Monday, 29 September 2014

Clarins in Selfridges Manchester

A lovely email popped into my inbox a couple of weeks back from the ladies over at Clarins in Selfridges Exchange Square, inviting me in to try out some Clarins products and also to learn a bit more about the brand.

Clarins is obviously a brand I had heard of but not really used much myself, so off I toddled to the stand which is housed in Selfridges Beauty Hall! I did not realise that there is also a Clarins Skin Spa down there offering a range of treatments so I will definitely be back to try that!

I sat down with Jennifer and we ran through my skin woes. For me, it's that I have oily skin but random dryness at times on the cheeks and around the nose area. I am also prone to hormonal breakouts around my jawline. Annoying to say the least.

Jennifer set to work, removing my makeup and gave me a mini facial, talking through what she would recommend for me. I need to be honest now, and admit that I had had one to many gins the night before, AND had gone to circuits class that morning so I literally felt not a care in the world being sat in Selfridges Beauty Hall without a scrap of makeup on on a Saturday. So if you saw me sans make up then I am very sorry, I am sure that was probably not a very pretty sight!!!

The facial was so relaxing and I felt thoroughly spoiled being pampered in such a way. The products were gorgeous and I was also waved off with a very generous gift of some bits and bobs to try! If you need a refresh on your skincare or fancy a treat at the Clarins Skin Spa then definitely pop down to Selfridges as not only are the surroundings and products amazing, Jennifer was really lovely too :)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Godiva Chocolates from around the Globe

Godiva Saveurs Du Monde Collection RRP: £15*
Having luxury chocolates delivered to my door is quite the perk of being a blogger so thank you VERY much Godiva! When I eat chocolate, which I do still eat, even on my changed diet since starting at the gym, I genuinely prefer dark chocolate so I was mightily pleased to see alot of dark chocolate in this box.

Inspired by the latest taste trends, the Chef Inspirations are quite the culinary masterpieces all housed in one small and delightful box. The idea behind the theme is that each chocolate represents the tastes from different countries across the globe.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a chocolate lover or to take to a dinner party then I would highly recommend these as the ultimate treat! All of the chocolates were delicious and they were such a lovely package to receive :)


Hi everyone..

So hands up who is a naughty blogger who has gone MIA and not blogged in almost a month?! *Raises hand*

I am genuinely sorry about this. I have worked really hard to get people like you (yes you!) over here to read about my thoughts and then I go and leave you out in the cold. There isn't really any excuse but in terms of what I have been up to, I have had to put blogging on the back seat as I have recently started my new job.

The hours are different, it's a different pace and I absolutely LOVE it. Those of you who might keep up with me over on Twitter will know that I have been a busy bee getting to grips with my new place of work, I have been collecting blog content and working out in the gym but I have just not made time for my blog whilst all this has been going on and I have been getting used to my new routine.

It stops now though. I still love blogging and everything that goes with it, so my nose is truly back to the grindstone and I will get lots of posts out for you guys soon.

Thanks for sticking by me!!!! :)
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