Friday, 31 July 2015

Hair Transformation at Ed's Hair Salon Bramhall

Ed's Hair and Beauty
Yesterday afternoon/evening (this was a long appointment!) I headed to see the lovely Ausra at Ed's Hair in Bramhall for a hair transformation.

I had been feeling a bit meh about my hair for a while, didn't know how to have it done and was tired of getting highlights, loving it until they started to grow out and then thinking ugh I look like I have grey hair!!!

I am naturally quite mousey and ashy and I think the problem was that I wasn't going with the tones that nature gave me. The contrast between my natural hair and the highlights meant that my regrowth was super obvious and overall my hair colour did not look natural and was hard to maintain.

I talked through my concerns and what I wanted with Ausra when I went to the Ed's opening a couple of weeks back and she recommended we went back to basics and recoloured my hair to colour match my roots and then take it lighter throughout the ends with a balayage technique.

I have a lot of hair. This isn't me bragging but I have long and relatively thick hair so the above process took about 5.5 hours in total. I kept myself occupied with Instagram and Twitter scrolling, magazine reading and catching up with my pals, a rather lovely coffee and chatting with Ausra and Michelle at the salon. I had such a lovely afternoon!

The beauty of balayage (and what takes so long) is that the colour is free painted, rather than the usual weave method. Ausra painstakingly painted on the colour where it would naturally lighten in the sunshine, we left it to develop, toned it, treated it then blew it and I have to say I am in love. My blonde bits are actually substantially lighter in places than they were before and it has been left in the most amazing condition by the process and the conditioning treatment I had. Ausra was realistic in how light we could get it safely and actually it's exactly what I wanted.

My family have commented that they think it's the best it's ever looked and I have to say I agree. Ausra does pretty damn amazing work on the blow dry front too so I can highly recommend her if you have a special occasion coming up!

All in all, the above treatments weren't cheap. That said, I do think it will be a long term investment as it will require very little maintenance as the darker colour is matched to my natural colour! I was happy to spend the money as Ausra did such an amazing job and I think it was a reasonable price given how long the process took.

If you want to change up your hair then I would strongly recommend you head to Ed's!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How does Waxing Work?

According to Wikipedia...

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area (called bikini waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet.

Strip waxing (soft wax) is accomplished by spreading a wax thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is applied and pressed firmly, adhering the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin. The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth, as parallel as possible to the skin to avoid trauma to the skin (i.e., bruising, broken capillaries, ingrown hairs caused by hair follicle trauma and lifting of skin). This removes the wax along with the hair.

There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a long-lasting method. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back in a rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer.

A drawback of waxing is that some people experience ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas with thick hair, especially the first few times when follicles are strongest.

When deciding if waxing is for you long term then I would ALWAYS recommend going somewhere professional to make that decision. If I based my waxing decisions on one of those home kits then I would never go near a pot of wax ever again.

I think there is absolutely, without shadow of a doubt, an art to doing a good wax. That's why I will shout my love for the Brazilian Waxing Company from the rooftops. Obviously the environment plays a massive part in how much you 'enjoy' your experience, but equally, a great waxer should not cause you too much pain.

Each time I have been for a wax at BWC, I have been greeted by a friendly face (granted a different girl every time) but each one has instantly set me at ease and performed a quick, professional and relatively painless treatment. I always leave feeling refreshed, well groomed(!) and as though I have had a chat with a friend. Now if I don't like somewhere, I just don't go back and I think waxing is such a sensitive treatment that it is imperative to get it right. I have tried both salons in Manchester and I can genuinely say it's always the same experience each time I go.

If you want to book in then you can do so online and their opening hours are amazing!!! No excuse to not be well groomed ;)

Confessions of a Blogger...

Every so often I like to have a tongue in cheek rant/have my say about things and today it's those pesky little things we do as bloggers and read from other bloggers and brands that make us roll our eyes.

