Saturday, 18 November 2017


One of my surefire ways to feel pampered and relaxed is to go for a blow dry and you guys may have read my review of the Blow Ltd 'At Home' Services where you can book on-demand beauty treatments and have them in the comfort of your home. Blow Ltd has recently also opened a salon within Debenhams in Manchester and I was fortunate enough to be invited along to experience it!

In prime position on Market Street, Blow Ltd is geared up for all the quick turnaround beauty treatments you might need. I opted for a quick blow dry and was in an out with a lovely bouncy blow dry in record time. Blow Ltd use Kerastase Products which were a real treat for my hair and I was really impressed with the service overall and will definitely be making use of the salon over the festive season and beyond!

Also! Blow often do discount codes and promotions so be sure to check out their social media and/or website so that you can take advantage 😊


Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Once you turn thirty, you’ll find that you get a new lease of life. Your confidence will improve and you will certainly know yourself a lot better than what you did during your twenties. Now that you feel great, you will want to look great to match!

Unfortunately, once we’re in our thirties, there will be some signs of ageing that start to become quite noticeable. But that doesn’t mean you’re past it just yet! Follow these beauty tips, and you’ll look like you’re still a young twenty-something!

Start To Fight Wrinkles

Unfortunately, our thirties is when we start to notice wrinkles and age lines. Sadly, we can’t stop the ageing process completely, so this is something that you need to get used to. But there are ways you can slow down the development and appearance of wrinkles, you’ll be glad to hear! Anti-wrinkle creams can really be beneficial and you should also choose the eye cream for wrinkles that start to appear around your eyes. It’s important that you don’t just stick to budget creams and serums - these won’t do your skin any good. Ideally, see your skin care as a worthwhile investment.

Never Forget Sunscreen

Your skin will be extra delicate now that it is starting to age, especially when it gets too much sun. You might be surprised at how little sun it can handle, in fact. So, it’s necessary to wear sunscreen every day. Yep, you heard that right - every day. This daily application makes sure that you never suffer from any sunburn and that your skin remains full of moisture. There are some scientific studies that show daily wearing of sunscreen can help to keep wrinkles at bay for longer too!

Invest In A Good Hairdresser

Now that you’re a grown woman, there really is no excuse for bad hairstyles anymore. And you shouldn’t blame it on your poor hairdresser! If you don’t like how your current hairdresser styles your hair, then you need to start looking for another one. You might need to visit a few different ones until you finally find your perfect one, but trust me, all this effort is worth it. You’ll always be happy and confident when you step out of the hairdressers, and you won’t have to rush home in shame!

Wash Your Brushes

Did you know that your makeup brushes are breeding grounds for a whole lot of germs and bacteria? If you keep using them without washing them on a regular basis, then you’ll be wiping all of those germs and bacteria onto your face. Pretty disgusting, right?! That’s why you need to make sure you are washing all your makeup brushes every two weeks. You can do so with some warm water and Fairy Liquid. Simply wet the brushes and then lather in some of the Fairy before rinsing them thoroughly. You can then leave the brushes to air dry.

Once you follow all these beauty tips, you’ll start to notice that your beauty confidence really improves and that you’ll find your thirties a lot funner than your twenties!


Monday, 6 November 2017


With Christmas Party Season approaching, the hunt begins for the perfect outfit and I think we all know what a stress that can be! As someone with a bigger bust, I often write things off if I think sourcing underwear will be tricky, which can be a shame as I undoubtedly miss things which could look really nice!

Like building a house or doing your makeup, a great base or foundation is what will make the end product look much better. So this is where getting the correct lingerie and shapewear comes in! I've posted before about getting measured properly and the benefits of doing so, but if you are looking for a one stop shop for your lingerie needs then please do yourself a favour and check out UK Lingerie where you will find many brands, shapes and sizes.

Firstly, get your boobs where they should be sitting on your body and this comes with a good bra. Then you can smooth out any lumps and bumps with Spanx or other control wear pieces. I can see the widened eyes and raised eyebrows and thoughts of 'Bridget Jones' flicking through your mind.. but control pants don't need to be ugly if you are worried about it stopping you getting lucky! 😂

I absolutely hate the feeling of something bing too tight and that horrible breathless feeling you get if your control wear is sausageing you in. Yes that is a word I have just made up. What I love about Spanx is that they are tight but not uncomfortable, you can move around freely and they don't make you all hot and bothered. I can't promise that the process of getting in to them will be all that dignified but we can't have everything now can we!

The brands sold on UK Lingerie are premium and therefore at a higher price point but I do think they are a solid investment so definitely check them out.


Sunday, 5 November 2017


Bullet journals, scrap booking, crafts, even blogging, at home creativity is becoming increasingly accessible and I for one wholeheartedly support this!

I love personalisation and when I was contacted by Stampin' Up challenging me to make my very own greetings cards I couldn't say no..

Containing everything you need to make your own cards, the Stampin' Up Sets are the PERFECT christmas gift for the person who has everything (or won't tell you what they want) but who likes to be creative. I got to play with the 'Oh Happy Day' Card Making Kit and it was so fun to make my very own notecards to send to family and friends.

It's super easy to use and I would highly recommend the kit- I have been perusing the website and have quite the shopping list! My family should probably prepare for an influx of handmade cards!
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