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Online Dating is a dog-eat-dog world so I thought I would pass on these tips from Happn as to how you can improve your dating profile... let me know if they work for you!

Knowing what is best for a dating profile of dreams is not always obvious. What type of pictures? What to say or not say about me? What do other people expect?

These questions often come up when you are online dating. This is why dating app, happn, which now has over 50 million users around the world, has put together top 8 rules for the perfect profile that will appeal to your dream crush!

Claire Certain, head of trends at happn, the app that helps you find people you’ve crossed paths with, has provided some top tips on HOW to create the best profile for you.

Be Yourself

Everyone is different and to write a great profile individuality is key.  Just make sure your personality shines through whether that’s through any light hearted jokes you make, your pictures, or your passions. Really think about what defines you, what you enjoy doing most of all and what it is you’re looking for in a partner. 

Choose a Variety of Pictures

Make sure that your first picture clearly shows your face so potential connections can immediately see what you look like - trying to work out which one you are in a group of 10 is time consuming and annoying. However, make sure the rest of your pictures show different sides of your personality and lifestyle: are you a traveller? A socialite? A foodie? An art lover? A pet lover? A sports person? Then don't hesitate to show it.

Don’t Lie or Use Outdated Pictures

Remember it’s better to connect with someone who likes you for who you really are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not; it will only have a negative impact in the long run. You wouldn't like it if you’ve got yourself a date but when you see the person they look nothing like the picture on their profile or obviously lied about their life. This can be very awkward, especially if someone were to bring it up.

Don’t Be Too Mysterious

People need to know quickly what they could share with you, like hobbies, passions, lifestyle, so too much mystery is not the best option. Give your potential connections something to start a conversation with! And if you are not comfortable with describing you, use music or visual ways to do so.

Add Variety

On dating apps, such as happn, you get the opportunity to add things like a glimpse of your Instagram gallery or your favourite music using Spotify.  This increases the chance of having something more in common with an individual and stand out of the crowd. It could also be an efficient way to start a conversation if it's a Crush!!

Use Emojis!

They can be a fun way of expressing yourself that adds colour and will help describe yourself in a very visual and straightforward way. Research into our users’ profiles has found that men use way more emojis than women!  In fact, 64% of men use them in their profiles, compared to just a third (36%) of women!  The most popular emoji users have is the red heart, followed by the peace sign and in third place the winky face!

Don’t Overshare

Remember this is just the first step of meeting someone. Have fun with it and summarise yourself without taking it too seriously. Save some details and stories for your 1st date, and even for the dates after this. While it’s good to be open on your dating profile, make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.  If you live in a city, say you live in a region of the city (e.g. south west London).  Giving more information can come later once you really know a person. And, if you’re linking your Instagram to your dating profile, ensure you’re not giving away too much on that either!

Get The Help of Your Friends and Family

 They know you from an external point of view and even if it can be embarrassing, having a second opinion gives you the reassurance that you’re on the right track and are portraying yourself in the best light.  They might even give you some suggestions on how you can improve your profile, either with some better pictures or facts. This is a particularly good idea for those who lack confidence and might not be aware of what they’ve got going for them.


Monday, 3 September 2018


Girl, Waiting.
Airport Lounge, Waiting Room


Anyone else find themselves wishing time away?

'Just a few more days to get through...'

'Good things come to those who wait...'

'Ugh I am so over this month already, I can't wait until...'

'One day my prince will come...' (CHEESY AF.)

I am guilty of this too. I am not professing to be some sort of seize the day guru but it has occurred to me that I have spells of wishing the time away and I am trying to do something about it, be present and enjoy the here and now.

One of the ways I have found to be quite helpful is to practice gratitude more proactively. I attended a course at work on building resilience and having a gratitude journal or trying to make a point of acknowledging what you are grateful for every day is actually really quite powerful.

Everyday you get the gift of 86,000 seconds. Have you used one to say thank you?