Here is my list;
  1. 'Hey @BRAND, I've featured you in my favourites post xoxo'
    We have ALL done this in the quest for a retweet. I don't believe you if you say you haven't.
  2. Comment on something you like and include the #blogger hashtag in the hope the brand/PR will send you one. For review purposes, obvs.
  3. Feeling disgruntled when you don't get invited to something and seemingly EVERYONE else does. *sad face*
  4. Instagramming the hell out of everything, and putting your pics through some vigorous editing to milk the chances of likes.
  5. Feeling like you are just about the only blogger who HASN'T 'written' a book. Nuff' said(!)
  6. Hitting the delete button with gusto when you receive yet another 'hey we thought you might like to read, feature, promote for free, our amazing product which we know your readers will just love' email!
  7. Having zero idea of how google analytics works and having nil desire of learning how. I DO THIS AS A HOBBY.
  8. Seeing bloggers who take themselves *WAY* too seriously make comments on Twitter about other bloggers or stuff in general and then their fans/minions jumping on the bandwagon. It becomes a public bitching forum and it's NOT COOL. JUST STOP IT.
  9. People using the Facebook Blogger Groups to flog blatantly fake makeup. Again. NOT COOL. I don't want some nasty fake crap on my face and shame on you if you are encouraging people to do it for a fast buck.
  10. The same golden circle of bloggers going to seemingly every festival, trip abroad, event etc. Whilst I am not suggesting I am photogenic enough to go on these things but I'd like to see a variety of faces once in a while. You know what I'm sayin'?
  11. Wholeheartedly jumping on the bae, babein' slang bandwagon that has cropped up. I am 30 and really shouldn't be using such words but I don't care and I will do as I please.
  12. 'I've just had the most exciting news/got an amazing project in the pipeline that I just CAN'T WAIT to share with you all. This is the blogger equivalent of the dreaded FB status of OMG I AM LIKE SO ANNOYED/UPSET.. Comments flooding in underneath asking what's wrong and then the reply of 'I'll DM you'. It's beyond annoying. When you can tell us, tell us. Until then, just keep quiet.
  13. Brands retweeting EVERYTHING said about them in a narcissistic fashion.
  14. People getting paid to attend events. It's just weird. I get the whole Vidcon thing and if they are working the event but to command fees of several thousand pounds to just show your face at a party is a bit weird.
  15. Crazy high ticket prices for these 'meet ups'. I think the bloggers that let that happen on their behalf should be ashamed of themselves. Asking for £50-£75 for a ticket from readers and fans when it's not even a concert is shockingly greedy.
Ok rant over now ;)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#BraHijack with @ASOS and @CoppaFeelPeople

Thanks to ASOS I received a hilarious package on Saturday morning that really made me smile. Perhaps not stationery items I can take to the office but I will definitely make use at home!

1 in 8 of us ladies will experience breast cancer and it is SO important for you to check your breasts on a regular basis. Coppafeel! are on a mission to get every young person checking their boobs so that they can stamp out late and mis-diagnosis of breast cancer. 

CoppaFeel! was founded by Kris Hallenga who was misdiagnosed twice for breast cancer at the age of 23 and now lives with secondary breast cancer. The charity are on a mission to ensure young people start checking their boobs and remind them to do it regularly.

If you’ve bought a bra from ASOS recently you may have noticed their logo in there! Their #Brahijack campaign is a clever initiative which appeals to lingerie brands to introduce a boob-checking reminder in all bras. Look out for the label the next time you buy a bra!

For more information on how to check your boobs and the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for, head to their website.

It's so easy to do, I make a habit of having a quick check in the shower when I am freshening up. There is no excuse not to do it! :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Pampering your Peepers with Optrex

After a long day at work, and especially in summer, my eyes become dry, itchy and generally not so happy.

I like to treat my eyes with Optrex when they feel this way as their various products provide instant relief! I think my favourite product is the rehydrating eye drops for dry eyes. I work in an office and when it gets warm, we have to put on the air con. This can be very drying and at the end of the day I really struggle with my eyes! :(

I have been using the drops for the past week or so an have seen an immediate improvement! Happy eyes once again! :)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ed's Hair: Bramhall Salon Opening

Last Monday evening saw Bramhall be taken over by the Brazilians in the form of Ed's Hair and Beauty!

The second store has recently opened it's doors following the success of the flagship salon in Salford. Offering everything from blow dries to highlights to weaves, I am positive Ed's will make their mark on Bramhall!

I'm hoping to get my colour done at the Salford over the next couple of weeks so I will report back! :)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

How To: Host Your Own Brunch!

2015 seems to be the year of brunch. A 'sometimes' boozy get together that starts mid morning, giving you plenty of time to recover from the Champagne haze...

It's an event that appears to have wormed it's way over here from the US and Dubai where weekly, lavish brunch dates are the norm.

