Sunday, 17 September 2017


I love a nap and I am not ashamed to tell everyone about it! I recently heard about YourDesign and they invited me to try their services. YourDesign specialise in personalised garments and items, the site is super easy to use and the products are fantastic quality.

I opted for a snuggly unisex personalised hoodie* in navy with pink writing on the back with my tongue in cheek title of 'nap queen'. You can personalise your item as much or as little as you want and this even includes photo printing.

My hoodie arrived a few days later and was perfect! It is absolutely spot on in terms of design, high quality printing and product and I can tell it will wash well. (Totally sounding like my mother) πŸ˜‚

The item options on site are plentiful and there is something in budget for everyone, you just have to let your creative juices run wild!

I'd highly recommend YourDesign and I will definitely be using them again!


We’ve all been there when you’re trying to lose weight but somehow, all that determination you had seems to slowly fade away. It could be anything that puts your weight loss goals on hold, such as work becoming too hectic, personal errands getting in the way of your gym time, or your children needing their needs to be looked after. Soon that workout motivation you had, starts to slip away, and one must wonder why this happens. More often than not, we think of weight loss as short term goal, that we feel we will be able to achieve in a few weeks or months. Already then, you’ve tasted defeat, because you’ve set a time schedule of when you’re going to basically stop a weight loss regimen. The psychological effects you place on yourself are subtle and chip away at your determination to succeed slowly slip away. Therefore the only way in which weight loss can be achievable is to think of losing the extra pounds as part of your lifestyle.

Morning Routines are Crucial

Every single morning, come rain or shine, you should have a moderate workout routine in place. When you get up, before you’ve had breakfast or brushed your teeth, and before you’ve taken a shower, perform a routine that elevates your heart rate. This could be a yoga routine, where by your breathing must be controlled and you can begin forging a connection with all your muscles. Balance plays a key role in yoga, so you’ll be using strength and your core, to remain in the poses you do. Equally, bodyweight exercises are still as good as ever, which is why every modern armed force still demand each individual be comfortable lugging their own weight around. Push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps and standing squats are fantastic ways to start shedding weight off your limbs. Body parts you haven’t used in a while will suddenly be forced into action, and slowly, day after day after day, you’ll begin to see a more toned and shapely body. But the number one hard task is, to actually get up, and workout for 10-15 minutes, every single day. Put some music on to pump yourself up, do whatever you’ve got to do, to shake off the cobwebs of sleep, and get active.

Supplements Can Help in Moderation

Sometimes the body is so used to being in a particular state, that getting it to move and cooperate with the stresses you’re putting on it, can be quite a challenge. There’s nothing worse than when you’re mentally focused to workout, but a few minutes into the workout, your body just starts to give up. This means you’ll have to start your weight loss lifestyle, at a bit of a slowed pace because there’s only so much you can do to push your body. Taking weight loss tablets as part of a healthy and clean diet would be beneficial to speed up this process. Orlistat can assist in losing weight which works by decreasing the amount of fat the body absorbs. If you can somehow combine a balanced diet of protein and fruit and vegetables, together with a good amount of exercise every day, you will start seeing significant results in a shorter amount of time. Take weight loss pills in moderation, and always put a good diet and dedication to working out, as the spearhead in your new lifestyle routine.

You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s still true. What you put into your body is exactly what’s going to form your health standard. It’s pure and simply, if you eat more fat calories than you do carbohydrates, and nutrients, you’re simply going to gain weight. If you’re consuming more calories than you need to sustain your weight, and power you through the day, your body has no other choice. The body must find some way of storing this excess energy, so what it does is convert the overabundance of calories into fat. Hence, the more you eat and quality of food you eat has an unstoppable effect on your body once consumed. It’s never too late to cut out this nonsense, and begin to substitute a meal that would be high in fat, too something that’s balanced in protein, salts, natural sugars, and carbohydrates. Truthfully the only fat you should be getting as per your healthy diet is through nuts and simple carbs like bread. Your meats should be lean, with very little to no fat on or in them. And, with a portion of meat, should automatically come with a side of vegetables. You should balance your sugars and salts first because these are the two components, which make food act as addictive substances. There are many online meal plans and customizable options for making a meal, which should become a daily routine to help you find something new and healthy to eat.

Find a Companion in Your Journey

Whether it be a friend or family member, you can both decide to start living healthy lifestyle together. Using each other for motivation, and stepping in to correct the other when they start to fall behind or lose motivation, you prop each other up. You can keep in contact with social media, and perhaps even share a workout plan, which is kept track of by both of you daily. One of the reasons working out is not very attractive to some, is that is can be a solitary journey, with only yourself to make sure you stay on the tracks. However, if you have somebody who is in the same position as you, and feeling what you feel after every workout, you build up a comradery, which motivates you to push harder and not let your companion down. 

Working out should become a lifestyle, rather than a short term goal. By setting a goal that will come to a close in the near future, you’re already admitting to defeat psychologically. But, if you can make a healthy diet and workout regimen as part of a lifestyle, something that you just do, as per routine, it becomes ingrained in your mind. You’re more likely to stick to this kind of method than any other.


Have you ever stopped to consider the many meanings of the saying “being healthy”? It’s a matter of physical and mental health. Whether you’ve got a weak heart or you’re struggling with depression, your health can take many different shapes, which makes it more difficult to maintain. Unfortunately, most people, when they think of building a healthier lifestyle tend to focus their efforts on going to the gym. A little reductive, don’t you think? You are more than just a body, and consequently, your health needs to be the balance of a strong body and a strong mind, working together in perfect harmony. Everything that happens inside your body, from muscle build to biological reactions, is the direct result of how healthy you are. Time to dive into the science of your health-ology!

Gymology for a Healthy Body

Let’s get the basics first. Your inner health starts with a healthy body, so gym haters need to reconsider their positions. A healthy body is, as you know, a body that can carry out its natural functions without difficulties. This means that you should be taking care of your physical appearance because it’s the reflection of your inner health. In other words, exercising is the watchword here, and it’s essential to keep your organs strong. But exercise without rest – and a good sleep night – risks damaging your body and weakening your organs and muscles. In other words, your healthy body is the result of regular gym visits followed by periods of rest of a day or two. So get your gym gear out and keep that heart pumping!

