Friday, 31 August 2012

ETAT PUR: Micellar Purifying Cleansing Water

Kleenex Facial Cloths, Etat Pur Micellar Purifying Cleansing Water* (7.40)
This is yet another wonder product from my seemingly never ending hamper of goodies that I won from Wizard Publicity!

In all honesty I had NEVER heard of this brand before trying it from my amazing prize and it was only when I started hearing more about Micellar Cleansing Waters on other blogs that I thought I would give this a whirl. The verdict has actually really shocked me - I really love this product!

I have really struggled in the past with my skin as I had adult acne and now that my skin has reached an ok balance I don't tend to vary much from my sensitive skin face wipes. (Garnier ones in the pink packet incase you are wondering!)

If I am having a dry skin day - even these sensitive skin face wipes can make my skin feel a bit sore so I wanted to find something that would not have that effect.

After hearing some of the benefits of using a cleansing water I really wanted to give it a proper go as they are incredibly gentle and do not contain alot of the nasties that are in other products!

Etat Pur advises that with no need to rinse, Micellar purifying cleansing water:
- Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes in one wipe.
- Eliminates impurities and excess sebum.
- Respects the skin's natural balance: does not contain soap or alcohol.
- Guarantees excellent ocular tolerance.

The secret of micellar water lies in the perfect balance between its extremely fine particles of oil (free of emulsifiers) and water. Invisible to the naked eye, the oil droplets form micelles that trap dirt and makeup residue found on the surface of the skin, leaving it thoroughly cleansed. Certain micellar waters also contain active ingredients that soften and moisturize skin.

Since using the Etat Pur Micellar Water I have noticed a big difference in how my skin looks and behaves from day to day. It is calmed, soft and makeup seems to stay on better. I have less break outs or uneven pigmentation and I have also noticed less of the annoying dry patches I ALWAYS suffer from around the nose and in between my eyebrows which I think is a great result.

I also think the price point is excellent, the bottle is massive and mine doesn't seem to be going down quickly at all, this is well and truly a permanent addition to my skincare regime now!


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dream Capsule Wardrobe for Majorca

'This is what I'd take for a trip to Palma, Majorca with easyJet Holidays'
*Competition Entry*
As you are all no doubt aware I am heading off to the beautiful Island of Majorca next week - I became aware of this competition in conjunction with easyJet Holidays so wanted in! This post will be dedicated to what I would take for a trip to Palma, Majorca with easyJet Holidays.

I haven't limited myself to budget, simply thought about the vibe of Palma, what I feel comfortable in and the most important factor to consider was, what will look good?!

Palma is very fashionable, cosmopolitan city with literally everything right on your doorstep including a historical old town, marina, fantastic boutiques, shopping and a truly buzzing nightlife. The capsule wardrobe has to take these activity options into account which is why I have picked out a real range of mix and match outfit options for sight seeing, posing and partying! All if these items are from my favourite high street stores including; Monsoon, Forever 21, River Island, Topshop and Office.

I REALLY want one of the Lulu Guinness Lips Suitcases.. I think they are very chic, but still have the fun lips print and gorgeous striped lining - look at all the lovely draw string bags you get inside? I would be desperate to go away as MUCH as possible if I was taking this beaut with me!

In terms of travelling and housing all the day time essentials, you simply cannot go wrong with a Longchamp Le Pliage Bag - this is a khaki green animal print version and is both practical but a fashionable eye-catcher too!

Majorca is slap bang in the centre of a heat wave at the moment so my ideal wardrobe would include a mix of evening floaty dresses and kaftans, along with animal and tribal print shorts and palazzo pants for day to ensure I stay cool but look good at the same time. No one wants to be a hot mess on holiday!!

