Thursday, 9 August 2012

Style Inspiration

Blake Lively, Millie MacIntosh, Caggie Dunlop, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman/Humes, Lauren Conrad, Leighton Meester and The Kardashians.
Afternoon Sweeties!

I feel like my tastes have changed style wise recently so this post is really a chance for me to talk around my fashion influences and my style crushes! They tend to be of American, Reality TV or Pop Music origin but I admire each girl's style on the above image board I have created.

I used to be very much an 'adapt the trend to my style' kind of girl, and I suppose I could say that is what I try to do now, but I have definitely noticed a shift in the amounts of 'disposible' Primark or cheaper priced items I buy to more of a well thought out, 'will it go with other things in my wardrobe?' type of purchasing.

I suppose it is due to style and trends and preference really in the influences you will take note of when selecting clothes. As I have lost weight I have definitely tried to get more colour into my wardrobe, but also tried to buy more classic things which I won't have to throw away. Since I have had to buy more recently to replace the clothes that no longer fit (it's a great feeling!) the kinds of things I buy have really changed!

Gone are the shapeless dark baggy tops paired with leggings, I am much more drawn to little dresses and blazers now, skinny style trousers and a longer top, or a nice skirt and vest. Pinterest is fantastic for getting some ideas of things to put together for example the hot pink blazer and little white dress in the above image is SUCH a cute look!

Special mentions go to Mollie and Rochelle from the Saturdays as very often when you read the 'get her style' features, it is not usually an overly expensive outfit they have on. Yes the handbags and accessories may be, but I think they have fantastic style now considering they once wore different coloured bin bag dresses as a band(!), and Mollie going as far as being named 'brand ambassador' for Aspinal of London.

The key thing does seem to be classic outfit with great accessories. And that fits my style perfectly.. I am not there yet in terms of trying some of the more revealing trends such as cut out dresses or super short shorts, but I can complete in the accessories stakes! I am particularly enjoying the current trend of bracelet layering, check out the hashtag #wristcandy on Instagram and prepare to drool...

What's occurring in your wardrobe??
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