I went to a brunch when I was in Dubai and it was every bit as over the top as I had been lead to believe it would be! I think the idea of hosting your own brunch is a fun way to see your pals over the weekend. I'm not suggesting you put on quite the spread as they do in Dubai, but here are a few ideas that are easy to create, with or without cocktails of course!!

  • You can make two ingredient banana pancakes or protein pancakes and provide a variety of toppings! 
  • My faves are bacon and agave nectar but you could also have mixed berries and greek yogurt!
Build Your Own
  • Porridge with toppings.. let the creativity run wild! Almond milk, coconut milk, normal milk! Whatever the heart desires.
  • Fruit Platters and nutella.
  • Greek Yogurt with toppings; fruit, nuts, seeds, granola...
  • Sweet potato hash is my new fave thing to make. Grate a sweet potato, fry it off and serve with gluen free sausages and eggs. Yum.
Cocktails - Alcoholic and Non!
  • Prosecco
  • Mimosas
  • Pear and Elderflower
  • Strawberry Bellini
  • Smoothies

Friday, 24 July 2015

Manchester International Festival with @Boohoo

Images c/o Manchester Evening News
A couple of weeks back I was very kindly asked if I would like to attend Manchester International Festival's 10x10 Event with Boohoo and I jumped at the chance!

The 10x10 Event celebrated 10 years of Manchester's International Festival and the Warehouse Project, and was 12 hours of music at the Mayfield Depot.

Now. In true blogger fail fashion, I had an absolute mare with my iPhone and my battery went. *insert crying face emoji*. I took maybe two pics which were blurry and rubbish so you will have to forgive me for the lack of personal photos in this post. Within the venue it was just too dark to take anything worth looking at anyway so hopefully the above images from the Manchester Evening News will show you the kinda cool, grimy location we were in!

In all honesty, I am not a huge lover of dance music so this wasn't really my scene, however, I do like to experience new things so I am so pleased I got the opportunity to go and check it out and also be dressed by Boohoo! I picked out this lovely festival style dress, fringed bag and some sliders. The sliders, I soon realised were wishful thinking when going to a Warehouse Party so I left those at home and wore a slightly sturdier pair of boots to protect my feet!

The venue is ace and I felt like I was actually cool for a night instead of my usual fairly lame self who likes chart music and drinking out of a proper glass. I can cross 'going to a rave' off my bucket list now! :)

Thank you so much to Boohoo for inviting me, I had a blast!!


Monday, 20 July 2015

My Daily Face

Some of my pics have been cropped in the making of the above picture but here is what graces my face on a daily basis. It's an inadvertent homage to Charlotte Tilbury!!!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow
    As some one who has suffered with skin woes in the past, I am always on the quest for a flawless base and I really believe this stuff helps me achieve that. It smoothens out pores, any slight dryness and really illuminates the face. It's not cheap but I really love it. I also have it on good authority that Rimmel do quite a good dupe.. once I have tried it out I will let you know!
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation
    Again, an expensive purchase at £32 for a bottle, however a little really goes a long way and I am normally happy to invest a little more in my base as I do think you get what you pay for. This stuff, paired with the wonder glow and a light dusting of powder are the flawless face creators for me.
  3. Bare Minerals Pressed Powder
    I love this stuff. I hardly EVER have to touch up during the day when I apply this in the morning and as someone who sometimes with a slightly oily complexion, I feel that this does the oil soaking up job perfectly, without caking or clumping and making your face look scaly. I really love the combination of the three above products and I have been using them for about six months. I think because they are without really any nasties in them, my skin is SO much better!
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush
    I have serious amounts of love for this product. I would love to try more colours from the range aswell. For me the above palette gives me rosy cheeks with just enough highlight without looking too glittery. For me, I wanted to love Nars Orgasm Blush as I love the colour and concept, but it just does not suit me and if you are looking for a high end blush that will look amazing au naturel just as much as when you are tanned then I can strongly recommend this product. In terms of longevity too, just to give you an idea of how long this compact will last you, I got this before last Christmas and it's still going strong and I haven't hit pan as of yet!
  5. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
    This caters for really every makeup look from the super natural to the more defined. This will long be a staple in my eye makeup collection for it's sheer versatility! I tend to wear very natural makeup during the day so the blend of neutrals is perfect!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Powder Pencil
    This CT obsession is getting out of hand isn't it. Oops. This pencil is amazing. It gives that lovely defined smudgy look without ending up half way down your face by the end of the day!
  7. Maybelline Mascara
    I love this mascara, it's cheap and cheerful and I find it's much like Benefit They're Real, but easier to get off and a slightly smaller price tag!
  8. Chanel Nude Lipstick
    This is my go to 'my lips but better' lipstick. Gorgeous formula and nice packaging, it's a handbag staple for me!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gym 72 Manchester

On Thursday evening I attended the opening of a personal training gym in Manchester.

