Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#ADressToImpress: It's getting close!


It's now less than a month til 'D-Day' (dress day for those of you joining me at this part of the story) and my dream dress arrives on my doorstep. I have been working with Chris, my PT from Unique Physique to try and make my dream a reality and get this dress on!

Through a combination of PT sessions, clean eating, interval training, bootcamps and running, I have been trying to shed the pounds in the hope that the dress fits! Since April of this year I have shed 50.4lbs of fat and I can honestly say that signing up to train with Chris has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I think it is a process that needs you to be ready to make the commitment, but one that will absolutely change your life for the better.

I am so determined to succeed and my confidence in my abilities (fitness wise) grow each time I manage to do something that I haven't been able to before. My next goal will really test that, so look out for the announcement after Christmas!

Wish Want Wear is the perfect partner in this challenge, as the dress I have picked is literally something I have wished and wanted to wear for a long long time. If you have any Christmas Parties or a special New Year Occasion, then I would absolutely recommend that you check out their vast collection of dresses as they are very reasonably priced to hire and you can have your very own real life Cinderella story, like I hopefully will!

Why not set your new year's resolutions early and commit to wearing your dream dress next year and if you do, be sure to check out Wish Want Wear for all your designer dress requirements!

Chris is currently working on an 'online coaching' platform, so if you are interested training but can't always make it to the gym, get in touch with Chris and he can tell you more about it!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

La Senza Hello Sugar Launch

Last Thursday I was invited to the Hello Sugar Launch Party at La Senza in the Trafford Centre along with many of my Bloggy Pals!

We were spoilt with drinks, sweeties (which I sadly had to step away from), manicures from Wah Nails and took away a lingerie set of our choice!

We were greeted by the La Senza Team and shown round the store to look at the different collections and talked through the Hello Sugar Bra which is hailed as being the cheapest boob job bra in the market, which increases your assets by an impressive 2 cup sizes!

Seeing as I have, ahem(!) a sizeable pair anyway I didn't opt to try the Hello Sugar Bra otherwise they would have been under my chin in quite a frightening way. Instead I opted for a festive red set from their So Free range which is perfect for larger busted ladies!

It was really nice to be talked through the collections and shown all the different options available at La Senza and they really are perfect for wearing under your Christmas Party outfits! With front fastening, back detail, halterneck and strapless on offer there is literally an underwear solution for every neckline.

I was super giddy about having my nails done by Wah Nails aswell - being a beauty blogger I have followed Wah Nails on Instagram and Twitter and always been desperate to have my talons tarted up by some nail art and the girls did not disappoint! I had my nails done in a lovely lilac with accent lace print hand drawn onto some of my nails! I loved it and will be sad to take it off when I come to paint my nails for the weekend.. I have since bought the white Wah Nails for Models Own Nail Art Pen though so I can try and recreate it!

We had such a lovely time so big thanks to La Senza for having us! :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Boutique: Budget Beauty Buys!

Launched in September, Sainsburys has introduced it's own beauty range called Boutique. I was recently sent some of the collection to review and I am really impressed (and hence including it here on my Blog!)

As we approach Christmas and the shopping hours seem to diminish within a blink of an eye, it is a relief to see that you can pick up lovely stocking fillers whilst you do your Christmas big shop of sprouts, sausages and sherry!

The collection contains all the usual bits and bobs of makeup and the quality really is fantastic for a supermarket brand. The packaging feels great and what I like the most is that Sainsburys isn't featured on the branding (sorry Sainsburys). The lipsticks are really a pleasure to use and I definitely want to go instore to look at their other colours!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How To: Victoria's Secret Angels Hair and Beauty

The Victoria's Secret Show is one of those things that I personally find incredibly entertaining, I love the glamour and pure theatre of the show, but usually watch in awe and find myself with a major case of hair and makeup envy.

This year I thought I would take a closer look into how they go about creating those angelic locks and makeup looks and busied myself with watching as many backstage videos on YouTube as possible!

Orlando Pita was responsible for teasing the tresses into their gorgeously coiffed curls and his one tip was to add hair. Hair wefts were glued in to the models hair and then curled using GHD straighteners and/or a large barrel curling tong. Add in some backcombing around the crown and the curls brushed through and that is apparently all it takes!

Now, in real life, we are most likely not going to want to whip out the PVA and start gluing hair wefts into our hair so here are some options you could consider. Having used Beauty Works in the past, I think they are the perfect way to achieve the look with some really high quality hair. Depending on the thickness of your locks, I would suggest the following things to achieve your desired thickness;

It's also worth noting that if you have thick hair in the back and thinner hair in the front like me, you don't have to have a full head of hair and can get a bespoke weave done, like when I sampled Weave Got Style. Because I needed the volume at the front, I had 2 split rows sewn in, but just at the front. This meant that I achieved the thickness where I needed it but didn't have the stress of having too much hair to cope with!