Psychology for a Healthy Mind

There’s a dark area when it comes to health that most people try to ignore, and it’s the mental health. It can be difficult to take your feelings into account, especially when society wants you to carry on as if nothing had happened. But listening to your feelings is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it’s a sign of acceptance of your emotions. Many things can bug you. It could be a stressful breakup or a lack of self-esteem. But it’s something that you can address – with the help of a therapist to mourn your past relationship or an expert from Sculpture Clinic to improve your body. You need to help your mind to heal by sorting out the issues in real life.

Biology for Healthy Harmony

Your body is a machine that needs the right type of fuel to work. Vitamins and healthy meals, as described by the British Nutrition Foundation, are not just a great idea to lose weight. They’re also the best nutrients for your body. Keeping the machine ticking is, after all, what makes life what it is. So, next time you think about food, ignore the naughty consequences on the scale. Just think of how to best fuel the machine. If you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car, you know how damaging the wrong fuel can be on the engine. It’s best to keep your organs, muscles and mind strong with the right nutrients than to overindulge in guilty pleasures!

Your health is precious; you can’t afford to lose it. The science of a healthy you is simple: Gymology, psychology, and biology. Look after the body and the mind, then fuel them with the best nutrients. Simple and maybe dull, but if being healthy is dull, it’s the perfect kind of dullness!

Friday, 8 September 2017


There are certain designers that seem to capture your interest and for me Alexander McQueen was a prime example. A super talented individual whose life was sadly cut short after his death in 2010, Alexander McQueen's pieces earned him various awards (including British Designer of the Year FOUR TIMES) and notoriety in the fashion world.

His signature style was an incorporation of skulls with a glam-punk kind of vibe which is no surprise that he designed many of David Bowie's tour looks. (Thanks for that information Wikipedia!) He started his career as an apprentice on Saville Row and then went onto working within theatrical costumery and also had a MA from Central St Martins College of Art and Design - he really was extremely talented and experienced in such a variety of styles! His background has definitely shown  influence in his designs and earned him a spot at Givenchy before McQueen became a brand in his own right.

My Alexander McQueen Scarf was one of my first forays into designer accessories and I still love the fact it brightens up an otherwise dull outfit. The brand has retained alot of Alexander's unique styles and I am loving the blush pink variations on his classic pieces. And, let's be honest, who doesn't need a fabulous skull handled umbrella?!

I have selected some of my favourites from the new collections in the image above and it was difficult enough to narrow it down to them! I would love to expand my scarf collection and I am very taken by the handbags which hit just the right amount of grunge but mixed in with a ladylike edge suitable both for the office and night out! *THAT* beaded clutch bag is expensive but what an incredible piece of craftmanship!! I also love that the price points mean that there is a McQueen piece for everyone!

What are your favourite McQueen pieces?


Wednesday, 6 September 2017


One of the main annoyances of festival attendance is the not-so lovely smell you end up with by the end of a few days partying and your only means of washing being a pack of baby wipes.

The lovely folk over at The Fragrance Shop sent me the most lovely festival package showing me that smelling fresh at a festival doesn't have to be too hard.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the Radiant Fragrance that is exclusively available to The Fragrance Shop, it is gorgeously summery and will immediately remind you of holidays. Sprayed into the Twist & Spritz Atomiser you can have your fave fragrance handy at all times without the hassle of a heavy bottle - perfect for festivals!

If you are a fragrance fan like me then definitely look into joining Discovery Club which gives you 8 fragrance samples both for men and women. You get to try new scents without committing to the full bottle! The box is just £5 per quarter and comes straight to your home address.

Big thanks to The Fragrance Shop for hooking me up - I can cling on to summer for a while longer now!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


As a Blogger it's safe to say I LOVE social media for certain things and not so much when it involves bloggers bashing other bloggers but that's another story.

For me, my online persona is carefully curated and I will rarely wade in on anything that makes me look unprofessional. I kind of treat it as an extension of my CV to a certain extent as even though it's all private/outside of work content, I would never want my employer or any brands to be unhappy with something I had written.

Here's how I approach each of the different platforms;


This is really the primary business networking tool which you will come across. I often get asked about whether you should put any blog information on there and my honest answer is that it's really dependent on your content. I predominantly write a beauty and lifestyle blog and there is nothing on there really that I would mind people from work seeing. I am never too graphic or derogatory and I do believe that it demonstrates good discipline and time management skills being able to do everything associated with blogging alongside a demanding full time job.

For me, LinkedIn is a great platform to network and connect with like minded individuals. A lot of job opportunities can be found there so I ensure my content is up to date and I interact with my contacts on there, whether it be via recommendations for other friends and contacts  or just to simply keep in touch.

I also connect with the Beauty PRs I know so that they get a flavour of what I am all about which is a 30 something full time employee, an average kind of woman really!


This won't apply to many of you but Yammer is Microsoft's Business Networking tool... be sure to save this for business content only if your organisation uses it!!


Twitter can be a platform that sucks you in and before you know it you have expressed several opinions that *may* have been better to keep to yourself....

I use Twitter as a more informal social media site, however I tend not to write any opinions that are too extreme or controversial. I take a common sense approach to also thinking to myself - would my employer be offended by anything I have written? They wouldn't care about the various memes or animal videos I share and I use Twitter the most when promoting my blog posts.


I am friends with a few people from work and apart from learning what my name says about me or what biscuit I am, there is very little on there apart from photos etc! It's always worth having you privacy settings on lock down just incase.

The amount of HR cases I have seen though where people very stupidly write derogatory statements about work just baffles me!


Much the same as Facebook, my Instagram feed is scenic shots, selfies and memes. Nothing too out there and I'm sure all very boring to most.. πŸ˜‚


If you are job hunting and have 'those' uni albums of you downing a bottle of tequila or sat in a pool of your own vomit, just have a think about how you would feel if a potential employer saw them.. probably quite embarrassed, avoid this by changing your privacy settings!

Google yourself. Not because you are vain but to see what is out there! Hi Bebo or MySpace pages from back in the day where you have a sweeping emo fringe and proclaim that ~~*nO oNE UnDeRStanDs yOU*~~ And let's face it, let's not reopen *those* old wounds with your friends as to who make the top six as that sh!t was cold.

Have a think about how you would feel if your manager printed your twitter statuses and made you read them out loud to them. If there are any below the belt tweets, either turn on protected tweets or delete.