Of course I would leave lots of room in my luggage to transport any cheeky purchases from the shops and boutiques home and try my hardest to soak up the atmosphere and sunshine as best I can :o)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weekday Wishlist #12

1. Topshop Lace Swing Coat, 2. ASOS Rose Gold Chain Bracelets, 3. Louise Gray for Topshop Makeup Brushes, 4. ASOS Tweet Tee
Another weekday, another wishlist! I don't know about you guys but I am mightily unimpressed with the RUBBISH August weather we are currently experiencing. I wore a long sleeved t-shirt to bed last night which for me means it's basically winter *sadface* and I am back in my trusty black opaque tights which just feels wrong.

Me and my sister normally go with the rule that unless a month has an 'R' in it we don't wear tights.. well, that rule is officially broken!

I am LUSTING after this gorgeous lace coat from Topshop.. it completely reminds me of the amazingly whimsical Parisian Wardrobe that Carrie wears in SATC.. completely unrealistic for normal daily life but so so beautiful! I absolutely adore the lace detail and shape, pretty rolled up sleeves and mini length - it is very me! However as much as I appreciate this little beauty, the rational voice inside me says, Sally, you are a spiller. A peach, delicate coat?! Really? So let's all say a prayer that Topshop make this in a darker hue :o)

These rose gold chunky bracelets I just really liked - they are cheap and cheerful and would be a most welcome addition to my #wristcandy collection! Any iPhone users out there, check out the wrist candy hash tag on instagram and be prepared to have an overwhelming urge to go out and mass purchase bracelets and watches!

I HAD to go and check out the Louise Gray for Topshop Collection after all the Twitter hype that built in the run up to launch! Whilst they didn't have the clothing range in my local store, they had the makeup range which was delightfully bright and playful (not really my style on the face) but there were gorgeously sparkly nail polishes and these lovely brushes! At 32 for the set they are quite expensive in my opinion. Pretty, but it's not as though Topshop are known for high quality makeup brushes and in all honesty I think they have got the price point all wrong. If that kit was say 20 pounds like the Real Techniques sets I would have snapped it up, but with them being a full 10 pounds more I held off!

Us Bloggers tend to be rather obsessed with Twitter and I simply have to buy this tee from ASOS! It is a complete bargain at 12 pounds and I love it! Simple and very current! :o)

So what is everyone hunting out this week?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More Hen Action in T Minus 8 Days

I cannot tell you how excited I am getting about the next hen do I am on in just 8 days! Feels like all I have done for the past few months is go on hen do's and enjoy the complete girlieness of them!

The next one I am going on is my friend Steph who I am bridesmaid for (on 15th Sept - wish her luck on Twitter, her name is @stephledigo) and there are 12 of us heading to Palmanova in Majorca for a long weekend.

We don't have huge amounts planned as such apart from cocktails, dancing, tanning and giving Steph the best, last unmarried weekend EVER!

We are travelling in the early hours of Thursday 6th Sept from Manchester so if you see anyone with a hen do t-shirt then come say hi! We have got them done by a company in Manchester called T-Shirts 2 Print.
T-Shirt 2 Print Design

They have loads of pre-made graphics you can pick from and have a massive range of t-shirts and vests you can select. I will pick them up on Saturday and will post a pic of how they turn out!

I am now starting to think about what I need to do in the next couple of days so I think considering I love a to do list I will post it on here;
  1. Travel Insurance.
  2. Pedicure.
  3. Hen Do Decorations.
  4. Packing.
  5. Hen Do Playlist for the iPod in Hen HQ (a.k.a our room).
  6. Dig out the adaptors (where do the damn things go?!)
  7. Misc Grooming; including hair mask, bikini line, face mask.
  8. Fake Tan.
  9. Buy my Euros.
  10. Suncream - has to be Hawaiian Tropic!
  11. Print all the various vouchers we need from Travel Republic.
  12. Create an itinerary for the girls.
  13. Collect our t-shirts to travel in.
  14. Decide on the capsule wardrobe and makeup collection.

I am sure there will be other things to remember but at least if it is on here I have a reference point!

We booked our trip through Travel Republic and it was a group booking for 12. In all honesty, Travel Republic were great at first but I have had quite a few issues with their suppliers since booking so I have a few tips if you are looking to book a group trip in the future....