Now, as you are all aware, I already have a PT who I work with nearer to home, but I just had to share the details of Gym 72 for any of you who are more local to Manchester City Centre, as it's ace!

Based on Sackville Street and offering a bespoke training service, Gym 72 clients can use the gym with their trainer and the perfectly formed space is packed full of equipment to get you that bod you have dreamed of.

To arrange a gym visit or any questions please contact Gym 72 on Twitter!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wanderlust and Travel Dreamin'

A girl can dream, right?

This is my current list of desirable destinations that I must visit one day!
  1. Vegas: Currently working on making this a reality in 2016.. hello gym-inspo!!
  2. New York: This place stole my heart a long time ago and I reaaaaaalllly want to go back!
  3. Hollywood: Every needs to see the sights of La-La Land in my opinion. I've heard it's actually quite disappointing but I want to see it for myself!
  4. Paris: I have been to Paris twice and each time I fall more in love. It's just so pretty and romantic!
  5. The Orient Express: No I am not a closet train spotter. But I love how old school this is and it's been a long term dream of mine to take a ride on the Orient Express!
  6. Santorini: I absolutely have to go here in my life time. It looks like heaven!!!
Where are your must travel locations?

Anyone care to send me on a Blogger Trip to any of these places???? :)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Cake Cake Cake

Title catch your attention?

Thought so.

Patisserie Valerie kindly contacted me to tell me about their new 'Create a Cake' option on their website where you can design your very own cake creation and offered me the chance to try one.. YUM!

I had never actually been to a Patisserie Valerie so it was a good opportunity to try somewhere new. The tool is so easy to use and you can pretty much let your imagination run wild! I love coffee cake so when I saw I could take that option I was pretty excited to collect the finished masterpiece. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. That cake was SO GODAMN AMAZING!

What I really liked about it all was that it was simple and I actually also thought very reasonably priced. I appreciate that I didn't pay for mine but I would happily order again and I think £22.55 for a bespoke, high quality cake is really very competitive. I will definitely use the service again for birthdays and special occasions!

It's also really fun to build the cake and see what it looks like I'm not going to lie. Have a play!!!

Thank you Patisserie Valerie :)


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Blogger Tips

Favourite Apps;
  • Camera 360 - this is the most amazing app for photo editing!
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • BlogLovin
  • Instasize
  • Buffer - this app allows you to schedule your tweets and facebook posts.
  • WIWT - What I Wore Today (this is addictive. Soz.)
  • - This is amazing. Just check it out and thank me later.
  • TweetDeck
  • TweetReach - you can see how many followers your post will reach by using certain hashtags!
 General Tips;
  • Get involved in the conversations, be it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!
  • Explore Hashtags.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar is BANG on!
  • Get yourself a notepad to scribble down your ideas.
  • iPhones can take great pictures too.. just because loads of Bloggers have DSLR cameras don't feel like you need to have one too!
  • If you are short on pennies, hypothetical posts can be fun to write.
  • Try not to stress out, I've seen so many blogger spats and in that scenario I'd say it's best to not get involved. No one likes group bullying and sadly that's all too often how it ends up. Jumping to your favourite blogger's defence might get you a tweet from them, but it will lose you respect from other bloggers!
  • Don't be scared of approaching brands, say hi on social media and build relationships!
  • If you like a post idea then do it. If it has been inspired by another blogger then it's polite to credit them...
  • Know your worth. I work full time so my posting gets done in my evenings and weekends. Now, I'm not suggesting that you get above your stations and demand payment, but equally if a big brand wants me to essentially advertise their events on my blog, in my spare time in exchange for an airwick candle then I class that as being slightly insulting. #truestory It's basically trying to pay me less than minimum wage!!! Not exactly a good experience from a very large multinational brand.
  • Just Say Yes. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go to events! I genuinely believe if I hadn't pushed myself to go to a Xen Tan Event in Manchester then I wouldn't have done as much as I have, nor would I have made all my babe'in blogger pals!
  • Write what's right. Don't jump on the bandwagon and be honest. I have genuinely used the phrases; I really like these workout pants but they make a weird noise and they gave me a pretty bad camel toe. Essential observations I thought!
  • Don't be jel. I have been there and bloggers do have a way of making life seem so shiny and perfect. But chances are they are sat at home in their pjs typing their posts, just like you are.
  • Don't forget where or why you started! It should be a hobby / passion / creative outlet - never a source of worry or stress!

