Saturday, 30 September 2017


Being healthy and being happy are two totally different concepts, and yet for a lot of the time, the two marry together beautifully. Choosing to be happy is a big deal for a lot of people, especially as life comes packaged with a lot of stress. We spend a lot of time bouncing from one job to another; work, family, paying bills. These obligations can often mean we put everyone else in front of us and put ourselves to the bottom of the pile. Doing that, while practical, isn’t a way to last in happiness.

Pursuing self-care can be difficult, especially when you have no idea how to put yourself first.
Sometimes, trying to do what you want can lead you to feel selfish and unworthy of your own attention. You’re wrong. You are just as important as anyone else that you want to protect in your life.

The key is to know how to put your own needs ahead and ask for something more than you have. The priority should always be your own wellbeing, and we’ve got some great ways you can work on that.


If you are busy with work to the point you are starting early and leaving late, it’s not just a social life you neglect. It’s your own sanity! People need sleep to rest, repair and unconsciously work through their issues. It’s essential to get enough sleep through the night to function properly through the day and through work. Cut down on working late and get yourself the right amount of rest for each day ahead instead.

Eat Well

It’s true when people say you are what you eat. If you eat junk food more than nourishing options, you’re going to feel sluggish and sleepy a lot of the time. The more you eat well, the better you feel and reading blogs like should help you to understand how eating well is an investment in your wellbeing. Putting yourself first means being in the best health to do so.

Workout Well

When life is full of working and being everything to everyone else, trying to find half an hour a day to put into exercise is not easy. The thing is, you have to find thirty minutes to work on your own health. Swap sitting at your desk at lunchtime for a walk to find a spot to eat outside. Getting your heart pumping and gaining some fresh air can only be a good thing!

Speak Up

When things hurt or upset you, you need to advocate for yourself and speak up. put your own wishes first and make sure that you ask for what you want. If you feel a sense of injustice, don’t just take it. Being your own person and making choices that count for you is the only way to be truly happy.

Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to know and believe that you are important, too.


Sunday, 17 September 2017


I love a nap and I am not ashamed to tell everyone about it! I recently heard about YourDesign and they invited me to try their services. YourDesign specialise in personalised garments and items, the site is super easy to use and the products are fantastic quality.

I opted for a snuggly unisex personalised hoodie* in navy with pink writing on the back with my tongue in cheek title of 'nap queen'. You can personalise your item as much or as little as you want and this even includes photo printing.

My hoodie arrived a few days later and was perfect! It is absolutely spot on in terms of design, high quality printing and product and I can tell it will wash well. (Totally sounding like my mother) 😂

The item options on site are plentiful and there is something in budget for everyone, you just have to let your creative juices run wild!

I'd highly recommend YourDesign and I will definitely be using them again!


We’ve all been there when you’re trying to lose weight but somehow, all that determination you had seems to slowly fade away. It could be anything that puts your weight loss goals on hold, such as work becoming too hectic, personal errands getting in the way of your gym time, or your children needing their needs to be looked after. Soon that workout motivation you had, starts to slip away, and one must wonder why this happens. More often than not, we think of weight loss as short term goal, that we feel we will be able to achieve in a few weeks or months. Already then, you’ve tasted defeat, because you’ve set a time schedule of when you’re going to basically stop a weight loss regimen. The psychological effects you place on yourself are subtle and chip away at your determination to succeed slowly slip away. Therefore the only way in which weight loss can be achievable is to think of losing the extra pounds as part of your lifestyle.

Morning Routines are Crucial

Every single morning, come rain or shine, you should have a moderate workout routine in place. When you get up, before you’ve had breakfast or brushed your teeth, and before you’ve taken a shower, perform a routine that elevates your heart rate. This could be a yoga routine, where by your breathing must be controlled and you can begin forging a connection with all your muscles. Balance plays a key role in yoga, so you’ll be using strength and your core, to remain in the poses you do. Equally, bodyweight exercises are still as good as ever, which is why every modern armed force still demand each individual be comfortable lugging their own weight around. Push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps and standing squats are fantastic ways to start shedding weight off your limbs. Body parts you haven’t used in a while will suddenly be forced into action, and slowly, day after day after day, you’ll begin to see a more toned and shapely body. But the number one hard task is, to actually get up, and workout for 10-15 minutes, every single day. Put some music on to pump yourself up, do whatever you’ve got to do, to shake off the cobwebs of sleep, and get active.