  • BEWARE if the flights are being booked through Avro - insist that they book direct with the airline as they have been a big problem for us. Rather ridiculously they have a policy that for group bookings - everyone has to take luggage or no one can. So in our case, we are away for 3 nights so it is absolutely a farce that they would expect us ALL to take 20kg worth of luggage at 34 pounds per person! We are now having to just pay the 50 per case at the airport as they literally would not budge. Travel Republic were like yeh sorry nothing we can do - it's a joke Avro are their supplier yet they are unable to do anything?
  • BMI Flight changes - Some of the girls need to travel on Friday night as they cannot get the time off work so we booked evening flights with BMI which would have been fine. BMI then changed their flight time to early afternoon which obviously wasn't suitable. Travel Republic could only offer us a free move to a flight on the Saturday which would mean the girls would have less than 24 hours away.. I tried to dispute it but to no avail - they have now had to buy outbound flights through easyJet!
  • Name Changes - One of the girls dropped out and we had to pay 120 pounds to change a name which I think is ridiculous!
So all in all, not that impressed with them. I would recommend them to book normal holidays but for group bookings they haven't been very flexible at all!

I actually can't wait for some sunshine now though so get ready for lots of excited posts all about it!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wrist Candy by Cutey

Cutey Shamballa Bracelets*
 Afternoon Sweeties!

Today I have to show you these gorgeous Shamballa style bracelets that were sent to me by the lovely Ashley at Cutey!

My snaps really do not do these bracelets justice as to how sparkly they are, but I have to say I absolutely love them! The Shamballa/Tresor Paris craze started earlier this year when various celebs were pictured wearing them. Alot of the bracelets retail from 50 pounds right the way up to 150 pounds! Which in all honesty I probably wouldn't pay. If you look at the Shamballa website you can get gold, ruby or sapphire stones but I just don't think they look *that* much better for how expensive they are!

These little beauts cost 18.99 and are so much sparklier than any others I have seen for cheaper. They have a good weight to them and measure up in terms of sparkly beads for your money! Most of the cheaper ones are around the 7 bead mark but these are a very generous 9 beads and it fits perfectly around my wrist.

I would highly recommend these as a gift for yourself or your pals or family! The delivery was great, they were very well packaged and Cutey's branding is really lovely. To purchase these bracelets and check out Cutey's website please click here. To follow Cutey on Twitter please click here.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekday Wishlist #11

1. River Island Ruched Maxi Skirt, 2. Beauty Works Dip Dye Extensions, 3. Topshop Boutique Dress, 4. River Island Tube Pants, 5. Beauty Works Flower Plaited Hair Piece, 6. Clarins Odyssey Collection Palette (Image Courtesy of LlyMlrs) 7. Topshop Quilted Leather Pumps.
The time has come for another Weekday Wishlist, this week's list seems to be very black and gold heavy but it is a colour combination that I really enjoy wearing!

Firstly we have the River Island Ruched Maxi Skirt - I honestly dismissed this when I saw it on the hanger in the shop and was like ok weird looking skirt!! It wasn't until I saw the lovely Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup wearing one on Instagram that I saw how lovely it looks and decided that I really must make it an addition to my wardrobe! Whilst I love the grey I am thinking that I would probably get the most use out of the black especially on my upcoming hen weekend jaunt.

Number 2 on the list is these dip dye clip in hair extensions from Beauty Works Online. I do currently have a blonde dip dye effect hair but I love these clip in pieces with the pink flashes!

3 is a rather lovely dress from Topshop Boutique - rather expensive at 75 pounds and probably won't be purchased but still great shape! If money was no object I would totally buy this and pair with gold sandals and jewellery for my hols!

