // @cleaning_with_dee // @riseandclean // @cleanat68x // @thismorning // @mxhomes_ // @karen.gunning // @rollobarbellsbakes // @joanne._.dove
I know I'm most definitely not alone in my love for Mrs Hinch...

She is everything I love about 'influencers' (much as that word is a little annoying) as she showcases what she is passionate about and you naturally feel inspired by her tips and tricks.

Everything is natural in terms of product promotion and she shows how the products work for her with real life examples.


I used to HATE cleaning. It felt overwhelming and the sheer amount of products that claim to do the same thing made shopping for cleaning stuff feel difficult. The morning I discovered Mrs Hinch I watched her videos and decided to go and clean my kitchen, which let me assure you was unheard of previously 😆

Since owning my own home I do feel alot more house proud as I have the authority to change whatever I want, but so many of Mrs Hinch's hacks mean that you can massively improve a rented home. I wish I knew more of them when I was renting my last place! I never had friends round as I was embarrassed of how it was and I'll be honest parts of it were so bad I would just give it a half hearted clean as it never made any difference!


I've now created my very own little Narnia and invested in products that I know make the job much easier, and do you know what, I am happier for it. My home feels lovely and clean, smells fresh (thanks to Linen Fresh Zoflora) and I feel like I have my sh!t together. Cleaning no longer feels like the absolute chore it used to.


I have joined a couple of groups on Facebook and some of the conversations I read are so cute. Women can be so lovely when they find a common interest! I genuinely enjoy scrolling through all the Hinch related posts on Instagram too..

Hinch Haulin'

Just need to find some Lemon Zing Zoflora now and a MINKEH!!!

Friday, 5 October 2018


Accessories Department Store Handbags Shoes
Empty Walk in Wardrobe

I love a well put together and bold look, but even the simple ones can take a great deal of hard work behind the scenes to pull off successfully. I've pulled together my tips and those of other bloggers that can help you style just about any outfit well. Read on for more.


Now, there is nothing wrong with monotone or neutral coloured outfits. In fact, they can look very chic. However, it is crucial to balance them with just a little pop of colour to avoid looking washed out.

One way you can achieve this is to use a belt in a bold shade to draw the eye to your waist and break up a plain black dress. Alternatively, you may wish to include your colour pops in things such as cardigans or scarves, or even with your shoes.

Although, do be careful of being too matchy-matchy here! Instead, pick a range of shades from the same colour family, so your outfit tells a more dynamic story.


Next, you’ll be pleased to know that there is not an outfit that the right jewellery can lift and enhance. It's all about matching the right piece to what you are wearing.

Anything high necked such as halters or turtlenecks look great with bolder earrings. You can even layer different types of earrings in various places in the ear, like the ones available from helix piercing online, to give you a modern and youthful look.

Casual summer dresses are often enhanced by wearing statement pieces in the form of with bangles or chunky necklace. Although, you do have to be mindful of not overwhelming the pattern your garment is made from.


The say shoe maketh the man, but they are definitely important to us girls as well. In fact, in my opinion, shoes can make or break an outfit both in the way they look and in how comfortable they are to wear. 

Regarding your look, an outfit can always be lifted and made more modern by wearing a shoe that is trending this season. Shoes are also a fantastic way of introducing another colour to your outfit and can help to give you the body shape you want as well.

A word of warning though, there is no point tottering around all day in designer shoes only to suffer agonizing pain. To that end, it is crucial that you pick footwear that is comfortable as well as gorgeous!


A wise man once said that your hair is a hat you never take off! Just think about that for a moment! If you had to wear a hat all day, every day, you would invest in a decent one and make sure it looked good right? Well, the same thing needs to happen with your hair!

What that means is keeping up to date with your cut and color and not being afraid to try something different now and again. In fact, a new hairdo can lift your look effortlessly, if you are brave enough to go for it!

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Eiffel Tower City of Lights Paris
Snowy Paris Chateau
Snowy Scene Paris

A Winter Paris Adventure – Things to See and Do in the City of Lights before Christmas

They may call Paris the 'City of Lights', but this is a status that it takes on quite literally during the festive period, when Christmas illuminations and decorations are put up seemingly everywhere, including across the streets, on the trees and even in department store windows.

But the twinkling visual spectacle is far from the only reason to pay a visit to the French capital in the run-up to Christmas. After all, this is the city’s low season, so you’ll be able to discover many of its finest attractions while relatively unbothered by tourist hordes, including top-class restaurants, cafes, shops, the cinema and even some museums.

So, let’s take a look at just some of the Parisian sights, sounds and experiences that you shouldn’t miss this Yuletide.

The Decorations

Yes, I mentioned the decorations above, but they really are that much of a draw when they start appearing in mid-November. While there barely seems to be a fir tree in the city that goes unadorned at this time of year, it’s the legendary Champs Elysées where you will be able to see the most extravagantly colourful displays.

As detailed on the official website of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, other areas of the city that are set to be thoroughly decked out in 2018 range from Place Vendôme and Avenue Montaigne to Bercy Village and Boulevard Haussmann. In the last of those locations, you’ll even be able to customise the lights with a smartphone app.

Ice Skating

It’s customary for ice skating rinks to be set up across Paris as Christmas looms. Not only that, but they’re also free to enter, although adults can expect to pay five Euros to rent skates – this service being free for kids. 

The city’s main rink is set up on the plaza outside Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall), where you’ll also see a free sledding area for children.

The Christmas Eve Service at Notre-Dame Cathedral

The medieval Catholic cathedral of Notre-Dame on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement is one of Paris’s greatest cultural and heritage attractions, and whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs may be, there’s no doubt that a visit for the Christmas Eve service can be an invaluable source of inspiration and peace. 

The service is open to everyone, and includes a stirring midnight choir.

The Christmas Markets

Christmas markets may be a German invention, but they have long since become a staple of European life every festive season. What’s more, Paris offers many of the best ‘Marchés de Noël’ of all, as they are known on French shores.

Making a welcome return in 2018 will be the Champs Elysées Christmas market that was cancelled last year due to a dispute between the main organiser and Paris City Hall. But as reported by The Local, it has now found a new home in the Tuileries gardens in front of the Louvre.

With other Christmas markets taking place around the Eiffel Tower as well as in Vincennes, La Défense and at the Grand Palais des Glaces, there will be plenty of opportunities to grab a curio or bargain – or seven – in front of some of the French capital’s most iconic backdrops.

Remember, too, that there are many options for chateau rental in France that give you impressive surroundings in which to spend the night or hold a major celebration, benefitting from rural tranquillity before heading into the city. They include the simply resplendent Château Bouffémont, which could scarcely be better situated, being a mere 30 kilometres from the centre of Paris.

Tempted to book a little jaunt and experience all of the above myself 😍
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