Supplements Can Help in Moderation

Sometimes the body is so used to being in a particular state, that getting it to move and cooperate with the stresses you’re putting on it, can be quite a challenge. There’s nothing worse than when you’re mentally focused to workout, but a few minutes into the workout, your body just starts to give up. This means you’ll have to start your weight loss lifestyle, at a bit of a slowed pace because there’s only so much you can do to push your body. Taking weight loss tablets as part of a healthy and clean diet would be beneficial to speed up this process. Orlistat can assist in losing weight which works by decreasing the amount of fat the body absorbs. If you can somehow combine a balanced diet of protein and fruit and vegetables, together with a good amount of exercise every day, you will start seeing significant results in a shorter amount of time. Take weight loss pills in moderation, and always put a good diet and dedication to working out, as the spearhead in your new lifestyle routine.

You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s still true. What you put into your body is exactly what’s going to form your health standard. It’s pure and simply, if you eat more fat calories than you do carbohydrates, and nutrients, you’re simply going to gain weight. If you’re consuming more calories than you need to sustain your weight, and power you through the day, your body has no other choice. The body must find some way of storing this excess energy, so what it does is convert the overabundance of calories into fat. Hence, the more you eat and quality of food you eat has an unstoppable effect on your body once consumed. It’s never too late to cut out this nonsense, and begin to substitute a meal that would be high in fat, too something that’s balanced in protein, salts, natural sugars, and carbohydrates. Truthfully the only fat you should be getting as per your healthy diet is through nuts and simple carbs like bread. Your meats should be lean, with very little to no fat on or in them. And, with a portion of meat, should automatically come with a side of vegetables. You should balance your sugars and salts first because these are the two components, which make food act as addictive substances. There are many online meal plans and customizable options for making a meal, which should become a daily routine to help you find something new and healthy to eat.

Find a Companion in Your Journey

Whether it be a friend or family member, you can both decide to start living healthy lifestyle together. Using each other for motivation, and stepping in to correct the other when they start to fall behind or lose motivation, you prop each other up. You can keep in contact with social media, and perhaps even share a workout plan, which is kept track of by both of you daily. One of the reasons working out is not very attractive to some, is that is can be a solitary journey, with only yourself to make sure you stay on the tracks. However, if you have somebody who is in the same position as you, and feeling what you feel after every workout, you build up a comradery, which motivates you to push harder and not let your companion down. 

Working out should become a lifestyle, rather than a short term goal. By setting a goal that will come to a close in the near future, you’re already admitting to defeat psychologically. But, if you can make a healthy diet and workout regimen as part of a lifestyle, something that you just do, as per routine, it becomes ingrained in your mind. You’re more likely to stick to this kind of method than any other.


Have you ever stopped to consider the many meanings of the saying “being healthy”? It’s a matter of physical and mental health. Whether you’ve got a weak heart or you’re struggling with depression, your health can take many different shapes, which makes it more difficult to maintain. Unfortunately, most people, when they think of building a healthier lifestyle tend to focus their efforts on going to the gym. A little reductive, don’t you think? You are more than just a body, and consequently, your health needs to be the balance of a strong body and a strong mind, working together in perfect harmony. Everything that happens inside your body, from muscle build to biological reactions, is the direct result of how healthy you are. Time to dive into the science of your health-ology!