In fourth place is the Disco Pant Dupes from River Island, the Tube Trousers. If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I have tried these on and LOVED the fit! I will probably buy these at some point - they are new in so probably will hold off a while but what I love about them is that they are as versatile as leggings but a bit smarter due to their finish which has a slight sheen. They lifted my bum to make it look nice and peachy and I just really felt great in them which let's face it - everyone wants to feel in their clothes!

Number 5 is another hair piece from Beauty Works Online and is a flower detailed plaited band. I am not 100% sure if it would match my hair enough to wear but I love the concept, it is so pretty!

In sixth is the new Clarins Winter Palette that I read about on Lily's Blog.. prepare to drool and check out her post here. She kindly let me borrow one of her images so I could show you how lovely the palette is.. it is completely my colours and I adore it! That one might have to go on the Christmas List!

The final items on my wishlist are these lovely quilted pumps from Topshop. They are very 'Chanel' in their style and are very classic looking so would be a good purchase!

What are you lusting after this week?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Almost Famous

River Island Pleated Mini Skirt, Amazon UK Groupie T-Shirt, ASOS Curve Studded Waist Belt, Topshop Studded Bag, Amazon UK Bob Marley T-Shirt, Office Studded Flats (Old)
In the run up to our trip to Palmanova for my friend's Hen Do, as I mentioned yesterday I am starting to have a think about what I will need to take with me! There will be several posts dedicated to this such as essential beauty items.. the capsule wardrobe etc but this post is based on the one themed night we are having which is Groupie's Night!

All of the ladies have to wear a band t-shirt of their choice, so obviously I have taken this one step further and am planning my full outfit! I have interpreted Groupie's Night to include quite a bit of black, big hair and studs.. hence the abundance of them in my potential outfit choice!

I already own the little black skirt, which was a purchase from River Island and I also own the shoes which were the very first thing I bought when I got made redundant last year! They felt like a bit of a splurge at the time as they were 65 pounds from Office which felt quite alot to spend! I still absolutely adore them though and have worn them to death so I suppose they were worth every penny!

I am trying to decide between T-Shirts.. I have looked specifically for men's T-Shirts as I want to do a bit of customising and cut the arms off etc and in my experience cheaper ladies T-Shirts can come up really small but I don't know whether to opt for the 'Groupie' T-Shirt to spell out exactly what we are trying to look like or to get a T-Shirt with my favourite singer of the moment (or at least who seems to be on my iPod the most!) which is Bob Marley! Perhaps you guys can help me decide?

We then come onto the studded items, for those of you who shop at Topshop you will probably have seen this bag.. it is suede with lots of lovely stud detail! I am thinking this will be a good bag to take on Holiday anyway as it zips up and is a good size for all the odds and ends I seem to carry with me on a night out! The belt I am not 100% sure on.. think it could look quite cool with the t-shirt tucked into the skirt but it could be stud overkill with the bag and shoes aswell!

What's the best/most difficult themed night you have ever had to dress up for?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Weekday Wishlist #10

ASOS Leopard Maxi Dress, ASOS Paris Double Strap Watch, M&S Blue Bandeau Swimsuit, Billie and Blossom Grecian Style Black Dress, Dorothy Perkins Tweed Tunic, Swimwear 365 Black Bandeau Swimsuit.
I have just realised I am off on my jolly's to Majorca (another hen do!) in 3 weeks time so I am starting to have a look for some bits and bobs to take with me. I have today realised that the thought of trying to condense all my holiday items into a bag to carry on with me is just too stressful to contemplate so I think me and my friend will just suck it up and share the cost of a suitcase for the weekend.

That way, I can take my beloved beauty products with me, along with my Enrapture Totem Styler and not have to worry about the 100ml carry on limits. Plus I want to be able to take some hen themed bits and bobs with me to decorate one of our rooms to make it Hen HQ!

First on my Wishlist is this Leopard Print Maxi Dress from the ASOS Curve range. I really like the print of this, and I think it would be really comfortable to travel in! I would probably buy from the Curve range as I think anything like this being too tight would just look awful!

Secondly we have the wraparound Paris watch from ASOS - I really like how completely random this is. I probably won't buy it as it is completely frivolous!