Friday, 10 July 2015

So. Much. Sass.

'Sassy', is one of my favourite words. So today, let's rejoice in the wonderful world of sass and celebrate what that means.

I've always toed the line / pushed the boundaries in terms of displaying a smidge of sass, vs just being a bit of a madam but I'd like to think it has contributed positively to my life. Others may not agree with me if they have been on the receiving end of a 'madam moment' but oh well. Soz about me!

I can definitely appreciate that I am hard work. There, I said it. I should *probably* compromise a bit more and at times, just shut up and do it. Or at least I am quite sure that is what other people wish I would do! But that just wouldn't be me!

Now, please don't interpret this post as an ode to being a diva, as it's not, but more an encouraging, thought provoker of a post to help you find your sassy voice. Channel that inner Queen B and go after what you want in life.

The current popular celebs du jour seem to be allll about the sass and I think they are a very good example to young women. I am thinking Emma Watson #HeForShe rather than your stroppy Miss Grande's of the world who 'Hates America', FYI.

As women, we tend to be a little submissive and accept what will be, will be and I think that is a very defeatist approach to life. We should 100% not be afraid of getting out there, sticking up for what we want and need and seriously, ambition doesn't make you a bitch or a 'ball breaker'. It is 2015!!!

Don't take a back seat in finding your way to happiness, live in the moment and do not accept anything other than what is right and what is best for you.

I think for me, I have been fortunate enough to carve out my own little corner of the internet where I can get on my high horse. I have to say in a good few areas of my life, I am confident enough to stick up for myself and question bad behaviour from people who really should know better. I do think this comes easier with age, but also I think it's ok to have a voice. For so long I would let friends get away with treating me like something they could pick up and throw back down and I am just not happy to accept that anymore.

You don't have to become all confrontational by any means, but I'd say I am happier and have better friendships now that I am completely and brutally honest rather than quietly resenting someone and hoping and praying that they just stop their rubbishy behaviour...

So the moral of this rather rambling story is; don't wish for it, work for it!
*insert sassy girl emoji here*

The Mindfulness Colouring Book

Lots of Bloggers and publications have featured this little book recently as the colouring craze takes over!

I love doodling, colouring and generally being creative so I thought I'd say what the fuss is about! Amazon had a deal on that included the book and some crayons for £7, bargain!

The idea is that colouring can be a very relaxing activity as it still engages your brain but to a lesser degree than the usual trials and tribulations of daily life. I tend to use my book on a very adhoc basis, but each time I do, I have to say I really enjoy it and definitely feel the destressing benefits!

I will be investing in a few more options I think once I have graced the pages of my current book with a little more colour! :)


Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Dream Purchases

A girl can dream right?

If I had a spare £5000 to blow with NO guilt, this is pretty much what I would buy.

Nike Personalised Trainers - THEY ARE SO PRETTY *insert heart eyes emoji*

Burberry Trench Coat - So classic, so amazing and so expensive. In. Love.

Lulu Guinness Suitcase - I just love this case SOOOOO MUCH :)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - At £70 a pot this is a luxury product that I would lovvvvve to use on my face each day!

Personalised Longchamp Bag - This would look dreamy with the Burberry Trench..

Tiffany Gold Bracelet - No explanation needed.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Research Opinions

Us Bloggers just loveeee to give our opinions, so a quick post from me today is about Research Opinions where you get paid to have your say!

It covers the length and breadth of the UK with a variety of online and in person opportunties, so if you are interested, register your details and share your thoughts!

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sleeping Beauty

As I have moved into the domain of being a kinda health/weightloss/lifestyle blogger, I thought that today we could talk about sleep. Glorious sleep.

Normally, this would be something that would irritate me as I was someone who never got enough. I would wake several times in the night and would often wake up feeling cranky and just a little out of sorts. Not fun. In the slightest.

Without jinxing it, I *think* I might have just found my magic combo for a wonder nights sleep and I felt it my duty to share it with you!