If you are a blogger, this applies to you too!! The amount of seriously bitchy tweets I see is unreal and if you think that will make PRs want to work with you then think again!!!

I hope you have found this post useful :)

Tuesday, 22 August 2017



I love watching vlogs and in particular home wares ones at the moment! Current faves are Gabriella's (Velvetgh0st) moving vlogs as I am loving the themes she has gone for! One of her finds was Trouva which I have become quite obsessed with!

This isn't a sponsored post or anything I just really like their stuff πŸ˜†

As you can see there are some key themes...

Marvellous Marble

I am SO BLOGGER RN. I love the look of Marble and Trouva has some excellent items, I am enjoying the green marble items very much and I think I may have to feature some in my new pad!

A Whole Lotta Copper

I do have quite a borderline unhealthy obsession with copper atm. But I love how shiny it is and goes so nicely with my planned pink and green colour scheme!!! My kitchen will be full of it and I have copper cutlery already but a copper cafetiere really is an essential.

Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Except there are no boys on the scene. I just love it! I think it can look cool and not too 'princess bedroom' when done right. The pastel pink cushions are the acceptable level of girly without being too twee!

The Green Scene

One thing is for certain, there will be alot of green in my new pad! From plants to green velvets, a nice farrow and ball green hue, I think green can be on trend but also feel cosy too. I actually sound like marketing blurb with that lil poem.

It's definitely worth checking out Trouva for some really unique home pieces! I will definitely be putting an order in once I move in 😍

AND for all you lucky Londoners you can have delivery within an hour!

Monday, 21 August 2017


Recently I've become slightly obsessed with my skin and naturally jumped at the chance to check out Eve Lom's new cleanser at Space NK when the wonderful Director of PR, Jini emailed me!

Eve Lom

I had heard of Eve Lom (obvs) but hadn't used any of the products so was intrigued to hear all about the brand and what this product was in particular! Their stand out product is their hot cloth cleanser which is jam packed full of natural ingredients and they wanted to bring out a reformulated product which could be used on the go (i.e. in the shower) and doesn't need quite the level of dedication as a full facial cleanse and polish!

Gel Balm Cleanser

Space NK very generously gifted me one of the new gel balm cleansers to try at home, which I now have a good few times. You take a couple of pumps of product and work the balm into your hands before smoothing over your face, the consistency is really lovely and sucks every last trace of makeup off your skin but leaves it feeling moisturised and comforted. It's natural ingredients really work with my skin type and I have noticed a big difference in how healthy my skin looks and feels after makeup and a good clean.

Ladies who Lunch

Space NK also spoiled me and another couple of my fave blogger pals to lunch at Grand Pacific in Manchester - cue some cooing over the abundance of pineapples! We had such a lovely day and I always so appreciate the time and effort Space NK go to on educating us bloggers and their customers on some truly game changing products! 


Wednesday, 16 August 2017


We all know that the best place to burn calories is at the gym, the space that you dedicate to keeping yourself fit and healthy. But what about after you leave the gym? What can you do to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts? Here are some routines that you could begin implementing to make sure that your workout sessions are really making the difference.

Food, Glorious Food

Depending on the reason that you’re hitting the gym, you should look at your diet plan. Eating greasy food will not benefit you in any way, no matter how long you spend at the gym. If you’re looking to build up lots of muscle and strength, then make sure you’re eating a diet that is full of protein as it’s the best thing for building up muscle. If you’re looking to slim down and tone up, go for meals with less calories so that the exercise you’re doing will burn away the fat.

One good piece of advice if you’re trying to change your eating habits to match your goals at the gym is to eat little and often. With exercise, you’re boosting your metabolism for a short while, meaning that you will feel hungrier sooner. Eating small and nutritious meals every day will make all of the difference to how you feel after a workout.

Up the Supps

Taking supplements is something else you could be doing to ensure that your body is getting exactly what it needs to make the most of your workout. Whether that be vitamin supplements or anabolics, make sure that it’s the right addition to the goal you’re trying to achieve. There’s no point in pumping yourself full of a certain vitamin if you’re not going to be using it within your workout.

It's Great to Hydrate

Ensuring that you stay hydrated at all times is important to help your body maintain the water it’s lost through exercise. Try to aim for the recommended two litres of water per day. Another useful tip when it comes to water intake, is to look at the best times to drink the water. I mean before, during and after your workout. If you’re not keen on just water, try getting a water filter jug that will improve the taste of your water. Failing that, get an infuser to add fruit to your water for a super nutritious drink.

Rest is Best

Believe it or not, resting is an important part of making the most of your workout. Your body, mind and muscles need to rest between each visit to the gym. This is because they need time to regenerate before you begin another workout. It’s true that without pain, there is no gain but you do still need to relax. Try to get around 6-8 hours sleep a night, that should be plenty enough for your body to recover.

There we have it, ways that you can make your workout more effective outside of the gym. Applying all of these tips to your lifestyle will greatly increase the outcomes of your workouts; therefore getting you to where you want to be, and faster!



I'd like to think that my role in HR and my blogging hobby means that I have a nice mish-mash of skills that I can share with you in the event that you are looking for advice.

One such topic is interviewing! I have interviewed and been the interviewee many times and my blogging past time means that I often attend events where I am forced out of my comfort zone and have to chat away to people who I have never met before, or speak to brands in a professional manner.

Now, I must stress that this isn't always natural for me to do. I am much better at it these days but please don't feel as though you are a helpless cause if you don't find interviews or networking easy!

Let's get into how you can make this easier on yourself - picture the scene, you've sent your application and receive the call or email that you've made it to the next stage, the interview.

Pre-Interview Prep

I do think this initial preparation can make the most difference in terms of how at ease you feel once you are face to face with your interviewer.

The one thing I think most important is to do your research which will seem obvious but really is massively important. I once turned up to an interview which granted was in amongst loads of other interviews I had and I was blasΓ© and thought oh I will wing it. Spoiler Alert: You can hardly EVER wing something like that.

When the nerves kicked in and I was sat in their reception I was thinking to myself 'you are an idiot as you will not be able to answer what do you know about us' and luckily there was information in the reception area that meant I was able to quickly hash something together. Since then, I have never done that again.

The moral of that story is to do your home work. Ask your recruiter who is interviewing you and what format the interview is in? Informal chat/competency based/panel/technical, all of this will help you in your preparation.