Gymology for a Healthy Body

Let’s get the basics first. Your inner health starts with a healthy body, so gym haters need to reconsider their positions. A healthy body is, as you know, a body that can carry out its natural functions without difficulties. This means that you should be taking care of your physical appearance because it’s the reflection of your inner health. In other words, exercising is the watchword here, and it’s essential to keep your organs strong. But exercise without rest – and a good sleep night – risks damaging your body and weakening your organs and muscles. In other words, your healthy body is the result of regular gym visits followed by periods of rest of a day or two. So get your gym gear out and keep that heart pumping!

Psychology for a Healthy Mind

There’s a dark area when it comes to health that most people try to ignore, and it’s the mental health. It can be difficult to take your feelings into account, especially when society wants you to carry on as if nothing had happened. But listening to your feelings is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it’s a sign of acceptance of your emotions. Many things can bug you. It could be a stressful breakup or a lack of self-esteem. But it’s something that you can address – with the help of a therapist to mourn your past relationship or an expert from Sculpture Clinic to improve your body. You need to help your mind to heal by sorting out the issues in real life.

Biology for Healthy Harmony

Your body is a machine that needs the right type of fuel to work. Vitamins and healthy meals, as described by the British Nutrition Foundation, are not just a great idea to lose weight. They’re also the best nutrients for your body. Keeping the machine ticking is, after all, what makes life what it is. So, next time you think about food, ignore the naughty consequences on the scale. Just think of how to best fuel the machine. If you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car, you know how damaging the wrong fuel can be on the engine. It’s best to keep your organs, muscles and mind strong with the right nutrients than to overindulge in guilty pleasures!

Your health is precious; you can’t afford to lose it. The science of a healthy you is simple: Gymology, psychology, and biology. Look after the body and the mind, then fuel them with the best nutrients. Simple and maybe dull, but if being healthy is dull, it’s the perfect kind of dullness!

Friday, 8 September 2017


There are certain designers that seem to capture your interest and for me Alexander McQueen was a prime example. A super talented individual whose life was sadly cut short after his death in 2010, Alexander McQueen's pieces earned him various awards (including British Designer of the Year FOUR TIMES) and notoriety in the fashion world.

His signature style was an incorporation of skulls with a glam-punk kind of vibe which is no surprise that he designed many of David Bowie's tour looks. (Thanks for that information Wikipedia!) He started his career as an apprentice on Saville Row and then went onto working within theatrical costumery and also had a MA from Central St Martins College of Art and Design - he really was extremely talented and experienced in such a variety of styles! His background has definitely shown  influence in his designs and earned him a spot at Givenchy before McQueen became a brand in his own right.

My Alexander McQueen Scarf was one of my first forays into designer accessories and I still love the fact it brightens up an otherwise dull outfit. The brand has retained alot of Alexander's unique styles and I am loving the blush pink variations on his classic pieces. And, let's be honest, who doesn't need a fabulous skull handled umbrella?!

I have selected some of my favourites from the new collections in the image above and it was difficult enough to narrow it down to them! I would love to expand my scarf collection and I am very taken by the handbags which hit just the right amount of grunge but mixed in with a ladylike edge suitable both for the office and night out! *THAT* beaded clutch bag is expensive but what an incredible piece of craftmanship!! I also love that the price points mean that there is a McQueen piece for everyone!

What are your favourite McQueen pieces?


Wednesday, 6 September 2017


One of the main annoyances of festival attendance is the not-so lovely smell you end up with by the end of a few days partying and your only means of washing being a pack of baby wipes.

The lovely folk over at The Fragrance Shop sent me the most lovely festival package showing me that smelling fresh at a festival doesn't have to be too hard.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the Radiant Fragrance that is exclusively available to The Fragrance Shop, it is gorgeously summery and will immediately remind you of holidays. Sprayed into the Twist & Spritz Atomiser you can have your fave fragrance handy at all times without the hassle of a heavy bottle - perfect for festivals!

If you are a fragrance fan like me then definitely look into joining Discovery Club which gives you 8 fragrance samples both for men and women. You get to try new scents without committing to the full bottle! The box is just £5 per quarter and comes straight to your home address.

Big thanks to The Fragrance Shop for hooking me up - I can cling on to summer for a while longer now!
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