Now you will all know that to have a peaceful nights sleep, you should have a comfortable place to rest that pretty head, not be too warm or dehydrated and *try* to stay away from the dreaded gadgets prior to trying to sleep. I am, quite frankly, terrible at heeding the latter piece of advice and I am sure that many of you will share my nightly routine of switching the light off and then doing one last social media sweep.

You know, just incase you miss anything juicy?!

I have tried all sorts over the couple of months my sleep has been an issue, and without going into too much science, I tend to store my weight around my middle. Lovely. This is linked to cortisol and cortisol is linked to sleep. So we can see where my motivations for nailing this have come from. I DON'T WANT TO BE CHUBBY AND NOT ABLE TO SLEEP :(

So, in came the wisdom of my trainer Chris. Chris has researched many supplements and nutrition and we have tried all sorts to get me to the land of nod. Carbs at night (porridge), lavender bedlinen spray, sleep inducing bubble bath, magnesium spray (which my skin reaaaallllllyyyy dislikes), amongst other things. What has helped me (and may help you) are the supplements, GABA and Melotonin.

Now with this advice comes a word of warning. Obviously, buying things over the internet would not be my usual practice, however, I am happy that the site is reputable and I also have the luxury that my BFF is a Pharmacist, so she was able to check for me that they were safe to take alongside my other prescription meds. If you have NOT done this check then please do not take these supplements. And I take ZERO liability if you choose to do so without checking, as let's face it that is VERY SILLY and irresponsible. I am just talking about what works for me. That said, they are supplements that are made up of substances your body naturally produces in order for you to relax and switch off.

In partnership with the supplements, I listen to music and use my calm app to switch off but I have recently had a sleep epiphany and downloaded a £2.90 gem from iTunes which is a Spa Music Album.

As a beauty blogger and general spa aficionado, I tend to enjoy a fair few spa visits and I just love the super relaxing atmosphere that I think is often down to the sensory experience of sound and smell. I cannot stress what an amazing difference this album has had to my sleep. I have felt more relaxed, calm and able to just turn over and drift back off when I listen to this music.

Try it tonight!!!

Monday, 6 July 2015

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day.. and the 400th Post!

Well hello there readers!

I hope you are having a nice day whatever you are up to.

I seem to have had an epiphany over the past few days and have found myself re-motivated and ready to take on the weightloss world once again. (a great nights sleep has done me good!)

I know people may read this and think, actions speak louder than words.. and yes, they do! I just want to be honest and when I am feeling it then I want to share it and even if one person reads this and feels motivated too then I consider my work here done.

I write my blog for me but I can't help but feel honoured and proud that I have a little audience who takes the time to comment and email me if they read something they like. As I have mentioned previously, the weightloss and fitness related posts always seem to get the most reaction from you guys so here is a short one today filled with my current fave inspo-quotes and images. Enjoy!

I'm working on a very exciting event at the moment which some of you can attend! More details will follow soon, I can't wait to share!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Job Huntin' Tips

Goood morning lovelies!

It occurred to me that I can feasibly cross over my day job with my hobby once in a while and offer my experiences as HR professional in a hopefully useful way.

Some of you may be finishing university or school soon and entering the big old world of work. Failing that you could just be looking for a new opportunity!

So here are my top job hunting tips :)
  1. Don't just assume something will fall in your lap. Be visible. Send emails and get on LinkedIn!
  2. Work experience is key - get out there and fill up your CV!
  3. Don't be scared of interviews, most people interviewing are lovely and just want to get to know you so don't think they are trying to trip you up! It's just as much about what you think as much as they think!
  4. Show off your hobbies, if you have an out of work interest then don't play it down. I write a blog that is completely unrelated to what I do from day to day but I think the fact I manage my own website and everything that comes along with it demonstrates that I can manage my time very well!
  5. Make sure you DO SOME RESEARCH. Most places will ask, 'so what do you know about us', be prepared to answer. Don't be afraid to look up your interviewers on LinkedIn either!
  6. Accept that at times you will be rejected. It's never nice but try and get feedback. Sometimes it is SO hard to pick between people and employers have to make their choice based on who would fit in better. Therefore don't be shy and don't be afraid to show off your personality as whilst skills and experience goes a long way, so does cultural fit!
  7. Try to not fall for roles that sound too good to be true. I made the mistake when I graduated of making the same mistake twice.. selling pamper packages on the street in Manchester and selling British Gas door to door. Neither advert said remotely anything related to that and basically made out they were marketing jobs. So ask questions and if you are invited back for an 'on the job experience' then get a clear idea of what exactly you will be expected to do...
  8. Be confident but not cocky, and ALWAYS be nice to Reception staff! 
  9. Recruitment Consultants are your friends, not the enemy! I speak to a lot of consultants through my work but honestly it is worth going in and meeting them, getting to know them and letting them help you.
  10. Finally, do a google search of your name!!! I was given that tip years ago and THANK GOD I was! Imagine your old MySpace page or 15 year old self plastered all over a Bebo account, not quite the professional 'you need me' image you want to portray. Do the search and deactivate or hide anything that shows you in a less favourable light. Use security settings too!!! 
Hopefully this will help! :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Pavelka Health Revolution Tour