I like to look up who is interviewing me on linked in, it gives you a flavour of their career in the company and elsewhere and potentially give you some common ground to talk about. It can also give you an insight into how likely the company is to promote from within.

I also (perhaps controversially!) think you can do too much preparation if you have stock answers or examples which you can feel pressure to spout off like a script rather than listening to the question and tailoring your answer.

Always be prepared however to answer the following questions as it is highly likely that you will be asked them;
1.What do you know about us?
2.Tell us a bit about yourself?
3.Why do you want to work here/in this role?
4.Where do you think your development areas are?

The Interview

First of all, try your hardest to not be late and if you are by some reason out of your hands going to be late then make sure you do your best to get in touch!

Be comfortable but smart. You can never really go wrong with assuming a smart dresscode - read my interview dress tips in collaboration with Reed here.

Relax! You have made it this far so you have interested the potential employer, have faith in your achievements and skills and remember that this is as much an opportunity for you to decide if you want to work there aswell.

In terms of telling your interviewer a bit about yourself, naturally they will have read your CV, it isn't an opportunity to trip you up but it gives you a window to sound enthusiastic about your previous role or career path in general. I'd also keep it concise, they don't need the ins and outs of your career history but I would start with your last/most recent role give a quick overview, mention the industries you have worked in and perhaps what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

If your recruiter has highlighted the type of interview you are having, this is where the preparation pays off. Most places will do competency based interviewing and all that is, is to assess your suitability against what they feel are integral parts of the role or the company values. You will often be given this in the job description so be sure to try and pick out those main themes and centre your answers around those key words.

Answering questions within a competency based interview can be centred around a project or activity you have been involved with and it can feel like there is loads of information you could share. STAR is your friend here, STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. They want to hear what YOU did aswell so blow your trumpet and talk about what you did specifically. I think one of the best tips I have also found is that you really shouldn't feel that every example you give is super positive and as though you are conquering the world. Answers can be that unfortunately things didn't go your way but that you changed your approach etc, there were budget constraints - you can still have done a fantastic job even if things didn't turn out as expected.

Scenario based or technical interviews can feel difficult as you do have to make certain assumptions about how things are carried out if they are dependent on policy/procedure rather than a specified way of doing things. But just try your best, sometimes the answer can be slightly off but if you understand how the person has reached the answer then it can still give you an idea of how they would perform.

The End of the Interview and Asking Questions

It always amazes me when people have no questions at the end of an interview - even if you say well the majority have been answered in your overview of the role/company etc, it is always worth understanding next steps and how quickly they are looking to appoint.

Also don't be afraid to ask any burning questions you have about the company, e.g. if there are development opportunities, what the priorities of the department/company over the next 5 years.

I'd hold off asking about money unless they ask you for your salary expectation specifically. It can feel awkward for the both of you and if you are dying to know the bracket if it hasn't been confirmed in the job advert then I would ask this before you interview via the recruiter.

And finally - be sure to end the interview by reiterating how much you want the job, you would be surprised how little people do this!

Good News :)

You got the job and the recruiter is calling to make you an offer - ensure you know all about what benefits are being offered as they form part of your package. A great salary can sometimes be accompanied with less than market rate benefits such as statutory holidays only. Not necessarily deal breakers but all worth considering.

This is also a time to negotiate - it is difficult to do, completely appreciate that but worth checking. It is much easier to do if you have a consultant to do this for you!

Bad News :(

Sometimes, despite a great interview, you just don't get the job. Try not to take it too personally and try and learn from it if you can. Always ask for feedback and if it's just a case of someone pipped you to the post then dust yourself off and try again!!

Monday, 14 August 2017


As a single girl about town I often wondered to myself, when would this chance meeting occur where I locked eyes with a tall, dark and handsome stranger, perhaps at the supermarket or the gym? You know, like it happens in the soaps and rom-coms?!

Truth is, that RARELY happens. So naturally I did what any modern girl does and looked to increase those odds of meeting someone of interest. I’ve tried internet dating, dating apps and the most recent was speed dating. The latter was the one I was probably the most dismissive of but actually the one I enjoyed the most!

App Mishaps

The whole dating websites and apps method was really just not for me. Too faceless and too cringey when you are stood outside somewhere waiting for BlueEyedBoy25 to arrive and he looks NOTHING like his profile pic, and a substantial amount shorter than his height details. NOT COOL.

The Need for Speed

So on a whim with my gal pals, we set about signing up for a speed dating event and waited excitedly/nervously for the night to arrive. An after work event, on a school night, meant that we could have a few drinks but had an excuse to leave if it was just too horrific. One thing I will say is that I do think we picked a too old age bracket but to be honest that just added to the general hilarity of the evening.

Armed with a rum and diet coke for dutch courage, we were all seated and given a number, and the host announced that we would have 3 minute dates with the men. We were all asked to mark down the number and name of our date on a scoring sheet and then populate the grid with whether we liked them or not.

The Nitty Gritty

It became apparent early on that ALL of the men were serial speed daters and most recognised each other. They had a very set idea of what they wanted to talk about and just got straight to it! Sadly, all of the men were too old for me (I’m 32 and we signed up for a 30-45 age bracket but most were between 45 and 50) but it really was a lot of fun and I think if we had been in the 21-35 age bracket we may have found some eligible bachelors more around our own age.

In Conclusion

What I liked about the evening was that it was genuinely hilarious and if you are a nervous dater like me, it was like immersion therapy as I effectively had 10 dates in one night(!) I also thought that it was a really interesting way to meet new people. Did I want to date any of them, no, but equally they were all charming in their own way and the debrief session with the girls afterwards was absolutely brilliant. Turns out two of us met a wedding DJ whereas the other two met an award winning radio DJ!! Same person, I must add(!)

All in all I have to say I do think it was a really fun night and something I would encourage all singles to do with their friends. I would happily go again to a younger group and it’s one of those things that will give you a laugh for months afterwards!

(This post was originally posted on the Simply Be Blog - written by me, but I wanted to post on my blog too!)


Monday, 7 August 2017


If like me, you are trying to increase the time you spend socialising then it can be hard to fit everything in. If you say yes to bingo, when can you squeeze in that walk or the visit to the gym? That is why you should consider combining the two and socialising while you exercise. It's pretty easy to do, in fact, many activities are set up for it. Read on to find out more.