I bought myself a gratitude journal from Amazon - I was anticipating having to use a notepad and create it myself, but no, Amazon's got your back there! It is specifically for things you are thankful for and asks you to write what awesome things have happened to you in the week. It can be difficult to get started as you feel a bit repetitive but I can already feel the benefits of doing this. I have written about mental health before and whilst I am in a much better place there will always be those days when you get knocked a little and just need a little reassurance that your life isn't shit.

Whatever makes your soul happy, do that.

I hear friends complain about being fed up or viewing their other half wanting to be like their parents as being the absolute worst as they don't seem to do very much, but I just think being happy and grateful for what you have is the healthiest way to live your life. You make your own excitement and just because your other half views being happy as simply having someone you love by your side, being healthy and doing fun things doesn't make their happiness any less valid.

I am really ambitious career wise and that makes me happy. But if someone views work as a means to an end, that's also ok! I also don't think it is any secret that I ultimately want to settle down and have kids, but do I think less of my friends or family who don't want to have kids? Of course not!

It's easy to look at the insta-perfect lives that are presented to us and feel pangs of envy but it's not always real. You have to make peace with yourself and your lot otherwise you will struggle to ever feel truly happy.

Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.

This last quote is one I need to pay attention to. I got to do a 'drivers' questionnaire at work and my primary driver was 'please people' and my secondary was 'be perfect' which is all around getting pleasure about things being or appearing to be perfect.

For ages I felt bad about the fact that I was getting older, didn't own my own home, didn't have a significant other, nor one on the horizon, which meant kids felt pretty far out of reach. But in doing that I completely discounted the fact that I have done really well in my career and without sounding big-headed feel like I am a really good friend and quite funny to be around. The rest will come when it's meant to.

Stop Waiting Quote


Sunday, 2 September 2018


View of The World of Wedgwood Entrance
Entrance Hall Floral Arrangement World of Wedgwood
Wedgwood Museum Logo Sign
Wedgwood Jasperware Blue Urn
Old World Wedgwood Carriage
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Sample Drawers
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Samples
World of Wedgwood Ceramic and Glaze Samples
Wedgwood Jasperware in Blue and Green
Wedgwood Jasperware Busts
Wedwood Blue Jasperware Scene
Wedgwood Bamboo Style Pottery
Wedgwood Queen's Ware Jelly Mould
Wedgwood Blue and White Pottery Collection
Wedgwood Huge Urn
Wedgwood Tea Set
Wedgwood Pottery Pieces
Wedgwood Pink Jasperware Cups and Saucers
Wedgwood Factory View
Wedgwood Pottery Making Sally O'Shea
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making
Wedgwood Pottery Making Sally O'Shea
Wedgwood Decorative Wall
Wedgwood Decorative Stacked Cases and Teacups
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Place Setting
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Sandwiches Rare Beef Asparagus Mozzarella Crab
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Scones and Cream
Wedgwood Afternoon Tea Jelly and Cake
Wedgwood Plate Chinese Dragon
Wedgwood Entrance Hall Sally O'Shea

The World of Wedgwood

A couple of weeks back me and my sister headed to The World Of Wedgwood for a little road trip jaunt! Situated just under an hour away from Manchester, it is the perfect day trip when you don't want a journey that is too onerous.

We sampled everything there was to offer, Museum and Factory Tours, Pottery Making and Afternoon Tea and had the loveliest day!

My favourite part was the pottery making as you can probably tell from the photo of me and Jen looking pleased as punch at ourselves and our little creations...

The afternoon tea was absolutely delicious and despite not really liking tea I found a fruity one that I absolutely loved!

The Factory is a working factory so it was so interesting to watch the employees working with such precision and skill, we also could not get over how warm it was when near the kilns - I really did enjoy learning about how certain effects are achieved.

Thank you so much to The World of Wedgwood we had a fabulous day out!! ❤
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