Monday, 30 January 2017


One of my promises I made to myself is that if I am reviewing something, I don't just post about anything and everything I receive as I don't believe in trash talking about a product or service. With that in mind the vast majority of things I post about on here are things I have been surprised by and genuinely love and think highly of.

This Hot Hair Volume Booster Hair Piece is one of those things...

I have fine hair but alot of it and most hair extensions or clip ins just don't work the way I want them to. The Team over at Hot Hair helped colour match me and very kindly send me the hair piece to try and I absolutely love it!!!!! I always love that nice volume on top look but I just cannot achieve it at home by myself.. until this beauty came through my letterbox!

It is so easy to use and you basically clip it in at the crown and I personally prefer to pop some of my hair over it to conceal the join between hair piece and my hair as I think it looks alot more natural. It is perfect for half up styles or a more coiffed ponytail which I have NEVER been able to achieve.

One thing to bear in mind is that this hair piece is synthetic so you can't curl it but I have found this to be absolutely perfect for straight hair styles.

Massive thumbs up from me and thank you again to Hot Hair!

Saturday, 28 January 2017


I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves but to give you some explanation...

Last week I was invited to sample the Sunday Roast at the Refinery in Spinningfields, Manchester and HOLY MOLY. This place is the SH!T.

I mean, not only is this place a bloggers paradise in terms of there being an abundance of copper, fur and marble and you can flatlay for dayyyyyyssssss but it is super cosy, relaxing and the food is just a dream.

I need to get on their brunch bandwagon too.

I opted for roast chicken and sweet lord it was good.. I ate as much as I possibly could but these portions are mahoosive...!

So. If you fancy brunch or lunch tomorrow then I highly recommend you haul ass to Spinningfields, get comfy on your furry chair and settle in for a lovely afternoon at the Refinery, you seriously won't regret it!!!!!

Thank you again for the invite, I will be back soon!

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Here's a little more info... if you have any clothes you wish to donate to a good cause then keep on reading!

Due to the overwhelming success of previous years, the charitable donations, which aim to exceed last year’s total of nearly two tonnes, will now go towards helping two Manchester-based charities. These are; Mustard Tree, which works to help the city’s homeless and deprived, along with brand new charity partner for 2017, Goodstock by vInspired, which aims to encourage the youth of tomorrow to volunteer their time to those less fortunate.

This year, The Empty Shop has also teamed up with ‘Musicians Against Homelessness’ to help spread the word about the concept. Patron of the project Alan McGee, best known for co-founding Creation Records and managing Manchester band Oasis and founder Emma Rule commented, “Musicians Against Homelessness are proud to be supporting The Empty Shop in 2017. With the number of people homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless escalating at an alarming rate; the essential services of Mustard Tree and Goodstock by vinspired are needed more than ever before. We are thrilled to support such great causes in a city that’s close to both of our hearts’’

The official celebrity ambassador for the project in 2017 is Manchester born Rowetta, best known for her work with renowned local band Happy Mondays. Rowetta is actively involved with the Musicians Against Homelessness campaign and was thrilled to be selected as this year's ambassador for The Empty Shop.

Rowetta comments “With many wardrobes fit to burst following the Christmas and Boxing Day sales, it’s a great time of year to think about those that are less fortunate. Mancunians are renowned for pulling together as a community to help each other and I’m really pleased to be involved in The Empty Shop.  Together with Musicians Against Homelessness, I hope that we can help to raise much-needed funds and awareness for Mustard Tree and Goodstock by vInspired.”

Rowetta was joined by local fashion bloggers, stylists and official compere JSky in Exchange Court on Thursday 19 January to launch the 2017 campaign, which runs from 20 - 29 January. Members of the public, local businesses and retailers will be able to drop off their quality pre-loved and unworn garments at specially designed ‘empty wardrobes’ conveniently located within the following 12 retailers, where you can also pick up a discount or be entered into a free prize draw in exchange for your donations;

Jack & Jones
Dorothy Perkins
Simply Be
New Look

Manchester artist and self-proclaimed doodler ‘Dave Draws’ will illustrate the wardrobes for the 2017 campaign and has also produced a limited-edition tote bag available for the first 1,000 donators.
The donation points will be open for ten days and, at the end of the campaign, the clothing will be resold by Mustard Tree and Goodstock by vInspired, with all proceeds split evenly between the two charities.

More than 23,325 items of clothing and an astounding 6.18 tonnes have been donated over the last three years, including over £100,000 worth of brand new items from N Brown Group PLC, AKA clothing, Bestseller, boohoo,  SimonandSimon and luxury boutique Black White Denim. The project has garnered numerous industry accolades, including the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) Community Foundation Award, as well as being nominated for the prestigious Albert Sussman International Community support award; the industry’s highest honour.

David Allinson, Centre Director at Manchester Arndale said; “The international recognition ‘The Empty Shop’ has received in previous years is a testament to the people of Manchester and their generosity.  Because of that ongoing support, it’s fantastic that in 2017 we’re able to support not just one but two Manchester-based charities.’’