The Gym

The gym is, of course, a great place to get fit, but let's be honest it can be a little intimidating going on your own. Especially when you are feeling a bit out of shape. So why not go with a friend instead? You can travel there together or meet at the gym if that's easier. Then you can support each other as you go around, even having a bit of a chat and some quality time out of the house. In this way you will feel that satisfaction of connecting with a friend, so much so you won't even noticing that you are working up a sweat!

A Running or Jogging Club

Another great fitness and social activity you can try is to join a running club. There are actually around 1400 of these clubs all over the country, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one near you. They offer different groups for runners of various levels. Something that means you will get you in with the beginners if you haven't done it before. This is great because you will instantly have something to bond with others over. As in this sort of situation, it can be pretty easy to make new friends and break the ice. Of course, over time you are likely to improve your running and fitness as well. Meaning it is a social and health double whammy activity.

Dance Classes

Dance classes are also a great way of getting fit and being social at the same time. They often have a fun party atmosphere conducive to meeting new people, and some styles such as ballroom and swing actually require you to dance with a partner. Something that literally forces you to meet new people in the process of the dance. Be aware here; that even if you go with someone, the classes often swap partners around regularly. So do expect to be partnered with other people. The great thing about many dance classes is that after the lessons are finished, there is also a party / free dance event. There people get together and practice what they have learned in class. This is a great way to meet new people, as you already have your love of dance in common, so you are guaranteed to have something to talk about.


Another fantastic fitness and social activity to consider, especially here in English here we have so many courses, is golf. Did you know you can burn up to 900 calories during a round of golf? As for the social side, you can play alone or with buddies, and there is always the 19th hole at the end. Something that you can definitely use a way of meeting like minded folks to socialise with.



Firstly, let’s be honest: there is no definitive moment where music starts playing, your heart skips a beat, and you know without question that your boyfriend is “the one”. Nothing in life is ever that simple, and all the more when it comes to matter of the heart!

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t signs that your relationship is built to go the distance. While they are not necessarily true of every relationship - every couple is different after all - there are usually a few indicators that a couple has got a strong foundation which could see them through the rest of your lives.

If you and your boyfriend have been together for awhile and you’re wondering if this is the boyfriend who will become your husband, here are a few of the things that you should be looking out for.

You Think About The Marriage- Not The Wedding

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of wanting to get engaged, plan a wedding, and get married. Who wouldn’t love it? You get to choose from the range of Verragio rings and wear a gorgeous piece of jewellery; all your family and friends will be excited; you get to plan and have a wedding. The whole process of getting married is exciting from start to finish, and any woman who has ever idly doodled her name with her boyfriend’s surname after it has thought about what their wedding day would be like.

However, if you think primarily about the wedding and not the marriage, then that’s not a good sign. Wanting to be with someone is about building a future together; not just the enjoyable furore that leads up to the nuptials. If you’re spending more time dreaming of being a bride on your special day than a wife on a normal day, then you might just more like the idea of being married to someone - not necessarily your boyfriend.

If, however, you see the wedding as part of the future rather than the definition of the future, then you’re onto a winner.

You’ve Survived Rough Patches

A couple can be perfectly happy together potentially for years, but if they’re not tested, then they will crumble at the first sign of trouble. To truly be sure that you and your boyfriend have the right stuff for marriage, it helps if you have survived testing times - such as job losses or ill health - and come through the other side the stronger for it.

You Trust Him

It is perhaps a little simplistic to say that relationships are nothing without trust, but there’s no doubt it is a huge foundation for a relationship that is going to stand the test of time. Do you still feel flickers of fear when you see him talking to a pretty woman? Do you ever feel the urge to check his texts?

It’s one thing to occasionally worry about these things, but it’s quite another to have it be a continual focus. Jealousy and paranoia will be the ruin of any marriage so, until you have settled those concerns, it’s perhaps best to leave marriage on the backburner for now.

If, however, you have nothing but fleeting thoughts that are soon soothed by the reality of your relationship, then you really might have just hit upon the one. It’s always going to be a judgement call, but if the above apply, then it sounds like your head and heart are going in the right direction.


Friday, 28 July 2017


Is it finally time to go on holiday? Congratulations, you’ve surely earned the time off! Holidays are made for fun and relaxation, preferably with plenty of sun too, and maybe one naughty cocktail on the beach as well. But, more importantly, enjoying your vacation, and especially if you’re flying abroad, requires a lot of prep time. You can be spontaneous about your holiday destination, but you can’t be messy about your preparation. Preparing is about being ready to enjoy a stress-free time off. In short, looking and feeling your best when you’re on holiday is not a matter of luck or magic, it’s just clever organisation.

Don’t go anywhere without sorting out your holiday look

Relaxing on holiday doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go. You can still look dead on trends if you plan smartly. For a start, you need to consider the latest summer trends closely, especially as it’s likely that the time of the year when you can make the most of your summer clothes is on holiday. So let’s make it a fashionable time! There is a variety of styles around, so you can always find something summery to suit any kind of figure. Athletic types will prefer the relaxed style – a t-shirt with a pair of shorts and low converse sneakers – while curvier figures might enjoy full-length summer dresses or palazzo trousers.

Get the Essential Travel Bag

When you’re on holiday, you’re likely to go and explore the location during the sunny hours. So, after you’ve made sure to pack comfortable shoes, it’s time to think about your day bag. Preferably, you want something that combines stylish fashion and practicability, as you need to keep your belongings safe at all times. In other words, you need a day bag that comes with a zip, and that you can hang on your shoulder. Some leather bags come as elegant rucksacks, which is a great feature unless you are holidaying in a crowded urban area. People are more likely to try to open your open in public transports and a busy street, so be careful with those.

Travel Smart and Combine Bookings

If you’re still in the planning phase – don’t worry, it’s not too late, there are still plenty of last minute deals – you should be looking for combined bookings to save money on your vacation costs. For those who love to plan their holiday from start to end, offers deals on flights, hotels and even car rentals so that you can book everything at the same time. If you prefer to deal with a travel agency, you probably don’t have to worry about discounted price, as the agent will provide you with the best price for your list of wishes.

Are your Travel Documents Ready?

Some locations, like the EU, are easy to reach and don’t need any additional documentation – at least for now. Others might need an additional authorization of travel or visa such as the USA or Russia. If you’re travelling to a tropical area, you may need to check the travel vaccinations. You might find it easy to book a same-day vaccination appointment with to get on top of your travel health requirements. As a rule of the thumb, it’s best to get all your vaccinations 2 weeks or more before you travel, as some might make you feel poorly for a few days.