Last night I was very fortunate to be invited along to the Pavelka Health Revolution Tour at the Village Hotel in Cheadle, organised by Ledigo PR.

Now, I have to give attendees some serious credit, as I know alot of them are VERY fond of Jessie and no girl likes to not look her best in front of their crush (not saying any of you looked bad I must add!) but each and every one of them absolutely smashed the bootcamp element of the evening.

The temperature topped an insane 86 degrees mid way through so imagine an hour that would make you sweaty anyway and then imagine doing it in a sauna, as that's what it felt like...!

With a mixture of cardio and body weight exercises, participants worked their way round a circuit of sprints, squats, push ups, push press and barrel relays (amongst other things!) all over seen by the motivation squad made up of; Damien (Head Trainer), Jessie Pavelka and Chris Main (whose name you might recognise as the poor soul who trains me).

After the bootcamp it was time for refuelling, selfies and the meet and greet with Jessie. The Village had prepared an amazing health food buffet for the visitors, which they certainly earned during the bootcamp session! After that it was over to Jessie for the Q&A part of the night.

I think Jessie's strong point is just how incredibly motivating he is, in terms of weightloss. He is very appreciative that it's not something that comes easily and requires a dramatic change for some people. His speciality seems to be helping people make life changing differences to their day to day eating and training habits such as his work on the TV show, 'Obese: A Year to Save My Life'. He is a patron of the Charity, Helping Overcome Obesity Problems and I think this is a perfect pairing, given his experience in the area.

We got to hear his views on a number of topics and also heard stories from some of the audience which were incredible. The one who stuck out for me was the lady who had lost an incredible 11 stone and gone from a size 28 to an 8. She has kept this weight off for 3 years and it took her 2 years to lose the weight initially. Just goes to show that you can achieve it if you set your mind to it!!!

From a personal perspective, this was just what I needed.

A bit of a spark in terms of reminding myself how amazing the human body can be, once you set your mind to training and fuelling it properly. I have gone through my own weightloss battles and I think when you reach a bit of a plateau or take a break from it, it can be very hard to throw yourself back into the swing of being a little more structured with diet and working out.

I have struggled with motivation since turning 30 and took a bit of a break and quite honestly have eaten what I wanted. I have put weight on and not been to the gym as regularly as I used to. I look back over my facebook memories each day and almost always a year ago, I had checked in at the gym.

I seem to work better when I am answerable to my actions and have something to work towards. I am THAT annoying person who checks in at the gym, but for me it's not a case of being smug that I am there, more that the words of encouragement I get make me feel inspired to go and be proud of my achievements. And I have to say, that for me, is what gets me to that gym when I am too hot or too tired or hungry or have to colour coordinate my wardrobe (you know those excuses you pluck out to avoid going..!)

So this is my public statement of intent that I need to get back on the wagon. I am human, and of course I have to life my life in the most fun and healthy way I can. That said, I've p!ssed about for long enough now and I need to get back into a routine as once I do I really find that I am alot happier and have more energy. I am by no means doing this because I feel pressured to do so!

So who is with me?

My weightloss and chatty workout posts always seemed to get the most engagement from you guys, so it's over to you - what do you like to see and read when it comes to the dreaded diet?

I personally find some fitness blog posts and stuff a bit too unrealistic if I am honest. I always prefer hearing the stories from people who work damn hard and actually have had to really make some changes, as they are the voices who resonate with me. Not those who like to prance around in skimpy workout outfits on the premise they are giving workout advise when let's face it, they have never had a weight issue, nor have they had to make the sacrifices you sometimes need to make in order to make it happen. So hopefully you will come along with me for the journey?

It starts, now.
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