In third place is an M&S strapless swimsuit. I have mentioned before about NEEDING to hunt down a strapless swimsuit ahead of this holiday as we will be wearing our one shouldered bridesmaid dresses a week later so I cannot afford to get any strap marks - which usually seem to happen! I like this one as it has a removable halter strap and has tummy control!

This black Billie and Blossom Grecian Style dress (Number 4) probably looks nothing by the image, but I have tried on this shape before and really liked it! I am tempted to buy this as will be nice for a hen do I am going on in Manchester this weekend but also will be nice to wear on holiday with gold jewellery and some sandals! Plus LBDs are ALWAYS handy to have in the wardrobe!

Number 5 is this super cute tweed tunic from Dorothy Perkins! In the UK the weather has been so variable this summer that I am getting drawn to the Autumn/Winter collections rather early on.. I really like the look of this for work with black tights and my trusty black flatform shoes!

Finally number 6 is another swimsuit option from Swimwear 365! Depending on what accessories I can dig out to pair with my holiday swimsuit I am torn between the blue and the black!

What's on your Wishlist this week?


Monday, 13 August 2012

More Hen Action!

The Bride and us Bridesmaids!
This weekend was the beginning of the official bridesmaid duties for my beautiful pal Stephanie, and we had a TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) Themed Hen Do for her!

I have been dying to talk about some of the things and ideas I had on here but obvs couldn't ruin the surprise for her hence my post today where all can be revealed! We held the event at Revolution Bar in Fallowfield and hired the top bar ready for the hen festivities.

I cannot speak highly enough about this particular Revolution Bar as a venue. If you live in the Manchester Area and need a venue out of term time (during the academic year it is predominantly a student bar so they have a lot of bookings for student events) I would HIGHLY recommend the top bar as a venue.

In my experience in organising events over the years (birthday's, work events and now hen do's!) I think it's really important to have a room that is pretty self contained and can be personalised. External bars or toilets mean that the party becomes fragmented and you lose people - the Top Bar is perfect as it is completely private with it's own toilets and bar, AND you can plug an iPod into their sound system meaning you have complete control of the music which is a bonus!

We played toilet paper brides which was hilarious and I got everyone to sign a scrap book I made for Steph as a memento of the night. I *think* and hope everyone had fun!

Here are a few snaps from the night.. Happy Hen Do Steph!

Roll on Magaluf in September for Hen Activities Part 2!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Style Inspiration

Blake Lively, Millie MacIntosh, Caggie Dunlop, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman/Humes, Lauren Conrad, Leighton Meester and The Kardashians.
Afternoon Sweeties!

I feel like my tastes have changed style wise recently so this post is really a chance for me to talk around my fashion influences and my style crushes! They tend to be of American, Reality TV or Pop Music origin but I admire each girl's style on the above image board I have created.

I used to be very much an 'adapt the trend to my style' kind of girl, and I suppose I could say that is what I try to do now, but I have definitely noticed a shift in the amounts of 'disposible' Primark or cheaper priced items I buy to more of a well thought out, 'will it go with other things in my wardrobe?' type of purchasing.

I suppose it is due to style and trends and preference really in the influences you will take note of when selecting clothes. As I have lost weight I have definitely tried to get more colour into my wardrobe, but also tried to buy more classic things which I won't have to throw away. Since I have had to buy more recently to replace the clothes that no longer fit (it's a great feeling!) the kinds of things I buy have really changed!

Gone are the shapeless dark baggy tops paired with leggings, I am much more drawn to little dresses and blazers now, skinny style trousers and a longer top, or a nice skirt and vest. Pinterest is fantastic for getting some ideas of things to put together for example the hot pink blazer and little white dress in the above image is SUCH a cute look!

Special mentions go to Mollie and Rochelle from the Saturdays as very often when you read the 'get her style' features, it is not usually an overly expensive outfit they have on. Yes the handbags and accessories may be, but I think they have fantastic style now considering they once wore different coloured bin bag dresses as a band(!), and Mollie going as far as being named 'brand ambassador' for Aspinal of London.

