Friday, 29 June 2012

Elegant Touch Coral Polished Nails

Elegant Touch Polished Coral Nails
I'm off to a Beauty and Underwear Evening tonight at Doll Faces in Wilmslow featuring Undies and Swimwear from Sexy Smalls. As I am well aware that the guestlist is likely to include some very glam gals I gave myself a speedy manicure last night in the form of the ready polished falsies by Elegant Touch (available at Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and most other beauty outlets/supermarkets).

I picked the coral ones as they will go with my dress for a ball I am going to tomorrow night! I am super impressed with them, they were really very easy to apply and more importantly look natural. 

I have really, I mean REALLY small nails underneath these so whilst they might get long they would never look at lovely as this in real life, hence my love of falsies!

I have also included a photo of some french manicured nails from Elegant Touch that I plan to change these coral ones for when I get bored! I would highly recommend the nails as they cost under a tenner and will definitely last at least a week!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette can only be described as a "heavenly" addition to your make-up bags ladies! I was originally drawn to MUA after some serious Blogger hype surrounding the Undressed Palette which is due out in stores on the 4th July (available online now). 

When I was looking for an image of the palette on the Superdrug Website I stumbled across this beauty.. Heaven and Earth. Now, without sounding a snob I do tend to find my favourite brands and tend to stick with them as I can rely on the colour density and quality a bit more but I thought for a mere £4 for 12 shadows it would be rude not to try it out.

Verdict..? Absolutely AMAZING. The colours are much more suited to my skin tone to what I think the undressed palette would have been, there are a few similar colours but I don't tend to wear blacks or greys which I why I was more drawn to this palette in particular. The photo doesn't do the shadow colours justice in all honesty and I pretty much use this every day now due to the wearability of the shades. I would definitely recommend people to give this a try! I have read a lot about the upcoming Olympic Palette which looks pretty nice if you wanted something different! 

Have you ever tried something at the recommendation of a Blogger and ended up loving it?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Weekday Wishlist #3

Minnie Mouse for OPI Polish, Aspinal of London iPhone Holder, Aspinal of London Bag with Rose Gold Detail and Ostrich Leather, Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Sandals, MAC Lipstick in Watch Me Simmer
This week's wishlist is full of pretty things that I would love to own! As always some more expensive than others but beautiful all the same!

First we have the Minnie Mouse for OPI Heart Sequin Polish. Gorgeously girlie and glittery this has iridescent hearts suspended in a pink glitter polish! Whilst I suspect this will be a nightmare to remove, this looks so amazing on that I am still tempted to purchase!

It is likely I will never own the next item as it is a rather costly item to hold an iPhone. Retailing at £45 the Aspinal Leather iPhone pouch is seriously pretty for the handbag! I have the diary to match but the case does feel a little excessive...

Next we have the Aspinal Clutch Bag in Tan Ostrich Leather with Rose Gold Hardware. Another item I will probably never own (*sigh*) unless someone from Aspinal would like to gift me with one?! Thought not. In my opinion, Aspinal doesn't get the coverage they should for how high quality the products are. My sister got bought the journal and travel wallet set for her 21st Birthday and it has set off a family obsession! Most of the items are lined with suede and are beautifully crafted leather pieces. I am hoping to build up my collection! They have grown slightly in popularity with Mollie from The Saturdays and the MIC Girls using their items and becoming ambassadors but I definitely think they are very reasonably priced for the quality you get.

I'm quite certain after 3 weeks worth of Weekday Wishlists you will notice my studs obsession! I have found these AMAZING sandals after seeing a Kardashian (can't remember which one) post a photo to their Instagram Account. The Sandals are clear plastic with stud detail and look fantastic on!

MAC Watch Me Simmer has had a lot of coverage in the blogosphere and I suppose I am jumping on the bandwagon rather late but I think it is one of those colours you have to see on someone to completely appreciate how wearable the shade is. Despite the fact I have numerous coral and pink lipsticks, I still feel like this would be a welcome addition to my collection!

Anyone have anything they are drooling over?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Plump Plump Plump it Up!

My refreshed hair and VO5 Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo
Today's post is dedicated to the wonderous invention that is dry shampoo. I have always wanted to love it in the way I know others do but I don't know whether it was that I was always applying it wrong or not picking one suitable for my hair but I just could not make it work for me in the way it should be.

I either looked like I had a muddy scalp (Batiste Brunette I am talking about you) or had a Cruella De Ville style grey streak.. until I decided to try VO5's new addition to their collection - Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo.

