Thursday, 2 August 2012

What's New Pussycat?

I thought I would write a little post today about some changes I have made to my blog over the past few days!

Since participating in my very first 'Blog Hop' I have been introduced to some amazing new blogs that I am now following. I am so impressed by each and every one I have stumbled across and now have some new faves to add to my daily reading list!

I absolutely love getting feedback/opinions/tips/suggestions etc etc off REAL girls. I am one of those who does often get sucked in by marketing blurb and has been known to rush out to purchase something on a whim because I have read about it.

Now I think I am a much more informed shopper and will 100% check the blogger community before purchasing something - as let's face it, nothing is more annoying and disappointing than finding a product that does not remotely live up to it's own hype. Obviously things are very much subjective and one person's complete reject and #fail of a product is another person's favourite! For example.. Benefit Cosmetics' They're Real Mascara does wonderful things for my friend but nada for me. Gutted.

So anyway's back to the real reason for the post! I have introduced a couple more tabs along the top for your reading perusal. I now have a page dedicated to about me.. I think it's so interesting to learn why and how bloggers get into blogging, so my story is explained on the page; Me Me Me. The title makes me sound really self obsessed which I am so not but couldn't really think of anything else at the time..

I have also added a Get In Touch page where you will find all my various usernames and links to my other social networking pages so you can enjoy my random posting in a number of formats now! Woooo! Just kidding...

And finally.. please keep checking back to my to-do list! I am slowly but surely getting through them and adding more as I think of them, if people are interested then please comment on any achievements you have - I'm always interested to hear when someone has achieved a dream of theirs! :o)
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