Getting to know the Locals

If you’re flying abroad, getting to know the locals is the best way to understand the culture and find the best places to visit. It’s always helpful to get a phrase book and learn some of the essential phrases to deal with local commerces. Nobody will be mad at you if you can’t hold a conversation but knowing how to say “hello” and “thank you” is a minimum. Locals will be more likely to help you if they see that you’ve made an effort to learn some of the language. You don’t need to be fluent though, as most people speak English.

The Essential Leisure Time

Finally, a holiday means leisure time. As much as you’d love to lie down on the beach all day, you’ll rapidly get bored of it. You need to find something to keep you entertained when it’s too hot to be outside. The typical summer reading challenge is exactly what you need. You don’t need to pack your luggage full with half a library, but taking a couple of books with you is a good idea. Just imagine lying down under the sun with a book, or going to sleep while turning the pages of a romantic novel. It’s a simple pleasure that you can’t enjoy as easily every day!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Many of us are reluctant to call our GP surgery and arrange an appointment, even if we feel out of sorts or we’ve developed unusual symptoms. There’s often a level of fear associated with seeking medical help, but it’s almost always beneficial to try and catch problems as early as possible. If you’re not very good at asking for help, here are some scenarios when it’s a good idea to see your doctor.

Unexplained Pain

Most of us experience pain from time to time. Usually, it’s caused by accidents, and we can shrug it off with a couple of painkillers and some rest. If you do have pain that is getting worse or you can’t seem to shake off the feeling of discomfort, arrange to see your doctor. It may be that if you’ve slipped or fallen, you’ve damaged the ligaments or even fractured a bone. If you’ve banged your head, it’s particularly important to get checked out, as the symptoms of concussion can be delayed. Look out for other signs that you may have an injury. Broken bones and soft tissue injuries may cause bruising and swelling while concussion can make you feel dizzy and cause blurred or double vision. If you think there’s a good chance that you have a significant injury, visit your local Accident and Emergency or minor injuries department. If you can’t recall having an accident of any kind, but you’re experiencing pain on a regular basis, this could be a sign of internal injuries, and it’s wise to book an appointment.

Symptoms that Last a Long Time

The human body is a miraculous machine, and often, we find that we develop illnesses only to bounce back and be back to our best a couple of days later. If you’ve got symptoms, for example, a cough, this is probably nothing to worry about. However, if symptoms last longer than 2 weeks, you should seek medical advice. It’s very unlikely that there is a more sinister problem, but it is possible that your symptoms could be linked to serious health issues such as respiratory diseases or lung cancer.

Feeling Unhappy or Anxious

Most of us tend to devote all our attention to our physical health, but mental health is also really important. If you’d broken your leg or you had a headache, there’s a good chance that you’d ask for help, but it can be much harder to recognise psychological symptoms and to reach out. It’s normal to have days when you feel down or to be anxious if you’ve got an exam or an important meeting. What’s not normal is to go through periods where you feel on edge all the time or to struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed or spend every night tossing and turning. If you are struggling with symptoms that could be related to stress, anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor. They are there to help you, and they will ask you some questions about your symptoms and try and ascertain the best course of action.

Changes in your Body Weight

Most of us go through times when our body weight fluctuates slightly, but if you’ve noticed a significant change in your weight and you haven’t been trying to gain or lose weight, see your doctor. If you’ve been dieting, and you’ve lost weight, this is not a cause for concern, but if you’ve been eating normally and you’ve still dropped weight, this could be a sign of hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems or even cancer. It’s highly unlikely that there’s anything seriously wrong, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If you do have imbalances that are affecting your weight, your doctor will be able to recommend treatments.

Changing Treatments and Getting Advice about Medication

If you take medication and you’re finding that it’s not working as well as you hoped or you’ve developed unpleasant side-effects after trying a new drug, ask your doctor for advice. Sometimes, people get on better with some types of medication than others, and it may be possible to switch to a different medicine. If you’ve recently started a new course of treatment and you find it hard to remember to take tablets, your doctor or local pharmacy can also help. Taking medication in blister packs, can help you remember to take your medication. You could also set alarms and reminders on your phone. It’s also a good idea to speak to your doctor if you’re thinking about trying a different form of treatment or medication and you’re not sure about your options. If you’ve been taking the contraceptive pill, for example, you may be considering switching to a different method, and your GP can give you more information about alternatives.

Changes in your Bowel Habits

Diarrhoea and constipation are fairly common, but if you’ve started to experience persistent symptoms, it’s wise to seek advice. If you’ve eaten rich foods, there’s a bug going around, or you’ve not been well, it’s common for your digestive system to be affected. However, if there don’t seem to be any underlying causes, changes in your bowel habits may indicate that everything isn’t quite right. If you do have digestive conditions, such as IBS, your doctor can recommend treatment options. It’s essential that you make an appointment immediately if you notice blood in your urine or stools.

For many of us, going to the doctor is a scary experience, usually because we fear the outcome. It’s natural to be apprehensive about going to the surgery, but seeing your doctor can have such a positive impact on your health. It’s unlikely that your symptoms will indicate that there’s something seriously wrong, and seeking advice will give you peace of mind and ensure that any unpleasant symptoms you’re dealing with can be remedied. Your doctor is also there to offer advice and give you information about treatments, so don’t be afraid to approach them. If you’re guilty of burying your head in the sand, it’s time to be more proactive and put your health first. Making that appointment could make all the difference. 



Everybody wants to look their best, but that desire often leads to one fundamental question: how do I look my best, when hectic 21st-century life is always getting in the way, pushing me to the max? It’s a fair point. The socialising, work and all the other responsibilities we have to contend with can all take their toll on our body, and before we know it we’re looking older than we’d like. However, you don’t have to accept your fate: you can take action. And it’s often easier than we usually think.

Dressing Younger

You have to put in a degree of effort if you want to look young, trendy, and fashionable. If you’ve been wearing the same old, same old for too long, then it’s time to hit the shops and pick up a few new pieces for the wardrobe. Never underestimate how much of a difference a new outfit can have! Dressing well is a fundamental component of feeling confident, trendy, and for turning heads for all the right reasons. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to fashion (and we don’t blame you: it changes all the time), then take a read of the best fashion blogs and find your style.