It smells absolutely divine, very clean but not overwhelming and the shampoo part is such a finely milled powder that you don't get the aforementioned grey coverage from it.

I should probably wash my hair everyday as it tends to get greasy but with the ombre dyeing of the ends it has become very dry, particularly on the blonde section so I try not to wash it too much anymore.. hence my keenness to find a dry shampoo that suits my hair!

This is perfect and very much does what it says on the can.. it completely rejuvenates hair and soaks up the beginnings of grease or even can be used to build volume after washing.  I put it on at night, rub it in and then it soaks up nicely over night.

I am really very impressed with it and will most definitely will continue to purchase. I paid a bargainous £3.50 for quite a big bottle which is cheaper than Batiste and a similar size if not bigger!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Kettle Bell Hell...

Last week I decided that I wanted to try Kettle Bells and considering they had just launched a class for supposedly 'all levels' at my gym I thought I would give it a go.

Well how naive was I?!

Firstly, never get swept in by the suitable for 'all levels' spiel. They are lying. If you are unfit then realistically 'all levels' is going to feel difficult!

I had high hopes that this class would be a miracle working full body tone, and actually I do believe that it would have been if it hadn't been so hard. Upon entering the class and speaking nervously to a couple of the girls who were stood outside we queued up to get our Kettle Bells as apparently the lower weights ran out quickly! Those in the know ended up with the lighter ones and I ended up with a 6kg weight. I was pretty certain from initially picking the thing up that I was going to find the class hard, and rather stupidly I inadvertently ended up at front of the class which was a fatal error.

The class leader was a personal trainer who did this on the side in all honesty whilst he was great he was also quite vocal about abilities.. at the beginning of the class he asked the newbies to raise their hands and proceeded to point out who he felt 'would be fine' loudly and in front of the class. I was not one of those individuals pointed out. I did think to myself at that point.. 'well if you know I won't be fine then why the hell did you give me a 6kg weight to flail round?!' But anyway he started the class off with the usual warm ups of jogging, jumping, the godamn PLANK which I have never done and press ups which again I can't do!

So after the initial warm up which was pretty tiring in itself he then had us pick up the weights and start with the Kettle Bell movements. All of the movements were fine and easy to manage but with the weight of my Kettle Bell I struggled somewhat... and what made it worse was that the teacher would tell you loudly when you weren't doing it properly.. cue one very embarassed Sally. After what seemed like a life time of throwing this weight around and squatting he made us go into the plank again - pretty damn hard I can assure you!

So basically it went on like this and I got to 35 mins through a 1 hour class and thought to myself I can't actually do this and it's not making me feel very good about myself so rather shamefully I claimed I was getting some water in one of the breaks and didn't go back. I am not proud of this furtive exit to the class but desperate times called for desperate measures!

I do feel like Kettle Bells is a very effective work out (I could barely move for 2 days afterwards!) and I have bought a 3kg one off Amazon to try at home but I will most definitely not be going back to that class!


Weekday Wishlist #2

Model's Own Beth's Blue (You will be mine!), Monki Blue Swing Dress, Monki Lace Skirt, Original Black Crochet Toms and Black Jersey Shirt Dress from Dorothy Perkins
So it's looking like my Weekday Wishlist's are going to become a permanent feature of my blog seeing as I enjoy compiling them so much!

It's also helping me avoid spontaneous and not required purchases.. if I still want the item after a week on the wishlist I figure I may aswell buy it (budget permitting!).

Beth's Blue by Models Own has made it back onto the Wishlist as I MUST HAVE IT! It is looking like the Trafford Centre isn't going to do it as it doesn't have a space in the stand (empty or otherwise) that would indicate it's on it's way or sold out... (sob) so the hunt continues! I am hoping Boots in Manchester will come up trumps or ASOS as I really resent paying for delivery charges and will avoid at all costs!

Monki is a shop I was introduced to by looking at Lily's Blog as she has such lovely clothes so I thought I would have a little look on their website! I am really impressed by their simple pieces so I am thinking these 2 beauts (the blue dress and black lace skirt) need to take up permanent residence in my wardrobe! Like I said in my last post I am currently in an annoying in between phase of weight loss where my old clothes are way too big so I need new stuff but have to be clever about what I buy so that it lasts whilst I am still losing! I love the colour of this dress and it's a shape I know works for me!