The key thing does seem to be classic outfit with great accessories. And that fits my style perfectly.. I am not there yet in terms of trying some of the more revealing trends such as cut out dresses or super short shorts, but I can complete in the accessories stakes! I am particularly enjoying the current trend of bracelet layering, check out the hashtag #wristcandy on Instagram and prepare to drool...

What's occurring in your wardrobe??

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Weekday Wishlist #9

iPad 2, River Island Quilted Flatforms, Nicki Minaj for OPI: Pink Friday, M&S Floral Blazer, Cath Kidston iPad Case, Marc Jacobs Leather Bag.
Good Morning Sweeties!

I cannot believe I am up to Weekday Wishlist 9! That means I have been compiling these Wishlists for 9 weeks now! (I love that I can find 6 or so items every week without fail that I want/need in my life!)

This week is no exception and I will get right into it with item number 1. I WANT AN IPAD 2! Ever since I remembered the computer purchase programme at work where you can buy a computer essentially interest free and spread it over a number of months, which then lead me to having a wee look on the Apple website and discovering I can get a brand new basic WIFI iPad 2 for 329 pounds I have been slightly obsessed by the thought of buying one. Just cos I can!

Now this really is where your feedback comes in.. how easy is blogger to operate on an iPad? I make a mish mash of images using Paint (is that on there? Or would I have to use something else to combine images to make one image? I know nothing!) But anyway I really really want one.. my trusty pink Dell laptop has seen better days and now that I no longer have essays to churn out I figured an iPad would suit my needs perfectly!

Number 2 are these gorgeous quilted flatforms from River Island. Retailing at 25 pounds I think they look really nice and way more expensive that that. They do them in black, and a red tartan with silver studs (these looked slightly goth/emo and therefore not really my style but still nice!) I think they would be perfect to throw on!

3 is the Nicki Minaj for OPI shade 'Pink Friday'. I have actually just purchased this from ASOS for a bargainous 6.50 as it was on sale. I absolutely adore the colour, don't have similar in my collection believe it or not and I have read really good things about how nice and opaque it is on!

This gorgeous patterned jacket from Marks and Spencer has made it onto the wishlist as the colours are really lovely. I saw this blazer in the flesh last night and really fell in love with the fabric and pattern itself. I think this would look fab over so many items in my wardrobe.. it may have to be purchased! And it's a bargain! 39.50 for a beautifully shaped and lined blazer is a steal!

I can't exactly get an iPad and not have a lovely case to carry it around in.. therefore the Cath Kidston iPad Sleeve has to be on the list! I do have a rather unhealthy obsession with Cath Kidston and the various gorgeous prints. It pretty much makes the decision that if I do get an iPad it will have to be in white to match this...

As usual I like to throw one item on that really ain't gonna happen. This week's is the BEAUTIFUL Marc Jacobs Cream Bowling Bag. I don't know how much it is, I don't know if it is real leather.. but if I won the lottery this week I would be hunting this bad boy down as it is serious arm candy!

What are you lusting after this week?!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blink and You'll Miss It!

Ok so you won't miss it.. that's a fib, but I thought I would write about my experience with Blink Brow Bars today as I wanted to rave about their fantastic service!

I am relatively new to brow grooming being done by anyone other than myself and as my self inflicted pain threshold continues to diminish rapidly I decided to have a look for a quick solution to my increasingly unruly brows that didn't involve me having to half heartedly pluck away with the old faithful tweezerman's!

I have heard horror stories and seen pictures from friends who had had burns from waxing so I was reluctant to opt for that hair removal method. I had heard really good things about threading and upon the recommendation from a friend I went to Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre.

I have been a few times now, and whilst I still get the flaming red brow from it
(I have super sensitive skin) I love the results. They are so neat and precise and whilst it is uncomfortable I can take it as I know how nice the results will be! My last appointment barely took 3 minutes and they were back to their highly groomed glory and I am so pleased with how they look.