Tricks of the Trade

You don’t have to do all the hard work on your own. There are a few tricks of the trade that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that’ll have you looking great, and no one will be none the wiser that you’ve had a little help along the way. Look at getting Botox treatment from a clinic like Dr Aesthetica, and you’ll have healthier, younger looking skin in no time at all. On top of your treatment, you can also find a makeup routine that can take years of your appearance: take a look at Allure for some ideas.

Intense Detox

On top of your makeup and botox routines, you can also go on an intense detox for a week and give your body the refresh it needs. There’s plenty of vigorous plans out there that you can follow, but it doesn’t have to be complicated: eat only fibre rich foods, top up on the water, and cut out the junk food and drinks and you’ll be on your way to feeling and looking better from the inside out. And talking of feeling better….

Hitting the Gym

There’s no way to underestimate just how important it is that you get your daily dose of exercise. There’s no substitute for hitting the gym, or going for a long run around a park: it’ll keep your heart healthy, give you a natural glow, and make you feel better all around. You’ll also have much more energy, which is important: you can’t look young and have no energy!


Remember: how you look is half the battle when it comes to age. The other half is your attitude. Stay positive, inquisitive, and ready to throw yourself into the world, and you’ll have restored much of that youth that life has taken out of you!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Apart from those lovely English Roses out there amongst us, everyone looks better with a tan. I know I feel better when I have a little glow, and seeing as I hate going on sunbeds and can burn to a crisp if I am not careful in the sunshine, faking it is my only option really!

Today I am sharing my favourite tans from the budget to the more expensive and there is something for everyone!

The Temporary(ish) Tans

Rimmel's Sunshimmer still remains a fave for a fail-safe cheap option to get a glow, I opt for the medium matte shade as pictured and actually tend to take this on holiday so that I can sunbathe to my hearts content during the day but not look ghostly pale in the evening if my factor 50 is doing it's job properly!

Another gorgeous option which is more costly is the Vita Liberata Body Blur - it is a lovely formula and really does provide a gorgeous glow!

The Quick Turnaround Tan

If you need a tan and quick, then Skinny Tan 1 Hour Tan is the one for you. On the pricier side but literally one of the best tans I have ever used. You can leave it on for a mere 60 mins and get a nice glow but leave it on three hours for a deeper colour. I've probably had the least amount of fake tan fails with this product and considering 90% of the time I have previously used tans I have ended up with the dreaded orange paws or dirty looking feet, I realise this is a big statement!

The Luxury Tan

Xen Tan Dark Lotion is a lovely product which smells like marzipan and is super luxurious. I like to apply this when I have a special event and I can build up the colour a few days before. This leaves a lovely natural glow which on me doesn't go too dark or transfer onto my clothes once ypu have showered off the guide colour. The only negative to this one is that the guide colour is pretty dark and does need to be worn over night leaving your sheets looking a little worse for wear...

The Gradual Tan

Everyone seems to have raved over Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tan and I do agree it is good and smells like coconut (massive plus) but I feel like this one really comes into it's own after the second and third application. The first application for me ended up a bit patchy on my legs but it did even out when I persevered. I liked it as it is an oil application and therefore nice and moisturising without leaving any tell tale orange palms or brown sheets! On the top half of my body it was perfect!

The Magic Mitt

Skinny Tan's Exfoliating Mitt is legit the best tan remover I have EVER USED. I hate coarse feeling exfoliators and this quickly and easily gets rid of any errors and can be used with your fave shower gel. I was sceptical at first at how it would be any different to those exfoliating gloves you can get but this is completely different and alot more durable when wet.

Monday, 24 July 2017


Life has been a pretty nasty habit of creeping up on us, and before we know it, we can be swamped down with work, feel and look tired, and have an all round lethargic, uninspired spirit. We can all feel like this sometimes, but it’s important to know that the power to change, to give our body and enthusiasm a jolt, lies with us. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. Below, I've outlined five lifestyle habits that’ll give you the energy and look you need to face the world with gusto.

Stay Relaxed

Nobody likes to feel stressed, but scientists are beginning to discover that it doesn’t only cause poor mental health: it can also have a detrimental effect on our bodies and speeds up the aging process at the same time. While modern life is full of stressors and can feel like we’re moving a hundred miles per hour, there are a few tips you can do to keep the stress levels down. Practising yoga, meditation, or simply spending an hour reading and relaxing each night can all keep the negative aspects of modern life at bay.

Take Care Of Your Skin

It’s all good and well feeling young, but we want to look young too - and the biggest indicator of this is how healthy our skin is. As such, it’s important that you’re doing all the right things to help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. You’ll need all the essential skin care products in your cupboard, and a daily skin routine to help keep rid of all the buildup of dirt and oil, too. When you’re spending time in the sun, it’s important that you wear sun lotion and moisturize after. Avoid using certain products that can damage skin, as well.


When you are young, it’s possible to get away with doing whatever you want and still feeling and looking good. As we age, our body begins to turn on us if it’s left to its own devices. We can fight back, however, simply by signing up for a gym or going for a nightly run. Having a workout routine helps keep your body and skin healthy, and gives us more energy in the process. We’ll be looking our best and have the energy to strike out into the world.

A Full Night’s Sleep

We know that life can feel pretty jam packed, and you want to make the most of each waking hour, but if you’re not getting a full night’s sleep, then you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good, regardless of what you’re cramming into those extra waking hours. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and avoid things like caffeine and excessive screen time before you hit the hay.

Eating Well

Our body only represents what we’re putting into it. There are foods that boost the skin, such as avocado. Other foods, like berries and foods with a lot of water (like watermelon, cucumbers, apples) will keep your face looking hydrated. Time to ditch the donuts and other sugary snacks, sorry!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Cancer Charity, Men's Health
As a loving wife (or girlfriend), you consider your partner’s health to be as important as your own. Unfortunately, as we all know, men can be a little stubborn with regards to their health. This can bring very serious consequences, which is why you must do everything in your power to keep him on the right track.
You don’t want to be pushy in life, but their health is far too important to ignore. Here are five simple ways that you can encourage him to take greater care.

Get Him To Quit Cigarettes / Booze

In many ways, ridding yourself of addiction is the hardest thing on earth. However, it only requires not doing something. With your love and support, he can finally stay mentally strong for long enough to finally quit for good.
Of course, there are many products and support groups out there. These can be very useful tools throughout the journey ahead. If all else fails, remind him of the financial gains.  