Next we move onto 'that' Angel glow. I'm reliably informed that most Angels have a spray tan prior to the show but that each model is also buffed up with the Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Shimmer Lotion to achieve that luminescent bronzed look as they saunter down the runway! *Runs to the Trafford Centre to bulk purchase*

Dick Page was Head Makeup Artist for the lovely ladies and he was tasked with creating that sexy but not overdone makeup look. He apparently starts his face by applying lipstick to the cheeks and nose to achieve a flushed dewy look and then adds tinted moisturiser as necessary. Bronzer is added, before the perfect nude smokey eye applied, using gold hues. Using the lightest shade in the inner corners of the eyes to open them up, the darker shade applied to the crease and then the gold pressed into the centre of the lid, say hello to your very own Angel makeup look! Lips are then prepped with plenty of lip balm and nude lipgloss applied.

I absolutely love this kind of look as it's something that isn't too difficult to achieve at home, there's just the problem that I don't have the body to match.. nor the extensive lingerie collection!

In terms of fitness, watching the YouTube videos today has taught me that they all do Ballet to help with flexibility and muscle tone. So guess who is now going to try it!? Stay tuned for SweetieSal does Ballet in an upcoming post!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Review: Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub

Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub £11.50*
I recently received this hand scrub to review, and as someone who ahem *regularly* makes fake tan faux pas around the hand area, along with the dreaded hand callouses from training, I was keen to give this a whirl! I really like Rituals as a brand, their aim is to make every day activities a little more enjoyable and I love that concept!

This stuff smells gorgeous and it is VERY thick. You need to give it a good warm up in your palms or add a splash of warm water to get this moving around. It's nicely exfoliating without being too gritty and it left my hands feeling soft and pampered.

This is one of those things you think you don't need it until you try it and is the perfect gift for someone you have no idea what to buy for! There is an accompanying hand balm to match and together they make a lovely gift that chances are the recipient wouldn't purchase for themselves (unless they have tried it before!)

Big thumbs up from me!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Manchester welcomes the German Christmas Markets!

I love Christmas, I love Manchester and I especially love the Christmas Markets.

Back in town for 38 days, the markets span a number of popular locations across Manchester and are incredibly festive as usual.

If you are looking for a mixture of local arts and crafts, amongst food items from slightly further afield then definitely pay a visit!

Enjoy! (But don't blame me when you are stuffed full of Coconut Macaroons, Bratwurst, Mulled Wine, Hog Roast Barms.. etc) :)

Elite Performance Fitness Christmas Survival Event

Last night saw my gym, Elite Performance Fitness, host their Christmas Survival Event covering how to ensure you eat, drink and be merry, healthily this Christmas.

First up we saw Chelsea Norris, her trainer Ben, and Sarah LeBroq discuss their experiences with weightloss and what they had found to work best in terms of results. Then we heard from Chris Knott and Chris Main with their suggestions of how best to tackle the dreaded Christmas overindulgence! Given that the average person puts on between 5-7lbs over Christmas I was all ears!

It was good to hear that despite the trainers encouraging all the guests and clients to try and stick to a clean diet that they are realistic and appreciate that Christmas is a social time and there will be an increase in the amount of socialising you do! With regards to drinking alcohol, Chris Knott (who pens the amazing Nutrition Guide over on Facebook) advised that you are best sticking to soda water as a mixer and also ensuring that you remain hydrated by having a few glasses of water throughout the duration of your drinking session! Beer unfortunately is a no no as it is packed full of gluten and will give the dreaded belly bloat..

With your Christmas food, Chris suggested to not eat just for eating's sake, keep your clean diet baseline and don't beat yourself up if a few treats sneak in - just don't go nuts!If you are presented with a buffet, fill up on protein first and try and avoid the carb-laden sausage rolls!

Chris Main then talked around how to approach the social side of Christmas when it involves trying to stay calm amidst working towards a goal. Both Chris' made a good point that at Christmas because everyone is being social and going out and drinking and eating, it can be quite difficult for those of us working hard at weightloss as it inevitably means the temptation to fall off the wagon increases ten fold. It all comes back down to how much your goal means to you though. When you dedicate yourself to achieving something, it naturally includes some sacrifices you will have to make. You just have to keep your goal in mind and not be swayed by people who will not care about your goal as much as you do, and that's not necessarily in a bad way, just why should your goal bother other people?

This is something I know will test me and my commitment to my goals, one of my favourite things to do is head to the Christmas Markets and sample the delicacies on offer (including a mulled wine, obvs) so not doing that this year is a break from tradition, but at the end of the day my goal means more to me than the 5 minutes of enjoyment I would get from drinking that mulled wine.

So lots to take away and think about.

We also saw local brands and businesses exhibit at the event including;

Win Naturally
Gap - St Ann's Square Manchester
Scrub and Bubble
Artiste Creative Hair and Makeup Design - introducing Motives Makeup to the UK
The Body Shop
NDT Health and Fitness

It was a great event and I definitely feel less panicked about ruining all my hard work from this year over Christmas now!

My #adresstoimpress challenge continues as I work towards getting into my dream dress in December, so why not take on the challenge with me?

Be sure to check out Wish Want Wear for all your designer dress requirements!

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