The brow shape costs 17 pounds which I agree is expensive, but I think that the service you get is worth it. I stood and watched someone do one of the 5 pound jobs at a Superdrug and it didn't look half as professional or sanitary, and the woman doing it started using scissors on someone's eyebrows which frightened me slightly! Also with Blink they do a loyalty card scheme where you purchase 5 eye brow shapes and get 2 free which makes them actually cost 12 pounds ish per visit which I really don't think is that bad.

I find that as the threading gets rid of the baby fine wisps that I have to do minimal upkeep between appointments as there are hardly any hairs left to come through! I fill in my brows (as mine as a naturally pale mousey brown) with MAC Brow Pencil in Taupe however I have just had a look on the MAC website to find a link to this product and I can't find it *hyperventilates* so I am hoping it hasn't been discontinued?! I don't like the spin up ones as I find they break really easily!

So there you have it! I have found a new treatment that I enjoy having and love the effect - have you ever found any treatments that have been a total surprise to you?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hair Smoothies

Davine's Absolute Beautifying Potion*, VO5 Miracle Concentrate, GHD Serum
This post is a little long.. soz.. hopefully helpful though! I thought I would dedicate today's post to the lovely sticky stuff that helps keep my barnet tamed.. oils, serums, creams etc I have tried so many! Since getting the ombre colour done which involved some light bleaching of the under section of my hair, the ends have become super dry. It probably doesn't help either that I hardly ever have my hair cut.. (I hear you cry.. call yourself a beauty blogger?!)

I know, I know.. supposed to get your hair cut every six weeks blah blah blah.. truth is, I just don't want to, nor have I ever felt the need to! I have been growing my hair for ages now and it's finally at a length that I love.. yes it could do with a neatening up but I refuse to pay for a full blown hair cut when all I want is a trim?! I suppose it's also due to sheer laziness on my part for not finding a cheaper hair dressers for a trim but we are where we are. So, in conclusion, the ends of my hair resemble straw when they have not been treated to some moisture.

When I fancy a pamper sesh I turn to my trusty Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to improve my hair condition but this is a wash in wash out product.. not a slap on and go.. (you have been warned). The Elasticizer essentially does exactly what it says, improves the elasticity, smooths the hair and gives it a nice healthy portion of all the goodies your hair needs in order to behave. Simples. I bought mine from Feel Unique in the 75ml tube for about 12 shiny pounds including delivery. I prefer this size as the larger options come in a tub rather than a squeezy tube which I find to be annoying - where do you put the lid in the shower, eek loads of water has just gone in the tub etc etc etc.
Philip Kingsley Elasicizer
In terms of apply and go products I'd say the top 3 are my favourites in terms of actually working. All can be used in exactly the same way and it is really up to preference in terms of budget as to which I would tell you to go for.

If you have a fiver then rush out and purchase VO5 Miracle Concentrate. It is a really great product considering how cheap it is. I apply it when my hair is wet (just to the ends to avoid an oil slick scalp) and then some more when it's dry to calm down any frizzy ends that are determined to be naughty and it not only sorts my hair right out but it smells amazing. In fact all of the VO5 products do. Their new range I find to be really very good quality for not alot of pennies. I love the hairspray and plump me up (review here) dry shampoo also. You can purchase this from most supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug stores.

Next one along in terms of cost is the GHD Serum. This I tend to use more on dry hair as a bit of a pick me up rather than an initial taming product. It smells beautiful and is a really lovely consistency, nice and light but totally does the job. I have found it for approx 16.50 on Amazon which does make it rather expensive but I figure that a product that is called Good Hair Day (GHD) will be packed full of lovely things to improve your hair. Like I said though it is all down to preference budget wise.