Get Him To Rediscover The Love Of Exercise

If your man loves his food, getting him to start dieting may be off the cards. Most men enjoy sport or exercise in one shape or form, though. Encourage him to get back into the gym, and his health and fitness will soon increase.
Motivation is often the major stumbling block. A gym buddy will help him stay on track. Meanwhile, rather than focusing on goals related to health, teach him to concentrate on times and sporting progress.  

Get Him To Drink More

Even if the diet option is on the table, it would be wrong to suggest a strategy that will work. After all, we are all individuals and should adopt unique eating habits. Nonetheless, drinking more water should sit at the heart of all nutrition plans.
Drinking more water brings many physical benefits. When supplemented by a black coffee before workouts, your man will feel healthier and happier than ever. Even if he sticks to his old eating habits.  

Get Him To Pay Attention To Problems

It’s one thing to help your partner maintain positive habits. However, the far greater danger comes from the health problems that will inevitably impact us all. Everyone will face a few health issues from time to time. Whether it’s a minor or life-changing problem, early action is essential.
Let’s face it; something like prostate cancer diagnosis will lead to some very worrying times. Nevertheless, the sooner treatment is started, the more likely a full recovery will become. Ignoring the smaller issues like flu can be damaging too. Essentially, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if he puts up a fight, stamping your foot down in this area is key.

Get Him To Relax (Properly)

Many men will spend their evenings glued to the PS4. While a little recreational gaming is fine, you cannot afford to let this dominate your lives. Not only is it bad for the relationship, but it’s bad for his health. This is because it will reduce his quality and quantity of sleep.
A good night’s sleep does make a huge difference and is something we should all seek. When combined with a little walking or practicing yoga, your man’s physical and emotional health will look better than ever.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


We all have the best intentions when it comes to exercise, but it’s difficult to stay motivated in the face of exhaustion, busy schedules, and the siren call of the sofa and a new Netflix show. That said, there are a few ways you can push yourself to meet your workout targets, whether you’ve set yourself a daily goal or a weekly goal. Give it some time, and soon you won’t be able to skip a workout without feeling restless.

Join a Gym

While there are many ways to workout at home for free, you might feel more motivated to work out if there were money at stake. Joining a gym isn’t too expensive if you go often enough, but the more sessions you miss, the more money you’re throwing down the drain. It’s not a motivation tool that works for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot if you think you’ll benefit from routine and instruction.

Recruit a Friend

Exercise can be painful, especially during the early days. But it feels less painful if you’re sharing your suffering with a friend. Having a gym buddy gives you some healthy competition, a cheerleader, and emotional support when you both collapse from exhaustion. Alternatively, you can drag a friend dancing to burn a few calories on the dance floor.

Quick Workouts

If time is something you’re lacking, then you can do some quick, but effective, ten minute workouts that are just as beneficial for weight loss. Jump rope burns more calories than running (an estimated 1300 calories per hour) and it’s easy to just stick some music on and skip for the duration of three or four songs. As it’s a bodyweight exercise, jump rope does help improve muscle tone, but it also targets the thighs, shins, and calf muscles, while simultaneously working on the abs and arms. It’s also easier on your knees and ankles because it’s a low impact workout. With just ten minutes a day on a trampoline, you could boost weight loss, define muscle tone, and improve your overall health. A ten minute workout on a trampoline is the equivalent of running on a treadmill for thirty minutes. It firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increases agility, and improves sense of balance. Most importantly, it lowers the risk of injury, as the flexible surface reduces the impact of landing.


Sometimes the problem with structured workouts is that they’re boring, or they’re not fun enough to keep you interested. Dancing is one of the more fun workouts out there, whether you buy a dance workout DVD, look them up on YouTube, or just blast the music on your radio. It’s also a full body workout that’s good for your heart, makes you stronger, and aids with balance and coordination. A 30 minute workout can burn as many calories as jogging. But unlike running on a treadmill, dancing is also a creative outlet; you can make up your own moves, learn established steps, and choose your own music.


Monday, 17 July 2017


Sometimes, life calls for an outfit that’s a little classier than the rest. Not that you don’t dress in classy manner usually; just that sometimes, it may not be your main focus. One day you may want to dress in wild prints, another you might want to show off your legs and enhance your curves. However you want to dress, that’s A-ok. That being said, it’s worth knowing how to put together a classy outfit without bordering on boring territory. The following 5 simple steps will help you:

Step 1 - Choose Just One Body Part To Show Off

If you want to make sure you look classy, whatever the occasion, then the general rule is to ensure that you only show off one body part. For example, your legs, chest, or even your arms. Showing off too many of these body parts will distract from your outfit. It might be fine for a night out or a festival, but if you’re going to a wedding or a formal function, it’s best to be a little bit more conservative.

Step 2 - Focus On Sophisticated Accessories

Sophisticated accessories are going to make your outfit. Without accessories, your outfit can fall flat. You can include things like rings, clutch bags, and even a nice shawl/bolero jacket. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard with your accessories, as you’ll start to look garish rather than classy. Many people like to order pearl earrings and wear those to add an element of class to their outfits. They look especially great with a hair-up style to show them off!

Step 3 - Make Sure You Include Plenty Of Texture

Texture in your outfit is the thing that’s going to stop it from looking boring. If your outfit doesn’t have enough texture, you need to add some in, pronto! You could add a textured jacket or cardigan, or even make sure you have some texture on your shoes/bag. You can include it however you like, just make sure there’s enough of it!

Step 4 - Don’t Forget To Show Off Your Personal Style

Not all classy outfits need to be created equal. You might not like the idea of a ‘classy’ outfit as you may think it has to suit a certain type of style, but this is not the case. Make sure you show off your personal style when putting your outfit together. Even bohemian dressers can put together a classy outfit that suits them down to the ground. It just takes a little planning!

Step 5 - Ensure A Great Fit

Finally, your outfit should fit you well if you're going to put together a classy outfit. Baggy t-shirts and oversized dresses can be great, but they don’t look ‘classy’. If you have an outfit you love, it might even be worth taking it to a tailor for them to make it fit you perfectly.

Are you ready to create a gorgeous, classy outfit with these 5 simple steps? Use Pinterest for inspo if you need it!

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