Thursday, 30 June 2016


I usually know when I am expecting #bloggermail, but these beaut lipsticks were a surprise that really made my day!

Urban Decay have curated a fabulous collection of lipsticks in literally every shade and finish, and the quality of them is unreal. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

There's comfort mattes, mega mattes, metallized, cream, sheer and sheer shimmer so genuinely something for everyone! My fave out of the 5 I received was the browny nude, BackTalk, with a close second being Big Bang! Check out my insta or snapchat for pics on my actual lips..

The packaging is lovely and I think they are a very reasonable price, they are available in stores and online now so I apologise in advance if you get all spendy and pick one or two up.. whoopsies!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


YAY! I've finally been able to go collect my trays after a busy couple of weeks and get cracking with my teeth whitening!

Just to recap, the lovely folk over at Sale Dental Spa are helping me get my teeth pearly white. I have had custom fit trays made that I put the whitening gel into and then wear over night.

Initially I was quite apprehensive about how the trays would feel and what the gel would taste like - but both are absolutely fine, really easy to wear and I am already noticing the effect the whitening is having!

I'll keep you posted as I wear the trays for a longer amount of time over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I genuinely never thought brows would be SUCH a big thing in feeling fly and on fleek... LOLZ.

Cue brow action from Cara, Kimmy K and many others and you can be forgiven for feeling like your brows are sub-par. This is where Benefit have produced the mother of all brow collections that literally cater for ALL your brow woes.

Pictured above are just a few of the new releases and after having sampled them all I can officially say I am hooked.

As you might recall, I headed over to Leeds a few weeks back to have a look at all the new products and then this amazing box of goodies arrived on my doorstep so a HUGE thank you to those gorgeous gals at Benefit, you made my WEEK when that arrived!

My personal fave is Gimme Brow in Shade 1. They have expanded the colour varieties on all of the products so that us more ashy haired gals are taken care of, along with red heads, blondes and brunettes alike. Gimme Brow gives me the subtle colour pay off I like, along with bulking up what I have naturally.

I would urge you to go to your local Benefit counter and try out these products are they genuinely are some of the most amazing creations and I am positive you will find something to suit your brow needs.

Huge thumbs up from me!

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Soz about being late for a very important date!

I was recently sent the amazing Alice in Wonderland Collection from Urban Decay and oh my god gahhhhddd it's SO BEAUTIFUL!

When I first saw pics of it, I thought it might not be that wearable but then I remembered who exactly had made this beaut and knew that it would have the gorgeously pigmented shadow quality we have come to know and love. I was not disappointed... my pics above don't do the pigmentation justice really, you could create so so many looks with this palette, from day, to night smoky and festival colourful too.

The lipsticks were also incredible, fave has to be 'Alice' the glossy nude shimmer, followed closely by 'Iracebeth' a matte red lipstick that I have fallen in love with. I would never usually wear red as I haven't found 'my' shade but this could well be it?! The others are beautiful colours that will be down to personal preference if you would wear them. All amazing quality and really comfortable on the lips.

Massive thumbs up from me and a huge thank you to Urban Decay!

Lipsticks retail at £16 and the palette at £43.

Thursday, 9 June 2016


On Monday I achieved my goal of slipping my feet into some Sophia Webster shoes after attending a Sample Sale!

I registered for my time slot a couple of weeks back, in the middle of the night after being dumped (enough of the sob story) so I was determined to get myself some breakup shoes as a bit of retail therapy. I've never been to a sample sale before so I was really very excited to see what it was like!

I follow Sophia Webster on Snapchat, which if you don't already I would really recommend you do as it's very entertaining and contains outfit of the day from all the SWHQ Gang and snaps of Sophia's adorable daughter Bibi amongst other things!

I've definitely now got the bug for sample sales as I got these gorgeous flats for a mere £60!!! I could have spent hundreds of pounds but held back and just went with the shoes I knew I would get the most wear out of and I LOVE THEM! What I love specifically about Sophia Webster shoes are the fact that they are just so bright and happy and unique. My style is pretty plain as a rule, so for me, accessories is where I make a bit of a statement.

Plus anyone who loves flamingoes as much as I do is a winner in my book!
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