The Empty Shop donation points will take preloved clothing donations from Friday 20 January- Sunday 29 January 2017.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Glasses 1
Glasses by Specsavers
Glasses 2
Glasses by Pretavoir
As a glasses wearer I like to accessorise my outfits that one step further with some fancy frames. I thought I would take a look at what's out there at the moment and it's fair to say I have now decided I need new glasses.


Even the glasses cases are pretty with the designer pairs and none of them were that pricy!!!!!

What kind glasses do you like?

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


On Saturday just gone I was invited to help Estee Lauder 'Foundation the Nation' and take part in offering the colours of my face to research and development at Estee Lauder.

I am fascinated by makeup so anyone who cares to enlighten me will have my full attention so I was genuinely quite excited to go to Debenhams in Manchester to hear more.

There are 54 shades of Double Wear Foundation (I am informed) and Estee Lauder wanted to ensure that not only they have enough colours but that they are the right shades. To do this a team from New York came over and talked us through their aims and also took some photos in a variety of light settings.

The main sites of interest were cheek and under eye so after my makeup was removed (gasp) we set about analysing my skin and how I wanted it to look. After a few different samples of skin colour were taken from localised sites I then had some full face photos that looked at pigmentation, shine, sun damage and daylight style lighting. I mean, you look an absolute state on some of these pictures but in the spirit of contributing towards the greater good (insert angel emojis here) I loved seeing how different certain lighting would make my skin look and also get a look at any sun damage.

Then to replace the makeup that was removed we were very kindly re-glammed and I got to try Double Wear for the very first time... and seriously. Where has that stuff been my whole life?! Holy sh!t. I love it!! With a slightly heavier coverage, the foundation is described as being medium to heavy coverage but I don't find it too bad at all! I was worried I would look a bit too doll like but used with a light hand and blended out I find this product to seriously stay put and look good ALL. DAMN. DAY.

New fan over here... thank you Estee Lauder and Debenhams for an informative morning!

Monday, 9 January 2017


A few of you have messaged to ask about my change from Blonde to Brunette so I thought I'd do a little post!

I went to Elly at Regis in Manchester House of Fraser (Kendals) and was absolutely in awe of what she did! I liked being blondey but it had reached the tired yellow stage and I was ready for a change. Elly was able to keep the multi tones through my hair but take me darker and made my hair look ten times healthier than it looked before.

I absolutely love my hair and have had so many compliments on it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Elly! Elly comes from the former Umberto Giannini in Harvey Nichols which closed down before Christmas. The team have hot footed it over to Regis in Manchester House of Fraser and UG's loss is 100% Regis' gain. They are an amazing team and I am really glad I was able to find them again and benefit from Elly's hair talents!!!

If you are looking to get booked in with a new year new do then give the team a call on 0161 425 9610, you will not regret it!

Sunday, 8 January 2017


When the weather is freezing and winter fully sets in, it's easy to let your beauty routine go out of the window. We all joke about not shaving our legs and hibernating under layers of sweaters, black opaque tights and thermals but actually I find that I feel better when I do take the time to groom?

Don't get me wrong, standing letting fake tan dry is just painful in winter, but I can't not shave my legs, go for a wax or reach for a face mask during the winter months as I feel like my skin needs it more than ever!

For me, it's about feeling 'done' and I am not suggesting that those of you who don't, aren't, this is just my opinion! I enjoy the process of being pampered and keeping on top of my grooming. Leaving too long between waxes is just traumatic and I'd rather little and often rather than one big removal come spring.. (insert eyes watering emoji here). I go to the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester and I know I talk about them alot but they really are the best!

I really find that my skin changes massively during winter and I have to exfoliate more, moisturise more and generally take more care. Heating and office air can wreak havoc with your skin so I try and moisturise every day, exfoliate with a chemical based exfoliator rather than an abrasive one and hydrating sheet masks are a god send. You can buy these on ASOS, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, basically all the beauty sites! I got a sample of the Ren Glycolic Mask from the Feel Unique Beauty Box and I can't wait to try it! Another fave is the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud which just plumps everything back up that is stripped out by cold weather and heating!!

My hair also seems to get dry but in a really weirdly different way to in the summer. In the summer, I find my hair gets dry from being frazzled in the sun whereas in winter it can end up being greasy at the roots and static and dry at the ends. A light mask such as the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser works miracles for me, along with going darker!

One of my must have beauty treatments for summer can actually also be great in winter too. LVL Lashes is one of the most amazing treatments which lifts and tints your lashes, no costly extension top ups, just your lashes, improved and looking lovely from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. I find in winter with heating and such like, my mascara ends up under my eyes by the end of the day. LVL lashes just look amazing without you having to put any mascara on and so leaves your undereye area alone!

What beauty routine items do you stop, start and continue in winter?
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