Finally we come to the Davine's Absolute Beautifying Potion*. I won this in my beauty hamper courtesy of Wizard Publicity and can I just say it should be called DIVINE not Davine! I love it. It smells amazing and I literally have just been applying this to wet hair, putting said wet hair into a bun and letting it dry naturally. The effect has been pretty instantaneous. My hair feels in SUCH better condition and I really am so pleased to have this product in my life! The downside is the cost. Now, obviously I won this, and for research purposes I have tracked it down on Amazon and was pretty shocked to see this is pretty much 30 pounds including delivery which I think is mega expensive for this type of product.

I know lots of people who spend that on Moroccan Oil and seeing as I have never actually tried Moroccan Oil myself I don't know how this measures up. What I will say though is that it's a massive bottle and I think this will last me ages and I have been using 2/3 pumps of the stuff per day and it doesn't seem to be going down very quickly! So if you fancy a treat or have particularly problem hair then I would 100% recommend this product. I am loving using it and am probably reaching for it over my others at the moment as it's there and all shiny and new!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

What's New Pussycat?

I thought I would write a little post today about some changes I have made to my blog over the past few days!

Since participating in my very first 'Blog Hop' I have been introduced to some amazing new blogs that I am now following. I am so impressed by each and every one I have stumbled across and now have some new faves to add to my daily reading list!

I absolutely love getting feedback/opinions/tips/suggestions etc etc off REAL girls. I am one of those who does often get sucked in by marketing blurb and has been known to rush out to purchase something on a whim because I have read about it.

Now I think I am a much more informed shopper and will 100% check the blogger community before purchasing something - as let's face it, nothing is more annoying and disappointing than finding a product that does not remotely live up to it's own hype. Obviously things are very much subjective and one person's complete reject and #fail of a product is another person's favourite! For example.. Benefit Cosmetics' They're Real Mascara does wonderful things for my friend but nada for me. Gutted.

So anyway's back to the real reason for the post! I have introduced a couple more tabs along the top for your reading perusal. I now have a page dedicated to about me.. I think it's so interesting to learn why and how bloggers get into blogging, so my story is explained on the page; Me Me Me. The title makes me sound really self obsessed which I am so not but couldn't really think of anything else at the time..

I have also added a Get In Touch page where you will find all my various usernames and links to my other social networking pages so you can enjoy my random posting in a number of formats now! Woooo! Just kidding...

And finally.. please keep checking back to my to-do list! I am slowly but surely getting through them and adding more as I think of them, if people are interested then please comment on any achievements you have - I'm always interested to hear when someone has achieved a dream of theirs! :o)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weekday Wishlist #8

New Look Pleather Skirt, GREAT Hair, Nars Foreplay Blush Palette
This week's wishlist is just 3 things.

As you will see and are probs getting bored of by now.. the quest for a skater skirt that isn't ridiculously short continues! This faux leather number from New Look looks like it *could* be ok but these things are so deceptive online! I found a lovely lace one from River Island that just ended up being obscenely short when I went to try it on - I am pretty short too so just can't understand why I am having this issue! So, anyway rant over.. this one from New Look is from the Inspire range which caters for size 18+ so I might be able to get one size bigger and wear it lower on the hips? We shall see anyway!

This with a band tee tucked in and studded shoes could be THE groupie outfit I go for in Majorca!

I NEED THIS HAIR. I have complete hair envy of this girl after spotting a random posting on Pinterest (which by the way is AMAZING for ideas on just about everything) which has prompted me to think about getting a hair cut. I have been growing my hair for AGES now and it is just about getting there to the length I am wanting but my ends are starting to get a bit ratty so it's probably about time for a trim.. I am loving the long layers of this cut though it looks beautiful!

Finally.. the Nars Foreplay Blush Palette.. this to me looks like the holy grail of blush products! You can blend the colours in the palette to create your own unique blush colour which I think is a great selling point for this! I have found alot of the Nars blushers to be quite glittery/shimmery which is not a bad thing believe me but it's nice to have the option to downplay the sparkle if you want to!

What's on your wishlist this week? :o)
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