The lace skirt from Monki is also lovely. Available in cream too, I would wear this for work or nights out I think it's gorgeous! I love the simplicity of a black skirt like this with a white shirt and black bow-tie.

I saw the crochet Toms on one of the Hairdressers when I was last getting my hair blow dried and they look so nice on! Comfortable but still quite smart.. I am most definitely not a trainers kind of girl so I live in pumps and these look like they would make a most welcome addition to my shoe collection!

Moving onto the Dorothy Perkins dress.. simple yet lovely and a bargain at 18 shiny pounds! It is available in Teal and Charcoal too. I couldn't locate it in any shops as yet (which kinda sucks as I have a student card but it's not NUS and therefore the website won't give me student discount!). I am planning on buying this as I could either wear it for work or I am going to London for a friend's Birthday in July and I am informed the club we are going is 'trendy but casual' (whatever that means!) so I was thinking of customising the collar with some gold studs I purchased from Studs and Punks via Amazon.

If you are thinking of purchasing studs to customise any clothing or accessories I would really recommend Studs and Punks. I got them the day after I ordered them (they send them out the same day if you order by 2pm) and they had a very wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. I am really impressed with the service I received. I got a pack of 50 studs for a fiver so they aren't expensive and they are easily applied by pushing two anchor prods through the fabric you want to customise and then push the prod back on itself to secure them in position.

I will definitely dedicate a blog post to the finished item once it's done!

Is there anything you are wishing for? :o)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Weekday Wishlist #1!

Models Own Nail Polish in Beth's Blue, MUA Makeup Palette in Heaven and Earth, Topshop Tall Neon Jumper with Studded Shoulders, Longchamp Animal Print Bag, Jeffrey Campbell for Office Studded Flats
First of all I would like to apologise for my insanely overdue blog post... my university course has now finished and I can dedicate more time to my new passion of blogging! I thought I would get back in the game with a classic 'Weekday Wishlist' post which I see alot on some of my favourite blogs. The top three items may have to be purchased as they are slightly more in my budget but the bottom two items are just so beautiful I had to post about them.

Model's Own in 'Beth's Blue' has had quite alot of Blogger hype due to it's gorgeously pastel hue.. infact on seeing it swatched on several nails, I really don't think this picture from the Model's Own website does the colour justice. It is the most amazingly dense periwinkle blue and quite frankly needs to make it into my polish collection. I don't actually own a colour like this so there is my justification for purchasing.. :o)

I have also probably noticed MUA as a brand rather late. I am a creature of habit, find my faves and then tend to stick with them unless I am bought a makeup item as a gift. I noticed this lovely palette when I was actually hunting for an image of their new 'Undressed' palette which is available now online and instore early July from what I have read. This little beauty (MUA Heaven and Earth Palette) however is available now for an astonishingly low price of £4. These colours are much more likely to be used on my skintone so I am thinking this is another item I just may need to purchase! I've never used MUA products before so I will do a review post once I get this gem in my hands!

I have never been a huge fan of super bright colours on clothes.. possibly due to the fact that as someone who has been a little weight conscious over the years and stuck to my trusty slimming black.. I have never braved a bright! Having now been following the Weight Watchers plan for a few months now and feeling much better in myself, I am ALL over the gorgeous colours that have been on the catwalks and on the high street. I would never normally pick something yellow but there is something so gorgeous and summery about this jumper I don't think I can resist it! Studs and embellishment are a massive love of mine so this combines an old with a new favourite! This is from the Tall Range at Topshop so I am hoping it is a good length on me to wear with my trusty leggings.

The bag is something I have coveted for a while, I uploaded a post a while ago that showed the contents of my bag and that was a rather sorry looking (but staple item in the wardrobe) brown Longchamp Bag. I think they are perfect for day use (and weirdly popular in London and getting more popular in Manchester) as they literally fit so much in and are smart for work. This however has the most beautiful animal print on it and is far more exciting than my current one! The only concern I would have is that as it has a white background colour I can imagine the general annoyance and devastation if I got it dirty, which is a very real possibility given that I can be extremely clumsy.

The piece de resistance is the Jeffrey Campbell for Office Studded Flats. I absolutely ADORE them. I had a sneaky try on of them in the Office store and these need to be in my life. However at £105 they are not a purchase that I could make willy nilly.. I would get 10% off with my student discount (see me trying to justify it to myself) which would make them £94.50 but even still they are still very expensive! Hmm I wonder if mummy dearest would like to make a donation to the Sally's Shoe Fund? I will keep you posted!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
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