Monday, 16 March 2015

Flamingo Gifts

A few weeks back I stumbled across this amazing gift website called Flamingo Gifts where you can get hold of all the weird and wonderful things that your family and pals would enjoy receiving but would probably never order themselves...

We all have friends who are a bit of a pain to buy for (I am probably one of those people) and this website very much caters for this scenario!

Check them out today and you will not be disappointed :)

My particular faves are the Gummy Bear lamps, Flamingo Candles and a vast array of bacon flavoured items(?!)

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Brazilian Waxing Company Manchester

Before my holiday to Dubai, I booked in for a bikini wax at the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester as it was something I have never done but always wanted to try!

I am not going to go into the details as to what I had done as quite frankly I don't think the general public need to know what I have going on down below, all you need to know is that it was the 'bikini' area.

I was SO nervous about going especially as I made the error of watching a youtube video and trying to read up on what to expect before I went and I almost psyched myself out!!! But I absolutely needn't have worried in the slightest.

I am 100% a waxing convert now and I genuinely cannot recommend BWC enough if it's something you have never tried but want to!!

Before I went, I took some painkillers and arrived at BWC all nervous, but was introduced to my therapist Donna. Donna made me feel at ease right away and I think one of the plus points of their website is for every treatment, you can see in real time how many of those treatments will be done that day. I felt better knowing that the therapists literally look at bits all day long!!! Click here to view the treatment list, and click on the individual treatment to see how many will be done that day.

It wasn't painful, just slightly stingy at times and I think more than anything just pushed my prude boundaries. At no point did I feel weird or uncomfortable and it was over very quickly. I will definitely go back and I would urge anyone who is thinking about it but a bit worried to just bite the bullet and book in - all the horror stories you hear are just not remotely like what it is like!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


What an absolute amazing two weeks of birthday fun I have had!

Firstly on the actual day I was pampered with my mum at Beauty FX in Wilmslow where I proceeded to fall asleep on the bed I was so relaxed, lunched at the Yard in Alderley Edge then dinner with my pals at Solita in Didsbury.

I had a lovely family afternoon tea at Cloud 23, before my big birthday bash at Barca in Castlefield. My amazing cake was a Home Sweet Home, Bakeorama extravaganza and the pictures captured by the fantastic Mike Plunkett Photography :)

I then headed to Dubai for a week with my mum and sister for some sunshine, cocktails and more relaxation.

I can honestly say I have had the best time and I have loved every minute of being 30, so far. I feel so happy and touched by the effort that all my friends and family went to and I have come back from holiday super refreshed and excited to enjoy my thirties!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Brand Spotlight: Liz Earle

For the past few weeks I have been having a Liz Earle love-in.

I was treated to a good few products to try from the brand and I wanted to give them a trial before I talked about my thoughts.

I have been suffering with very sensitive skin for the past few weeks and at first I was a bit worried that putting anything on my skin other than the mildest of mild products (E45 even made my skin feel sore!) would make it worse.

I am VERY pleased to report that far from making my skin feel more uncomfortable, it has actually rebalanced my skin in a really great way and the products are so gentle that my skin has recovered from it's weird little sensitive strop and now feels awesome.

Everything I tried I really liked but the main winners for me were the cleanse and polish with the muslin cloth, the toner and the moisturiser.

They have been an absolute god send for me as I have been suffering with eczema around the eye area which has been very uncomfortable to say the least. The skin has ended up so dry that it has flaked and the muslin cloth without product was gentle enough to remove the skin and just generally make me feel a bit less like I looked like I had a scabby face.

With Mother's Day coming up I think Liz Earle products are a great gift idea. The fragrances are also really lovely and there is also a makeup range, all of which is formulated with natural, botanical ingredients.
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